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  1. It had looked pretty damn good with Tyrod under center. With him out it’s gonna be bad.
  2. Generally 90s = all pro 80s = pro bowl 70s = good starter 60s = average starter 50s = bad starter 40s = backup 30s = trash below 30 = start planning your next profession
  3. This is what I’ve noticed. There have been very, very few easy throws through the first 2 games. Usually you can count on there being a handful every game and I expected better than what we’ve seen with this WR group.
  4. Lions might trade Decker if Sewell continues to look really good at LT
  5. I don’t even think he could get through COVID protocols in time since he isn’t vaxxed. Doesn’t it take 5 days?
  6. Bieniemy might hit some road blocks when his past comes up with the recruiting rape scandal in the early 2000s at Colorado. Rhule could be a possibility but he would have to really not like the NFL plus USC would need to give him a Jimbo Fisher style contract. Hard to see that happening. Could see Joe Brady being a top candidate though.
  7. Feels like one of those where you put $20 on the Saints then end up winning way(unless we lose by 1-3 points). There’s no way that less than 80% of the public money is on the Saints with that line and their performance Sunday. Also, gives me hope as one of those “if it looks like free money then Vegas knows something you don’t” lines
  8. Hard to tell without a closeup but I think those are the Jordan football cleats. Basically, basketball shoes with different soles. Dez Bryant wears them as well. They do look cheap as hell but I think that may be the white border along the bottom that accentuates that look. They provide more support than most football cleats so it may be good for some who has had quite a few knee issues in his career. http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/pd/jordan-retro-7-td-football-cleat/pid-10264710/pgid-11401762 The Jumpman logo isn't allowed to be shown because they aren't an NFL sanctioned shoe.
  9. Can we just hire him as Asst WR coach or offensive quality control coach instead? Jerry gets to keep his wofford guy in the building, Bersin gets to keep doing what he's good at and we don't have to worry about him taking the roster spot of someone better. Win-Win-Win.
  10. If we're being honest, Byrd really has no chance to make the roster. Good PS player because he can mimic the elite speed from upcoming opponents, but he's probably never going to make the 53.
  11. Seems like we kept Wegher on the 53 for that very reason last year when we could have used his roster spot specifically for DT depth when Dwan was out for a few games and we were only running with 3 healthy DTs and Wegher was undrafted. Less adjustment for a RB coming to a new team so that could have been a factor in Wegher's likelihood to be poached.
  12. They were sending 5 or 6 almost every play and daring our WRs to beat their coverage. Their entire defensive game plan was designed to keep our OTs on an island and it worked. Wade Phillips bet that their blitzes would beat our protection before our WRs beat their coverage and he was exactly right. Wasn't really much game planning that would have fixed our issues. We just finally went up against a defense that could just plain out talent our offense.
  13. Soliai was released so he doesn't count in the comp pick formula. It's only players whose contracts expired or were voided. No doubt we will fill the hole at CB, but doing so and giving up a 3rd round pick would be irresponsible so there are ways to fill the hole without having it count against a comp pick. We can either sign a guy that was released like Cortez Allen or we can wait until after May 12th to sign anyone because that is the cut off date for counting in the comp pick formula. Since it's already at the end of April we should just wait until after May 12th to make any UFA signings.
  14. Leon Hall is definitely an intriguing option. He's definitely a solid CB, but he's older so age drop off could be an issue. I imagine we would look at him as well, but money may be an issue there. I think I read that was the reason he hasn't been signed yet, but don't quote me on that. I've never heard of Cassius Vaughn before so I can't comment on that. He has a higher grade than most that are out there but it looks like he only played 44 snaps last year so I don't know how weight you can put on that.
  15. Then you're bringing in a guy who hasn't been with the team during preseason and will have to learn a new system. We've done it before with a couple guys in Dave's first year but I believe the preference would always be to have a guy throughout training camp and preseason.
  16. I think Cortez Allen is a guy we would likely think about bringing in. 27 year old CB who was just recently cut by the Steelers for underperforming on a big contract he signed with them. Hasn't been very good recently but he has in the past and given the lack of other options in FA at the position and lack of depth at CB on the team, he could be a good option. Alan Ball is also still out there and Gettleman tried to sign him last year before he ultimately chose to go to the Bears. Both should be pretty cheap. Allen would cost a bit more, but I can't imagine it would be more than $2M. Allen also wouldn't have any effect on compensatory picks because he was released.
  17. If Alexander's ego is like 10 times bigger than Norman's. If Gettleman was willing to just pull the tag off Josh and let him go then it's probably a pretty safe assumption that we will not be drafting Alexander.
  18. Not to mention that he won't realistically be ready to play until like week 8 or so given the timing of his ACL surgery.
  19. Checked on the Olsen vs Olsen and Shockey stats and yeah they are pretty close. 2011 Shockey + Olsen - 161 targets, 82 rec, 995 yds, 9 TDs 2015 Olsen - 124 targets, 77 rec, 1104 yds, 7 TDs
  20. Definitely a factor in my acceptance of a potential 1st round RB. Not thrilled about it but I don't have great confidence in the guys behind him. DG was worried about what would happen if KB got hurt so he went and got Funchess. I can see that scenario happening again with Stew.
  21. Good analysis. Although I would be absolutely floored if we took Spence. I'd guess it was borderline we would draft him in the first place just because he really isn't a scheme fit for us. He fits a 3-4 best with his size and Gettleman seems to love the size prototypes. Add in the character red flags and I can't imagine him even being a consideration for us.
  22. That's true, but Ginn is established here whereas he wasn't in AZ so he and Brown both went in as new players in competition. Here, as you said, Rivera likes his vets and Cam has a rapport with Ted. I'm going to assume you meant Ealy instead of Alexander. Don't think we will be seeing Frank back around here.
  23. At WR, assuming we would take a speedster, he probably is behind Ginn in the pecking order for a year then takes over in 2017 when Ginn is a free agent. Obviously they would see the field a decent amount but probably not much more than a RB backing up Stewart. DEs usually aren't start right away players especially where we would be taking them. He would be a rotational player in 2016. Basically at any position other than SS and P, our 1st round pick is a rotational player who will turn into a starter in 2017. It's similar to Shaq although he was technically a starter he only played 30% of the snaps and doesn't figure to see a big uptick until TD retires. There are plenty of starter spots that figure to open up in 2017(Norman at CB, CJ at DE, Ginn at WR, Stew at RB, possibly Oher at OT and Kalil at C could decide to retire) but not really much for 2016. We will likely re-sign a couple of those but if we pick a guy in the 1st at one of those positions then you can expect the corresponding vet to be playing their last year here.
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