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  1. One of our biggest issues is that we are awful at blocking T-E stunts. Gave up 2 sacks yesterday on them plus more pressures and Dallas did similar. Some of that is probably chemistry of having to switch our guards around all the time. If I’m a defensive coach playing us I would run those non stop.
  2. Been very disappointed in his deep ball accuracy
  3. This guy is a highly regarded OL guru and runs a camp that a bunch of NFL OL attend in the offseason
  4. We are also missing CMC for those 2 games, but you’ve figured out that the loss of Dan Arnold id what’s hurting us. Genius.
  5. OL was trash. Darnold sucked. Receivers don't get open. Brady sucked. Pick one Chuba was good though
  6. Defense has been great, points were from a turnover where they started in the red zone OLine has been meh.
  7. This years terrible QB class shouldn’t really have anything to do whether the Darnold trade is good. The question is Darnold + Horn vs Fields or Jones. Right now it looks pretty good.
  8. I'm going to need an explanation of exactly what the hell is happening in college station because I've watched every minute of this game and I am so confused.
  9. Doherty got 3 seasons. Davis will get at least that I would think unless it's just shockingly bad and it's not like there is going to be another Roy available. Championship coach that's an alum.
  10. I think Roy just got too old to connect with recruits. Davis should be much better and NIL will likely make a huge difference. Ton of money to be made as a star basketball player at UNC. At worst they would be behind Kentucky and maybe Duke for NIL earning potential.
  11. It's decently spicy, but not quite as hot as I was planning. Threw a few serranos in there and what I thought was a lot of cayenne but I've been drinking all day so maybe I didnt.
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