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  1. At this point we shouldn't acquire another player. No need to spend any of our cap and let the next coach make these decisions.
  2. Anyone really care at this point on who is playing. Players have mailed it in for the year and so have I.
  3. Why would Rhule walk away from a $60 million contract in his 2nd year. Seems it would be better to get fired and collect on the contract then go back to college football. Perhaps his ego can't handle this and he knows the NFL is too much for him.
  4. Our staff believes in an elite defense. We don’t need Aaron Rodgers and if Cam can stay healthy and not turn the ball over, this team can go deep in the playoffs with Cam. Might not be this year, but next year if we can add to the OL looks promising.
  5. The media doesn’t like or dislike players. They cover players that generate interest either positive or negative. Cam is one of these players and he’s done great things that the media has covered and some stupid things that has been covered as well.
  6. Didn't the front office try this and Cam wanted a long term deal? The staff is incompetent no doubt, but I think Cam was still thinking he was worth a fortune when we let him test free agency.
  7. Naming a starter this early is garbage. Cam needs to beat out Sam which shouldn’t be hard to do. Competition is good
  8. It is idiotic to trade Sam right now. Back ups are very valuable and try to mold him into a back up plus he’s trade value is non existent at the moment
  9. For sure and this confirms that Rhule has no idea what he is doing when it comes to the QB position. At least he is man enough to admit his mistakes and he's had plenty so far.
  10. Cam's first home game will be against Washington and Ron Rivera. You can't make this stuff up~
  11. Wow, this is crazy. Talk about a complete sh!t show at the moment. Confirms that Rhule and company have no idea what they are doing and they'll just keep bringing in QBs until they find one that fits.
  12. I don't mind the Darnold move and getting a franchise QB is a crap shoot for all teams. Darnold was cheap and many thought he was better than the other QBs in the draft other than Lawrence. I do mind the back-up QB we have on our team. This is unacceptable. Minshew should be on our roster.
  13. Whoever determined that our OL and back-up QB is NFL quality should be fired immediately. Brady needs to be relieved of play calling duties. Maybe he is a decent offensive coordinator but can't call plays. Or perhaps he's just terrible but he needs to be relieved of play calling duties first.
  14. I won't blame the defense for anything. With an average offense, this team makes the playoffs.
  15. I’ve had enough of Robby Anderson. He has dropped more balls than he has catches.
  16. Good grief I hate these threads. Just check out then and I can promise you no one will care.
  17. No idea and I'm glad I don't have to make this decision. Elite RBs seem to get about 5 years then they decline and clearly the Panthers are trying to maximize CMC's 5 years.
  18. Agree and I think the coaches tell him not to come back when we stink. Not sure why I think this, but if we have a playoff team I suspect CMC will be out there.
  19. CMC changes everything and you'll see a different offense once he is back. Fortunately or unfortunately, during CMC's absence, Brady and Darnold have been exposed.
  20. I have no idea why any team would trade for Watson at this point. The NFL has not done its investigation and will not until the police complete their investigation. No way Watson doesn't end up on the exempt list.
  21. I’m not enjoying this either. However, I can see the talent and vision. Clearly Rhule rebuilt the D first, then offensive skill positions and OL will be last. Rhule and Fitterer gambled with the OL this year and this is a losing bet at this point but the year isn’t over. Ironically, the guards are the problem.
  22. Every rebuild is painful bc you get much worse before you see improvement. Educated fans understand this. The Huddle does not.
  23. Ha ha - this place is something. We are rebuilding with a bunch of college coaches and basically a rookie qb and we’re 3-3. This weak azz place is throwing in the towel.
  24. Man, this place will turn on you in a heartbeat. A couple weeks ago Rhule and in on every deal Fitterer could do no wrong. I've said from day one that Rhule's investment in Bridgewater and his lack of investment in the OL was very very troubling.
  25. Time to play Brown and put Christensen at LT. Can't get any worse.
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