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  1. "They" don't want any of us there. E mx bikes are coming. I'm not sure that can even save my niche sport. As far as brown, anyone on a bike complaining about a jeep anywhere on that mountain is ridiculous considering the trails available and on behalf of motorcycle guys. fug them. Good to know there is another outdoorsman on this site. Cool.
  2. Kentucky and West Virginias trail systems are holding strong for now. Thats the closest system I can compare. I rode 120 miles one day and diddnt do a 1/4 of whats there. How long that lasts idk. Crazy people are worried about a dirtbike in BFN but the smog is so bad over LA you can't see the city.
  3. Riding idiaho, Colorado and Utah is my dream. Especially MOAB. I love east coast woods but west is another planet.
  4. I had its own meter installed on mine to handle what I wanted but was capped out on what I could spend. I'd love to add hvac on but money is tight these days. Wish I had just found a way to bite the bullet honestly and done it. With yours being so close to the house its a shame your tapped on power. Side note I do alot of riding up your way in Taylorsville qt brushy mountain and farther north at brown mountain. Beautiful country.
  5. Thats plenty big brother. Concrete is holding me back on mine. I can insulate and power myself. My building is 25 x 30 stick and I paid 27k done 7 years ago. The man was a family friend so I got a deal. Same thing now would be 50 easy. Its nuts what construction is.
  6. I hear you. I'm waiting as well to inclose my steel carport. I'll get yard equipment amd golf cart out of my main shop for more space. The bike stays lol. It was expensive but my shop is more important to me than my house. How big is your steel carport?
  7. Im sure yall have interest and hobbies outside of this. Let's start with the man cave.
  8. Monroe is ice ice baby. No snow just ice.
  9. You can always cheer for the players. Remember yes they may suck but they diddnt put themselves on the field.
  10. I tried this logic already in another thread. No one here wants to hear this, its just full crybaby mode. You are 100% correct in my book tho.
  11. I mean, what do you even say to that?
  12. I secretly want to draft sam howell, he went to sun valley, my old high school.
  13. motocross_cat


    Ps5 is impressive. Been out of gaming for a bit and got my hands on one. Hardlined that bitch and now run all my entertainment through it.
  14. I wanna see pj start. He atleast will sling it around. To what team? Thats the fun part.
  15. Back at you brother. New year, same plan. Get out alive.
  16. Facts. My family is now set up for life. Anyone looking for work pm me.
  17. Probably not much. I deliver to him and he has never done much more than a nod and a smile. You thought Julius peppers was quiet? This dude is pretty reserved.
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