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  1. With a core of Marty’s work. Both were bad but Gettleman was a complete ass to boot!!
  2. Would you trade Sam Darnold for a second, fourth and sixth? But seriously, it’s Jacksonville and they stay in rebuilding mode.
  3. Can’t wait for the power ratings to come out, the Panthers are up 1 spot to 14th, the Bucs drop to second and the Chiefs remain in the top 10.
  4. Yeah calling a defensive timeout allows the Ravens to set up a play and regain composure. Guess that’s why the Lions are winless….
  5. One would think that the NFL would require FOX to broadcast in 1080.
  6. I never want to hear the term “happy feet” when describing Darnold ever again!!
  7. What stats are you looking at, because I see us ranked top 10 in passing yards, so yes that’s a drastic improvement from last year, when we were bottom 10. It’s really simple math, try a calculator if you’re having trouble understanding. Example, if you take Samuels catches this year and multiply it by 100… 0 X 100 = 0 This exercise is easy because the answer is always zero!!!
  8. Where in my post did I mention Teddy? You said the defense was carrying the offense and I disagreed, because that’s not true. The Defense is playing lights out, #1 statistically in the NFL. However, the offense has improved drastically from last year, but you fail to acknowledge it, why I have no clue. Go ahead and reply with insults as you usually do, tough guy.
  9. I’ve wondered how much of the data is based on blitzing. Seems like we’re getting to the QB with only a 4 man rush.
  10. Really? Which defender threw for 305 yards and 2 td’s? Oh that’s right the same guy who made a “mistake” and nearly cost us the game! The offense hasn’t been perfect, especially in the red zone, but they converted 53% on 3rd down against the Saints. Yeah they left points off the board, but they’re sustaining drives, which keeps the defense fresh. But let’s overlook all that and focus on 1 interception thrown by the guy you despise, because it falls in line with your agenda.
  11. It falls on Blackburn, but if continues to happen, it’s falls on Rhule.
  12. Yep, burning a timeout early because of only having 10 players on the field cost us a chance to attempt a fg at the end of the half.
  13. Great point, adding Horn was like the missing piece of the puzzle. Everyone on defense has stepped it up, especially Jackson.
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