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  1. I think Rhule is a good coach and a poor talent evaluator. He overestimates his ability to develop vet players like Darnold and Cam Erving. I’m hoping this season has humbled him and he’s learned that vet players in the NFL are what they are.
  2. Re: the 3 stars in the hype video, I think that’s a nod to the DC flag.
  3. I think it’s the Warthogs. Someone isolated the reflection of the new helmet in the window behind Rivera and the logo is a W but it looks like it incorporates tusks.
  4. Yeah I thought we were going to move to a power/play action scheme with Brady gone but we’re still running this spread concept and it boggles my mind!
  5. Might seem crazy but I would give him one more season… if you ever believed in the guy you owe it to yourself to give him at least 3 seasons. I personally think he’s in way over his head, and will fail next year but I’d like to see if ge can bounce back from this disaster of a season before triggering another rebuild.
  6. So I guess being the most penalized team in the league is part of building the culture?
  7. Can looked REALLY good, arm looks healthy and that TD run showed he hasn’t lost a step.
  8. I think Rhule will fire Brady when the season is over and get at least one more season to rebuild. I hope we hire an OC who, you know… has actual experience calling plays in the league.
  9. My heart would love to see Cam come home but my head knows it ain’t happening for a myriad of reasons and even if we did sign him he wouldn’t be ready to play this week. Also… based on what we’ve already invested in Darnold, having a beloved franchise legend former MVP QB breathing down his neck wouldn’t help us get return on that investment. First time Sam throws an incomplete pass the Cam chants will start.
  10. We’ll have to use the same formula we used to beat the Falcons, but running the ball against this Pats defense will be a bigger challenge.
  11. I get what coach is saying, that’s the reality of our current situation. Wonder if Joe Brady knew he was signing on with a defensive football team?
  12. Before the season started If you told me we would be 3-1 at this point I would be ecstatic. Without our best weapon we went toe-to-toe with a really good team on the road yesterday and were in it until the end. Size matchup vs our DL was a problem and that’s not surprising.
  13. Yeah Arnold didn’t look fast and seemed really easy to tackle through 3 games. On the other hand Tremble looks really athletic and seems to have good hands so we might as well give him more reps to speed his development
  14. CMC is the antidote for a pass rush, if Darnold can deliver this could get ugly for the Jets.
  15. Yup at his core Payton is a WCO disciple where plays are either a checkdown or a touchdown. Checkdowns draw the defense in a horizontal ball movement stretches them out for the purpose of opening up big plays. ”suck you in for the purpose of hitting you deep” is a perfect description.
  16. Here's a potential alternate helmet concept for us... B-JPkKoCUAAXAIj.jfif
  17. I think we might be eyeing a trade back... so if that's the goal it makes even more sense to hide your intentions.
  18. Not sure why the Texans would be interested in completely tanking any trade value he had?
  19. Watson is either a total creep or this is one of the biggest smear campaigns of all time. Either way, could see him going on the commissioner’s exempt list very soon.
  20. Cash was a UDFA because he's an undersized in-the-box safety. The Panthers have labeled him a LB, but he can contribute right away on ST and make the 53. I see Garrett bound for the PS, he's a one trick pony right now at WR and needs to be developed. He's very good at that one trick, but we're not giving a roster spot to a WR who can't line up at the X, Y or Z position and run the whole route tree under coach Proehl.
  21. A-men @Zod we got great value with all these guys and the position group is set for years to come. Easy to forget we got Norman in the 5th out of a FCS school and developed him (kicking and screaming) into one of the best at what he does.
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