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  1. You and your kid got disappointed, which sucks, but it sounds like your 8 year old is handling it better than you.
  2. I don't recall TSE being the party to default or extend its timetable out YEARS from the original deadline in either the Fort Mill or Eastland projects. It would be great if Tepper, because he's one of the wealthiest SOBs on the planet, would just fund these projects out of his own pockets, and out of the goodness of his heart, but we should all know by now that's not how things work.
  3. The Panthers just Malibu Stacy'd their fan base. I'm not mad at them.
  4. I don't think I've ever seen a better example of the pot calling the kettle black, lmao!
  5. I know more people who have quit playing soccer because of concussions than I do football players. It's a big problem in the sport.
  6. Congratulations, Phil! Always so happy to see you fulfilling your dreams! Will definitely check it out!
  7. It's not about defending Tepper. You just don't know what you're talking about and you post emo garbage that doesn't align with the facts. Casillas has only restated TSE's public position and track record thus far. Jury is out on Tepper. He's had some missteps, but the day in/day out hate for no reason is such a waste of time.
  8. MJ has owned the Hornets for 12 years, so it's taken him some time to figure things out, and the jury is still out. Weird that people don't give Tepper similar runway.
  9. If anyone can successfully convert him to a TE, it's Dan Campbell. I wish them both good luck.
  10. I wonder if the people who are in here questioning why Matt Corral doesn't just pay for his cousin's kids took the time to read that Players Tribune piece by Tarik Cohen posted a few weeks ago. The money doesn't spread nearly as far as people want to believe.
  11. As a native Charlottean who's watched and had to listen to thousands of transplants who have descended on Charlotte for jobs and then moved to Fort Mill to dodge paying Charlotte/NC taxes, I get a kick out of the pearl clutching over the 'wasted tax dollars' thing. It's the little things you treasure.
  12. I'm sure it's a good movie. Tom Cruise is clinically insane, but he's never made a movie I wouldn't watch. That said, beyond being cool to watch, what purpose do manned fighter jets serve in this day and age? Haven't drones rendered them more or less obsolete?
  13. Muh language! Let he who knows how to properly use commas cast the first stone.
  14. LMAO, you whiny babies would bitch about free beer. Glad to see the players and coaches are spending time together in the offseason.
  15. Posters on this board telling on themselves with the way they project onto Rhule. Accusing Rhule of making desperation moves that would damage the team long term just to save his skin…because that’s what they would do.
  16. OR he could mean we package the rest of our picks together to move up into the third and go all in one a third and final draft pick.... Ickey and CJ being picks 1 and 2.
  17. The 2005 draft. Watching Aaron Rodgers sit there nervously waiting, pick after pick.
  18. I saw him with his wife the other night at the Billy Joel concert, walking out with the rest of the crowd. I told my wife, "There's Matt Rhule; he sucks!" and she shot me a dirty look, as if to say, "just let the guy enjoy a date with his wife." hahaha He looked fine; taller and not as schlubby as he's looked in press photos recently. He was conversing happily with people passing by them in the crowd, and he seemed in good spirits.
  19. I feel better hearing that Wilks co-signed this, and that Rhule is listening to his position coaches.
  20. It sucks ass if you live there, not if you visit, have your fun and then peace out. That's true of just about every tourist destination unless you're wealthy enough to live separated from the riff-raff.
  21. Maybe they're an offshoot of that weird NXIVM sex cult...
  22. The reality is, we're fans for times like this. The highest highs and the lowest lows are what make having an emotional connection to a fandom so great. I remember sitting in the 500 section, surrounded by fat, sweaty Bucs fans, when the Panthers trotted out Randy Fasani. I watched him throw INT after INT as they cackled and jeered around me. I told myself to remember this moment, because eventually we would get back to winning and the trip back up would be worth sitting through this mess. I was right. Now we're down in the trough of the wave again, and it feels like we'll never crest, but if you just hold on, it will come, and the extended misery will make the trip up even better, even though it feels like absolute poo right now. It's supposed to be fun. If it stops being fun, take a step away and come back later.
  23. Maybe Luke saw that dumb, "The Brand" sign at Panthers HQ and asked Rhule for a sit-down to insist that we go back to Keep Pounding. He was fully bought into Keep Pounding and Sam Mills' legacy, so that seems like something that would piss him off.
  24. If you have to be talked into a passive hobby, then that hobby is probably not for you anyway.
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