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  1. Good write up and we all questioned what the coaches were thinking with this line and let’s hope Darnold and company can somehow overcome these deficiencies
  2. Give it a rest and enjoy the win. Was yesterday perfect, no it wasn’t but the team balled out for the most part.
  3. And if he doesn't, this team likely won't win many games and he should be held accountable.
  4. jtm


    Smitty has always been entertaining and I'm glad he's mended things with the Panthers. It was an ugly exit on both sides.
  5. Ron should retire. His health is more important than a game. He has proven himself and has plenty of money.
  6. Who knows how Sam will do but he’s our guy for the time being and I’m pulling for him. if he doesn’t work out, this is a big second QB strike against our staff. Better hope Fields doesn’t go off.
  7. No way - Winston is the starter and this is gamesmanship
  8. This team is in rebuild mode and I’ll worry about a legit back up QB once we are finished with the rebuild.
  9. This staff going into this season without a LT is going to be a big problem and is very very concerning.
  10. I know and this is my concern. My only hope is Moton can slide over to LT and produce at near the same level. This would be amazing.
  11. I’m pulling for him but lots of money doesn’t typically improve character.
  12. I'm not convinced we have a starting LT on the roster for 2021. Christensen has potential, but it would not be ideal to start him in year 1. This is a big concern and hopefully the front office goes shopping before the season starts.
  13. It is a strange metric, but arm length appears to be a big deal and why Christensen may or may not be able to play LT in the NFL. You would never think an inch would make this big of a difference but my wife might disagree.
  14. This offense is so loaded a 4th WR is going to barely get a catch...much less a 5th or 6th WR.
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