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  1. Check that punter for PEDs that was ridiculous
  2. A sack followed by a shotgun handoff that gets stuffed, is Frank calling plays for the Texans?
  3. It'll come down to a 2 pt conversion attempt inside 2 minutes, and we'll run it up the middle and get stuffed.
  4. If all else was equal Bryce looks way better than Stroud in this game.
  5. I could have sworn driving a QB to the ground with your bodyweight on top of them was a penalty but they've done it just about every play this drive.
  6. Calling a flea flicker only to pass to the check-down for a pass broken up is incredible
  7. who, the right guard getting ragdolled back into Bryce's lap?
  8. Bryce actually escaped that sack, and then the right guard knocked him down lol
  9. Bryce would thrive with CMC honestly. He needs a dynamic playmaker to dump the ball off to as a safety blanket instead of throwing screens to fugin Ian Thomas.
  10. Oh they're gonna score within 45 seconds aren't they. The offense is clicking but it's still the Panthers.
  11. Absolutely unreal throw by Bryce on that TD, to get it high it enough that it can't be picked.
  12. Bryce had time and good things happened.
  13. The team always puts together these crisp drives in the middle of sucking which makes me never fully give up on them. Bryce could have a Trevor Lawrence arc easily if the team makes some changes in the coming offseasons.
  14. He would have been drafted by the Texans.
  15. Damn Mingo lit up Hutchinson on that tackle, looks like he hurt his hip too. Put Johnny at LB.
  16. Good news, we're winning the time of possession battle. They barely had the ball at all!
  17. At least he juked like he was going to run into the hole before he decided his lineman's butt was a better route
  18. Lmfao Bryce scrambling and signalling somebody to do something and the receivers just jog slowly with a CB in their hip pocket.
  19. The offense is really not bad once they get into rhythm, Bryce is great when somebody is open. They should allow the Panthers some extra time or the occasional redo and they'd score a lot more.
  20. I feel like we would win if we just tried a few more shotgun inside zone handoffs on first down.
  21. Just made my grandmother go out and stand in the yard. She can come back in the A/C when we get a touchdown.
  22. I love the commentators making excuses for Carr. "Some kind of miscommunication" yeah WR you were supposed to run a route 5 yards out of bounds so Carr's pass could hit you.
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