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  1. Plenty of crunchy, anti-vaxx types from CLT to AVL for him and Shaileen to commiserate with. Warmer winters, an offensive coordinator who he knows and trusts, offensive weapons, a good defense.
  2. How does Mahomes do it?!? Lots and lots of uncalled holding,
  3. Tepper is probably geeked up about his new soccer team taking the pitch for the first time in another month or so, and couldn't care less about the Rhule situation at the moment.
  4. It's going to be three bad seasons, bud. It's still a selling point from an HC candidate's perspective.
  5. I am coming around to this rationalization of why Tepper is keeping Rhule. Another point is that next offseason, when we're looking to replace Rhule, Tepper can point to the fact that he gave Rhule ample time to prove himself, and didn't fire him after one bad season. I hope to god that Fitterer gets final say on draft picks/trades this offseason though. Rhule has already burnt this thing to the ground. I don't want him to start drilling into the Earth's crust.
  6. You guys are BIG mad, about a game. Hurling insults and writing angry open letters you know aren’t going to make a difference. Y’all are grown men, right?
  7. So a great player who's never going to be healthy, for a healthy player who's never going to be great. :(.
  8. He’s probably thinking he should’ve divorced his first wife and gotten a second wife that looks as good in blue jeans as the current Mrs. Tepper.
  9. Wait, so you both live out of state, and you sell most of your tickets anyway? So what you're saying is that you're no longer going to be the ones reselling those seats on the secondary market? Not a real compelling argument that the Panthers are actually losing fans in any meaningful way. I'd like Matt Rhule replaced as well, but the level of breath-holding and foot-stomping that you guys are doing is silly. Don't take this the wrong way, but no one(decision-makers for the Panthers) cares if you stop reselling those seats, or that American Airlines is losing a few roundtrip CHI-CLT airfares. It's almost as silly as those people that write long posts about how they're not going to post on the Huddle anymore. It's just a game y'all! It doesn't really matter.
  10. When I put my tinfoil hat on, I think that maybe Tepper is trying to increase our current fandom’s apathy to the point that no one would care if he picked up stakes and moved the team, but I can’t think of another city worth going to that doesn’t already have one or two teams.
  11. Wasn't that the Super Bowl where the Chiefs O line almost got Mahomes literally killed on the field?
  12. I'd imagine that the burn pits have something to do with it as well. All that black smoke from burning sh!t can't be good for the lungs/nervous system.
  13. North Carolina is a great state with tons of great cities. Anyone bashing them is dealing with some sort of personal inadequacies. The place you live is not a replacement for a personality. Cough, cough, @Still Brooklyn.
  14. I'm finally there. #FIREMATTRHULE I really wanted to give the guy a shot. Such a bummer. Oh well, my winter just got a lot more productive.
  15. Dream scenario: He takes the job, keeps Cam and choreographs unique end zone celebrations for every offensive skill player.
  16. A scout for the Steelers lives in the Charlotte area. I'm sure their scouting department is well acquainted with Sam. I hate the Steelers, but that would be a great place for him to end up. As long as Ben only mentors him on football, and not on any of his extracurriculars.
  17. For Sam Howell's sake, I hope he doesn't go top 15. I hope he goes to a team with a good QB he can develop behind.
  18. Take the best Offensive lineman available. If this is a particularly deep O line draft, then trade away some future picks to get some more now. Stop reaching for QBs, build an Oline that a QB could take a short nap behind and then you can either attract a good FA QB or go draft one in 23.
  19. Fitterer might already be looking for Rhule's replacement. You never know.
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