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  1. There's more here: https://www.panthers.com/photos/2021-pro-am-quail-hollow-shaq-thompson-christian-mccaffrey#47b0252e-b88a-4718-817a-23dcabfe3004
  2. It's a golf tournament. You can take pictures and not bother anyone.
  3. Thanks @Captain Morgan from those of us that couldn't watch.
  4. Do you think Flash Gordan could've won the Jets a supper bowl if he didn't go into space and save everyone of us?
  5. They never said anything about money, but you're right.
  6. NFL network just said there are a "crap load" of teams asking about Curtis Samuel.
  7. Looks like Washington are going to release Alex Smith. Do y'all think the 49ers might jump on him as a backup for much, much cheaper?
  8. Atrium Health is who me, and everyone I know, used.
  9. I got tested and got my results back the next day. Everybody i know that has gotten tested received their results in a day or two.
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