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  1. I wonder how much of this is Rhule and how much is Fitterer. A huge part of Seattle's drafting over the last decade has been athletic scores and "ideal" traits. To still call him a guard is colossally idiotic.
  2. Trade down 9 times, draft 14 OL because they can't all suck then let Darnold fail for another year, fire Rhule then draft the Bama or Ohio State QB in 2023 with the #1 pick
  3. That's false. Spencer Rattler entered the portal. Caleb Williams is in wait and see mode though rumors indicate it's under heavy consideration pending the new coach.
  4. Feldman is extremely plugged in. If he says it then it's almost definitely not happening.
  5. I'm sure it would be pitched as a mutual parting of ways or something where both sides don't look terrible like they did with the Petrino/Falcons situation. Good PR can spin it so it's not a complete mess and I have seen absolutely nothing that the fan base would be in any way upset if Rhule did leave. Most would be thrilled and at worst people would be kind of indifferent.
  6. So the Rhule and Brady to Oklahoma smoke is getting really thick. I wonder where that leaves us on an interim basis for the last 5 games? Rhule would obviously be gone as would Brady as he is half the attraction there with his connection to Caleb Williams and we know Rhule is not going anywhere without Phil Snow along for the ride. Not that it really matters, but the HC and both coordinators leaving with this much season left has to be unprecedented, right?
  7. The wording “Owner David Tepper and the Panthers” was not lost on me Confirms everything is coming from the top on this which I’m guessing most of us already assumed.
  8. When he declared that we needed to be running the ball 40 times per game last week
  9. Hoping Penn State keeps losing, Franklin gets pissed off and goes to LSU or USC then Rhule convinces Tepper to cancel his buyout and lets him take his dream job at his alma mater
  10. I mean I'm sure Cooper, Ole Miss alum, would have gone to see his brother get his number retired anyway so it just makes sense for Arch to do his visit that weekend on the same weekend his dad and grandfather would be scheduled to be there and he gets to see his uncle get his number retired. As for painting the end zones? Yeah that's probably a little ridiculous. I don't think that the retirement had anything to do with Arch.
  11. One of our biggest issues is that we are awful at blocking T-E stunts. Gave up 2 sacks yesterday on them plus more pressures and Dallas did similar. Some of that is probably chemistry of having to switch our guards around all the time. If I’m a defensive coach playing us I would run those non stop.
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