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  1. That is Charlotte native, Butler High grad, and Charlotte 49ers legend Benny Lemay. Hope he gets a chance to play somewhere.
  2. That’s fine, but one county or city does not make a metro. The larger Charlotte area is a more populace area. A potential MLB team isn’t looking at one city or county alone. They are going to look for a market that can put 1,500,000+ butts in seats in a season. I don’t know if that is Charlotte or Raleigh.
  3. The Charlotte metro area still has nearly 500,000 more people in it than the Raleigh metro. Raleigh area is growing faster though and will likely catch up in another decade or so.
  4. Somewhere between Olsen and Dwight Schrute.
  5. Ogunjobi and Reddick would be great FA additions to this defense.
  6. The Texans may be the one organization stupid enough to try this. Get a King’s ransom for a player that doesn’t want to play for you anyways, or keep him against his will and watch him refuse to play.
  7. Prominent businessman and property owner in Shelby, NC. Owns the Deer Brook Golf Club there.
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