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  1. Kane and Sterling should really see a doctor, there must be something wrong with their balance since they cant stay upright. And classy English shitty fans booing under the national anthem and using a laser pen on the danish players. We should have finished those idiots back when we first got to England back in the day. GO Italia!
  2. If they win tonight, up 1-0 at the moment, England will have homefield both in the semi and final. Because of Covid restrictions other teams fans wont allowed into the UK. Big advantage for them. I hope we can kick them out next week but doubt it, in the final I think Italy takes it.
  3. Christian is a true gentleman both on and off the pitch. What a weird comment a day after the mans heart stopped and two kids almost lost their father and a wife almost lost her husband. Who cares if there is flopping in soccer or not.
  4. My local soccer club here in Denmark won the championship yesterday. It was great to have fans together again. Here from our march towards the stadium. I hope you guys gets to fill BoA again and hope to join you on the other side of this poo.
  5. Unless Darnold also becomes a Pro Bowler, which this article do not mentions. I am sure we did not pass on a QB for a CB because we see CB as a more valued position. What they try to say is that a QB in NFL wins more than anything, which is correct. But their arguments har trash.
  6. If he could, he would still check it down for two yds with 6 to go for at first down.
  7. Not only will he make the team. But he will start next to Brown. Mark it down
  8. What is it you are trying to say here? If 60 % of the league is made of players from the forth and down, then there is NFL level players to be found you said thats not the case.
  9. Dude you try way to hard. You said picks this late are pretty much not NFL level. That stats says otherwise.
  10. 60 % of this years NFL rosters are made of 4th rounders and later.
  11. Normally you say that there have to go 2/3 years before you can grade a pick. The Huddle can grade it before the pick is even in.
  12. Fug this team for trading down, up or staying put. They cant do anything right...
  13. If you surf back to any decision we makes, you will see that our fans piss and moan about anything But point taken.
  14. TD and Sacks sells jerseys. Not so much pass deflections. Gamble vs DJ Moore or Brian Burns. Maybe not the best comp. because Gamble was an extremely boring player on and off the field but man I did love that dude. But I agree and well see what the best CBs are getting in salaries CB is a sexy team pick but not so much in the eyes of the fans.
  15. Qbs do not win games. We had one last year and he kinda sucks at winning games. CBs do not help make good Ds. We had plenty of CBs last year and did not have a good D. Good QB wins games and good CB makes Ds good. If we thinks Horn is a good CB thus making the D good and Fields is not a good QB helping us win games, then the pick is the right one. I am sure that any coach in the league would rather have a top 10 QB than a top 10 CB, but lets see if Fields is such a good QB. And lets see what Horn can do before we say taking a CB over a QB was wrong.
  16. Not a sexy pick at all.. In fact a boring ass pick. But when you pick the best CB in the draft and CB is a huge need that is gonna be a good pick. He was most likely gone in the next two picks anyway, so the value was fine. A
  17. That is cheap for a young proven Pro Bowl LT.
  18. And if they make a great product, they win and make money without selling their soul. Bayern won the Champions League last year and said fug off to the Super League. Though some kind of salery cap should be something you should look at in soccer. You can do that without making a closed league ruining the structure which soccer is builded on.
  19. Real Madrids revenue have gone through the roof the last 15 years. From 300 mil euros to almost 800 mil euros. Soccer can be a be buisness without selling out. Just go watch the Bundesliga. Trying to run soccer like you run american sport is going to fail. But yes, I would much rather see my team playing lower league teams than to see Arsenal play in a closes league with nothing really at stake. No relegation or anything.
  20. Analytics? Dude really? You are thinking like the rich american owners who have no idea about the tradition of soccer and the structure and only thinks about money. Soccer is made by the poor and stolen by the rich. A closed league is only about greed and against everything soccer is about.
  21. The 50+1 rule frem Germany should spread to every national league in Europe. And the way the clubs treat their fans should also spread. I think Germany has some of the cheapest tickets in Euro pe and some of the best fans. The fans of my favorite national club has a friendship with Dortmunds fans so I have been to a lot of their games and stood on the Yellow Wall. Amazing. No NFL can produce anything like that.
  22. The rich owners who have no idea what the offside rule is or anything about the history of soccer misjudged the fans. If you have not been to a pub before a game in the UK its hard to really understand the love those guys have for their teams. They live and die for their team. Soccer is for the fans, not a rich owner.
  23. And now the people behind this poo is going too. Woodward and Agnelli are gone. fug them. The Fans have won.
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