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  1. The only person that could possibly talk straight with Tepper is Nicole, and you know she’s embarrassed as hell that this season has gone so badly after she was gifted an executive role. I’m holding out a shred of hope that she presses him to hire an experienced consultant to find a GM and HC and stop trying to run the damn thing like a hedge fund. Beyond that, I’d say we’re screwed long term. Ugh.
  2. I fuging hate Reich so much. Two great plays and then he shoehorns Sanders into the mix and boom, 4th down. He just can’t help himself.
  3. LMAO, well that certainly tracks. He’s a geriatric drug addict nepo baby who still wears Ed Hardy and True Religion.
  4. Sanders’ biggest contribution was knowing not to make a play on the ball when Theilen caught it for a first down. I hate it for the guy; he seems like a good dude. At least he got paid.
  5. If we can figure out why our offensive line fell off a cliff since last season, maybe. Oh and Chuba Hubbard needs to start full time.
  6. Donte Jackson even had a good game!
  7. Was nice to see him actually catching some passes today. Hopefully he got the monkey off his back this game and can continue on an upward trajectory.
  8. Why are you even following the Panthers if you think they’re just a brand when you’re not even from here? No serious football fan would delude themselves with that Bill Parcells bullshit ass idea that people cheer for the jersey not the guys wearing them. Of course you move on if the player changes teams, but you never forget what they did while wearing your team’s jersey. When the players suck, everything sucks. You don’t see anyone in here right now bragging about our color scheme or the team’s market value.
  9. Knowing how much you hated creating this thread gives me loads of positive vibes. Thanks!
  10. Totally, buddy. I know I follow the Panthers solely for their sweet color scheme and mascot/branding. It’s got nothing to do with watching Smitty and Jake pull off X Clown against the Rams, or Luke stiff arm Romo on Thanksgiving. The NFL could throw a jersey and tights on any one of us and we’d be just as compelling to watch. Your take is bad and you should feel bad.
  11. I’m all for it. Why does everyone instinctively poo on the guy actually producing the product rather than the old rich guys who mostly inherited their ownership stake?
  12. Man, I wonder whose idea it is to stick with Sanders despite Hubbard and Shenault repeatedly doing more w less. Hope Tepper puts Reich out of our misery since he can’t/won’t fire himself.
  13. I want Bryce to improve mainly so all of you will stop posting these tl;dr 'think' pieces. lmao
  14. That was a great play, but still not as good as Luke stiff-arming Tony Romo while running in one of his pick sixes on Thanksgiving.
  15. I think it's important to point out that OP has proved time and time again on this board that he would be exponentially more insufferable than the Tepper's if he owned a professional sports team.
  16. It's his first season in the NFL. Many of you complaining about him are the same ones talking about how trash Derrick Brown was just one year ago, and now he's a beast and accounting for like 75% of our defense. It's really too early to judge DJ, but since we suck right now, people are looking for scapegoats.
  17. Maybe you should find Tepper's home address online and mail him a handwritten letter like you did with Jake Delhomme...
  18. We’re trash right now, but that fuging ref is on the take.
  19. True, you guys do all tend to rage post in the same threads.
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