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  1. I think so, issue is we also have to pay Brian Burns this year, don’t know if we have enough cap space to do both. next year once all this dead cap is gone we should be good!
  2. I’m just tired of people’s obsession with this crazy ass. We really don’t need more about him, even in the off-season.
  3. Guys, Hardy hasn’t played for us in nearly 10 years, out side of being a nut, he’s not even a noteworthy former Panther. enough is enough, I don’t care and this shouldn’t be in the Panthers topic area.
  4. There was a lot more than just the S2 scores, that was the just last thing and the biggest, it built to that over about two weeks.
  5. That was my biggest take away too, but I don’t think him or Hendon Hooker are gonna make it out of round 2
  6. I said it before and I’ll say it again, I think all the Levis and Stroud stuff was from the Colts, they put a lot of BS out there to try and get CJ to Drop past the Texans. Didn’t work and funny to see a team actively try to tank a players stock before the draft.
  7. I hear ya, but I’m also convinced the stuff surrounding Levis and Stroud is teams lying, talking Levis up and Stroud down.
  8. This happens a lot imo, a lot of people really just need to go with their first gut reaction. They over analyzing and that’s get them off course, same thing happens when people take tests, second guess themselves too much and end up putting down the wrong answer.
  9. Just bumping this because I just want to remind everyone where we really are sitting in the predraft discussion. Told y’all two weeks ago that pretty much everything you’re hearing or would hear is a lie. I still stand by that, I will say though it does sound like we are drafting Young, but that’s about the only thing I’d put any weight to at this point. the CJ Stroud stuff is 100% a team lying it’s butt off putting a lot of false info out there about him to get him to fall in the draft. My money would the Colts trying to put enough doubt out there for him to fall past the Texans.
  10. This has nothing to do with PR or an Agent. 100% a team is trying to get him to fall, my money is on the Colts. like I said two weeks ago, everything you’re hearing is a lie, believe nothing.
  11. Meh, this really isn’t news, and while this sounds good it’s a new tests and hardly indicative of future success. it looks like it’s gonna be Young and I’m trying to warm myself up to a “fun size” QB, like I said before if Young was 3 inches taller and 20lbs heavier he would be my no doubt #1. But his size has me seriously concerned about his longevity in the league.
  12. Just figured I’d share this bit if info, long time off-season guru huddle vet here. This happens every year before the draft, just assume everyone is lying, because they probably are. recent example of this is the “Stroud isn’t coachable” narrative that just came out. Willing to bet my pay check this is some team trying to get him to fall if Carolina doesn’t pick him. The lie zone usually starts at the combine, and progressively increases till the draft. It’s peaking right now with it being right at 2 weeks out. believe nothing you hear, and nothing happens till it happens.
  13. I wish we just had one more season of tape on AR. I ain’t gonna lie dudes built like a beast. But you don’t draft projects 1 overall.
  14. Like I said before, and I will say it again. If he is was at least 3 inches taller and 20lbs heavier I’d be all for it. But something tells me the reason he wouldn’t weigh in today was because he was under 200lbs. size is a legitimate concern.
  15. He had a segment on the NFL draft and QB prospects a couple weeks ago that I thought was 100% on point. he then usually follows up segments like that with some stupid hot take which I get that killing credibility with some.
  16. So, he’s full of crap at times, but at others he’s one of the more insightful people on the radio as far as big picture stuff go.
  17. I’d do it if we got Rodgers for nothing, and still drafted Stroud/Young with the first. Word is the jets are only offering a 2nd and a conditional 3rd net year at the moment.
  18. I've said the entire time that yes, Young is the better player between him and Stroud, but Youngs size makes me nervous. There is nothing that makes me nervous about Stroud. And thats why Stroud is the better pick to me.
  19. It’s hard unless you’re about the money and you look at their tax rate
  20. If Josh McCown wasn’t our QB coach I’d be a lot more concerned about this. Literally who could we have better than McCown for this job?
  21. Last years QB’s were garbage, it was said as much at the time.
  22. Is the European calendar format. D/m/y instead of m/d/y. It actually makes more since
  23. I dont know, but I do like to listen to Dan Patrick and Colin Cowherd a lot so I could have very well picked up this train of thought from either of them. Colin is full of crap with what he says sometimes, but at others he may be one of the more insightful people in sports talk radio. two of my must listen to radio programs, it will literally make you a better educated sports fan.
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