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  1. And as a white man, who joined this board 20+ years ago as a young, stubborn conservative, I think having my ideas challenged and being made to feel uncomfortable by different POVs I was confronted with on this board were important to my growth as a person and helped change some of my views. You never know what is going to reach someone. It’s worth a try.
  2. I have a feeling Fitterer and his staff will do their due diligence either way. If they pick him up, I'll know they did their homework, so I'll be stoked about it. You never know what can happen. Rhule seems to have the ability to connect with younger, brash or immature players in a way that motivates them. Look at how differently Donte Jackson interacts with Rhule vs. Rivera. Edit: Moving to a different market like Charlotte might do him some good. It'd be tough for a rich, immature millionaire to stay focused in Nashvegas: Bachelorette Party Capital of the East. https://www.youtube.com
  3. Let Watson sit out for a year to put the pressure on Houston, while we trade back and pick up extra picks in one of the deepest drafts in a while. We fill the majority of the remaining holes on our roster with 2nd and 3rd round starters, who get a year under their belts in 2021. In 2022, we make another push for Watson, with a more attractive, competitive team, and less to lose if we trade away a couple years worth of high picks. Or we've sucked so bad that we can just draft Sam Howell. Fin.
  4. There are tear downs in my neighborhood selling for $600,000. It's nuts.
  5. Remember when there were rumors circulating that Wilson and his first wife divorced over her sleeping with Golden Tate? Probably not because I had to look it up too. I just thought it was weird how that other poster characterized her as 'loyal' and his current wife, who he's been married two twice as long and has two kids with is just a 'random celebrity' who's made him insufferable.
  6. I think too many of you must watch Billions and think that having all that money gives you more balls than brains. That's the only reasoning I can come up with as to why so many of you seem to think Tepper or anyone else in the Panthers organization would be dumb enough to telegraph their intentions so publicly and basically show their belly to Houston.
  7. Weis also said his Notre Dame team would have a 'decided schematic advantage' over their opponents, then proceeded to take a huge sh!t on the field.
  8. LOL. There are posters on this board who would trade a night with their spouse, in addition to our first round picks for the next three years, and assorted starters, just for Watson. Many of them are the same posters that bash Hurney for being 'too emotionally involved in his attempts to get a particular player.' Oh the irony.
  9. To chuds maybe, but for actual Panther fans, he's got a great highlight reel he left on the field for us.
  10. I agree on all points, I just hope the someone isn't the Panthers.
  11. It really worries me when someone with your good track record seems to think this ridiculous trade has a chance of getting done. This is a Herschel Walker type of trade, and we all know how that one worked out for Minnesota. Granted, unlike RB, an elite QB is the keystone to a great team, but if we give away our chance to build through the draft for the next several years, how are we going to make the most of the first few years of Watson's contract? I love the idea of getting a QB like Watson, but not if he's scrambling behind a piss poor line, throwing to sub par targets for 2-3 y
  12. LOL, never going to happen. There's no way Tepper, Rhule and Fitterer combined are as stupid and reactionary as Peter King or a lot of posters on this board.
  13. A couple of people complaining on twitter is not 'everyone', lol. The prices are steep though.
  14. I'd be interested to hear Geoff's opinion on drafting a bunch of linemen from this draft vs. trading everything away for a single QB prospect. If this class is as deep as it seems to be, we'd be crazy to miss out on rebuilding virtually our entire oline with draft picks on rookie deals for the next 3-5 years.
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