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  1. Cam’s one of the largest QBs ever to play…what did you expect.
  2. Ha ha, I just come here for entertainment these days and this thread did not disappoint.
  3. I'm so over this team and Tepper that I honestly wouldn't care if he left Charlotte. The Panther's fan base is no different than the rest of the NFL with the exception of a couple teams. And I don't live in Charlotte any longer so I hope the city pays for the whole stadium . . . haha.
  4. Because I know people that have worked with him and they rave about how talented he is. But I understand where you are coming from and it is a fair point.
  5. No way this happens because Morgan actually knows what he's doing. As a Panthers fan, I'd love to be talking about how much we are going to have to pay Johnson a year from now because he balls out.
  6. Near the bottom for sure, but at least we have a lot of new faces to watch this year so it should be entertaining at the beginning of the season. My Sundays aren't dedicated to Panthers football any longer until they can prove that the product is worth my time. Too much great weather in the fall to stay inside to watch bad football.
  7. Facilities and not the stadium. Players care more about the training facilities than the stadium because this is where they spend their time. They are only in the stadium 12 or so days a year.
  8. The Panthers are a complete crap shoot this year like any team that has a brand new coaching regime and tons of new players on offense and defense. Us hard core fans are going to have to print a roster so we can follow the players because there are so many new faces.
  9. He's a likeable guy and we'll see how he responds when the bullets are flying. I'm cautiously optimistic but the Tepper regime has made sooooooooooo many bad moves that it is tough to trust anything he or his wife are involved with and I don't believe for a second that they didn't participate in this process. I have friends that work for several NFL teams and they say Dan Morgan is the real deal so this is encouraging.
  10. It is pretty shocking that municipalities still fund stadiums in 2024.
  11. Catching ability is the only thing that limits any NFL RB from being an every down back. This is a strength of Brooks or at least it was in college. He'll be an every down back for sure.
  12. For people that give Brady a fair shake, I suspect he'll be fantastic and he'll attract a non-football audience that no one else can. We all love Greg, but Brady's popularity is worldwide like Tiger Woods and there aren't many sports players in the world that have this kind of draw.
  13. It is the offseason and I thought it was great. I laughed out loud a couple times and the comedians were much better than all of the athletes for sure. You could tell the non-comedians were very nervous and I don't blame them because comedy is hard.
  14. Last year was a complete train wreck with the coaching staff, OL, and WR play (outside of Thielen). Bryce will get the entire season and if he shows improvement, he'll be the guy in 2025 as well. If he looks lost and confused, the Panthers will be picking 1st overall in 2025 anyway and they'll be taking a QB. I quit dedicating my Sundays to Panthers football until they prove to me that they are worth watching. So if they are terrible again this year, it really won't impact me. Tepper is very unlikeable and the Panthers keep trading all of my favorite players. Dan Morgan is giving me hope again.
  15. I'm not sure he deserves a roster spot, but I'd take him on the practice squad. The effort didn't seem to be there last year and this is when I start giving up on players. I hope he can turn it around and have a productive career.
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