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  1. Good for him. Dolphins finally have a chance to be good again, and I'm sure he got a fat contract. Also, dude in 64 and will be living in God's Waiting Room. Hell of a way to live out your golden years.
  2. He's ready to be a full-time dad! Those kids of his aren't going to French kiss themselves.
  3. It took Jay Z seven years to get his money, so Rhule should expect to wait awhile. Honestly though, it's a lawsuit, it's not gross incompetence on anyone's part. He probably already asked for the money, and Tepper's lawyers think they have grounds to refuse to pay. A couple hundred thousand is less than $5MM, so I get why they're going through the courts vs. just shelling out the money.
  4. Sure, dude, if you say so. No one trusts you to moderate with any fairness. Silly victory lap posts insure that will continue to be the case. I'll leave it at that.
  5. Sure it did. I seem to remember part of your pitch was that you wanted to ban GJBC.
  6. Don't say the A word. You know what happens when you say the A word.
  7. So he makes money and Jeremy makes money. Win/Win. Meanwhile, the guy who begged and pleaded to be made a mod, so he could settle scores with posters he didn't like, makes victory lap posts about perma-banning people. Yikes.
  8. Happy for PhillyB, an actual OG, pre-crash huddle member. The Tinderbox is lamer without him.
  9. Reich just got fired from Indianapolis. That had to be such a bullshit hassle dealing with all of that. Maybe he wants a break. He doesn't need the money, and his life is in Charlotte. Why wouldn't he accept gobs of money to be an 'overpaid' OC for the Panthers in his now home state? If he wants to be a HC again, he'll have plenty of options over the next few hiring cycles. If you have Wilks to handle the 10,000 foot view of things, and let Reich and Fangio handle the actual coaching, it sounds like a dream scenario for an owner with enough money to make it happen.
  10. I was wondering why, if he's so great, that the Broncos didn't just promote him to HC and keep him in house. Turns out he turned down the Interim offer. Smart guy. That place is going to be a dumpster fire for the remainder of Wilson's contract.
  11. Just awful. Sounds like it was probably wave runners colliding. That area near the marine stadium is part of a circuit for daily yacht charters.
  12. It's crazy that meritocracy is seen as 'outside the box' thinking while cronyism/nepotism is seen as the tried and true way to build a staff. Not saying that's what you said, it's just the sense I get from the chatter from the usual NFL talking heads.
  13. I'm convinced that DMathematics is one of Jeremy's alts that he shitposts with to drive engagement. Don't fall into the trap!
  14. I enjoyed about a week of trash talking Rhule on twitter and then I put him on ignore and didn't look back.
  15. LMAO, the Lions haven't been 'fine' in years. Not sucking is a completely new thing for them. Let's see if they can handle the cold and not suck at the same time. I say, probably not.
  16. Zero risk because you can't do it anymore. Everything is via app.
  17. So funny what people choose to notice out of all of the great stuff that happened yesterday. I've also felt that Erving played terribly for us last year, but using him as the extra lineman has worked great since Wilks started doing it. I also noticed him congratulating and cheering with his teammates yesterday, especially the younger guys. He seems to be a good mentor, and one of those guys who will do whatever he can to help the team. He's been great in his current role.
  18. LMAO, they're both parts of the same shithole, the first speed trap on the way to Charleston, so they get lumped together. And paying the $20MM they were seeking isn't exactly opening up the checkbook as Arsen insinuated. $20MM isn't much to put this thing to bed.
  19. This is like Trump putting people he doesn't like through IRS audits. It's a harassment technique, and the only recourse Rock Hill has at this point.
  20. When did Tepper agree to settle with SC for 'whatever they asked for?' I haven't seen that anywhere.
  21. Good. Burns is growing into an elite pass rusher. He's starting to get home more as evidenced by his first season w/ double digit sacks. He's a young, vocal leader and he's laid back off of the field. He's got the combination of tangibles and intangibles that all the pre-draft research in the world can't accurately predict. Shoulda/Coulda/Woulda is for message boards. I hope out there in the real world, Fitterer is working to get a deal done.
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