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  1. Him and Phil switched tablets yesterday or some poo.
  2. What sort of strange poetry prose whatever tf did I just read?
  3. What sort of strange poetry prose whatever tf did I just read?
  4. I need like $500 and I could get a train down from Maine and a decent seat. I'm goin to buy some scratchers boys.
  5. I am so jealous of anyone who gets to go to the game. I would lose my mind if I could be there.
  6. I think the only cuteness we will see is direct CMC snaps with Cam out wide, or direct DJ snaps to Robby on the jet or something
  7. I've been struggling really hard with depression today and Cam's TD made me so happy, made it all go away for a bit.
  8. I agree with you. I feel like he still has a chance to lead this team all the way. He doesn't have long, but he does seem very mature and has a different mindset. I think it will rub off on a lot of the guys on offense and we will get an amazing team culture.
  9. Cam is bringing leadership and swagger back to the offense which is severely lacking. I wouldn't even put it past him to get some of these O-Lineman to step their game up a bit and actually work at protection. My expectations are to see progression, I don't care if we lose games but I want to see Zane for more extra points than regular FG's, I want to see points, and I want to see the offense having fun, because the defense looks like its having a blast at the beginning of the game until the offense makes them work too hard.
  10. What a piece of trash. He knows Burns doesn't have the ball, he's just mad cause he got fuging LIT UP. For the people saying our team didnt do anything, I don't know how many of them saw what actually happened. They didn't even show it on TV every time they cut away from Burns/Jones. They know what happened, if they do anything I'll be surprised.
  11. Zane boutta drop 30 on em. 10 field goals baby.
  12. Zane boutta drop 30 on em. 10 field goals baby.
  13. Yeah I see #4 working his ass off out there, obviously with Shaq he does a little better, but when Shaq was out Carter was doing his part I do believe.
  14. The only person IMO with a similar impact on D is Hassan, dude is a fuging monster
  15. Nah, We got the Falcons, The Braves though, yes, they will win, and im happy for them, its amazing how I can hate every team from atlanta but because my Grandma in NC loved the Braves so I feel like I have to pull for them.
  16. I wanna see somebody Panther crawl over Matt Ryan's lifeless husk.
  17. If anything turns around it will be something involving the players on the team, not the coaches, I don't think the coaching staff knows its ass from its elbow. Very unlikely the next superhero athlete shows up on our offense and turns everything around, because without a proper coaching staff, that's what it would take.
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