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  1. Maybe the guys who could play LT in the 2nd are not ideal day 1 starters but does that mean they couldn't beat out what we have on the roster to be a day 1 starter? On a non-contender does it really matter? Looking at our roster I say yes they could win that competition. We need to be taking a LT in the first 2 rounds and not sweat it at all. A RT playing LT worked great with Gross and would still be an improvement for us, it's why we keep asking to see more of Moton over there the last couple of years lol.
  2. When did 6'4" 303 stop being a good size for LT? And how the hell does that translate into being better off at guard? This offseason is just insane. Dude put up 33 reps? With excellent speed? If he isn't an idiot then he looks like a better LT then we have sniffed in the last 5 years.
  3. Like this last season, when it's like that for me I am also doing something else fun so it kind of rubs off on the football and keeps it alive. I will be dumping the PSLs though. If I do want to ever go live again I can just buy some tickets and not have any commitment or care. I was a Browns fan growing up until they moved so all I know is pain.
  4. Being in the right position helps. Being overpromoted can be a career killer. I think saying he had control issues is an understatement. His work at the right spot with Seattle proves that he produced in the right spot, they have been living off of that success as a team since 2014 and haven't come close to those results. Also, when has anyone looked good with WTF since Snyder took over?
  5. I get it completely. I want to be excited but I am jadded as hell also and just want us to turn the corner in the best way. Plus, this offseason is the worst and the media is also at it's worst pre-draft. 48 hours after the draft there will be some quality discussion in a small window and then another long drought before they hit the field and we see how we did. At least we should have a good and fun D. If they make a cluster of it again, I'm a lot more likely to just be loud and annoying then stop watching. Too much FU in me to give up something that was once fun even if it's the sane thing t
  6. I can't remember where it was here but the scenario of us taking another QB this year regardless only increases the odds of finding a long term solution and the best case of having another highly desirable QB to trade away for more than we used to acquire them is a possibility with the Darnold move. At this point Sam is the vet in the room hopefully. What I don't know is what QBs the people in charge like on the board where. Fritts did say he likes to take a QB every year, for what that is worth at this point.
  7. Scot McCloughan, senior personnel executive when they drafted the legion of boom and Wilson. Went to WTF and Seattle never found the same balance and had a huge decline on quality. Dude produced as a draft expert with guidance over him.
  8. Well keep head hunting. It is the offseason, an extra boring and overblown one than usual. I get the irritation for different reasons. Fans will always fan how they want just like we do at everything else. I get your angle, I just have a different one. I am soooooo glad we didn't spend that on Wilson. I was sweating before the storm it. Time will tell and there is a ton in the air but they do have to prove it. We made some big mistakes last year, fingers crossed it was Hurney and we learned. One huge reason some fans are freaked out is that Teddy debacle went so south and part of making t
  9. Oh my god, I hated the move and showed emotion. Boo hoo. I still think it's a bad move but that's my preference, given the facts we should keep looking and stack the odds. Hell, if we didn't have Darnold and drafted one in the first I would still hope we moved Teddy and brought in a QB to compete and fill out better odds. Fitters has been a draft expert on a team that has drafted poorly since the draft scout expert went to be a GM. Look at the drafts, it's concerning. As already stated at length, hope it was the HC and GM that made that magic. Look who is having a meltdown now. It h
  10. Lol we just traded for a top five pick that has already bombed in the NFL. We need to keep getting QBs until we have a good one, actually and not perceived. Lots of good talent at the top and some longershots later. Either way we need to keep swinging. It's the 'we done good crowd' that would be a bad sign to see the staff jumping on. We did that last year and that sucked. I just would like to see the team do better and not make the same mistake on a different swing. Edit: There is only 1 prospect I don't want and that's Jones. Completely personal preference.
  11. I just stated the facts as I see them. We in fact don't even know if the people running the team are all that much of experts, hell Hurney made it 14 years here beginning with the skillset of a bad journalist and then professional sycophant and was never a successful expert (3 winning seasons). I sure hope they are great but they just have not proven it yet. I have no idea why that is such a negative thing for you but ignoring reality and just focusing on what you hope it is kind of goes closer to you being delusional than me trying to be an expert. Read my first sentence and actually tr
  12. Donald is as huge of a risk as any of the top 4 rookies coming out. He has some seriously bad habits and he may improve them or not. Projecting hope doesn't actually improve the situation. The facts are he was at least option D for us. He has some serious issues and has not had a good coaching situation. Bad habits are very difficult to unlearn after years of negative reinforcements. He has a much better physical toolset than Teddy but Teddy has a much better brain. Build it up all you want but it's still a huge gamble. Not the investment but in actually getting a QB worth playing.
  13. It would have to be a kings ransom to be worth it. Lance, Fields or LT all day.
  14. Lol. Lance is going 3rd, Jones is a backup in the NFL. At worst Lance goes 4th after the 49ers choke.
  15. My only question in regards to Little is why is he still on the roster? We have seen who he was and even the new coaches decided to sit him when we were desperate for bodies at his position last year. Healthy scratch in year 3 when desperate for warm bodies? Move him for anything at this point. We resigned Scott so we have a backup in place, go get another player to try and become a starter. Trade this one to WTF for a 7th 3 years from now.
  16. Seattle may have a lot of picks the last few years but their drafts have not been something to emulate. Fnding value late at the cost of better talent early is a bad approach to the draft and their team is only held together at this point by a QB they picked in 2012. Just take a QB or LT if they are available and if not then talk trade back. Years of garbage LT play and another year likely if we don't pick up one early QB is still a position of need for this team at this time, just as it was last year.
  17. The reports said down the road and referred to them as neighbors. I think the cop who was giving the initial press release also said that.
  18. If the motive is mental problems or plain evil it won't take them long to figure out why such a tragedy took place. The fact they are neighbors is the biggest factor leaving open diffent causes.
  19. Why would I try and justify this at all? I am talking about victims and causality. I do not want to get into possibilities because I feel it belittles the situation and allows the worst in people to come out (or the worst people to come out: see Watson discussions). I think you are trying to protect the victims which is noble but I am saying the only ones that are 100% victims are the kids at this time.
  20. He is only the victim if he didn't contribute to the situation. Chill out. The facts are few and you are jumping to conclusion he is a victim. As I said, the only guaranteed victims are the kids so far. Nothing I stated takes away or presumes innocent or guilt out side of the pure innocents of the children. There is no fugging justification because there are so few facts. My example was to show that it can get really complicated. It sounds like you are reacting to your emotional response and not accepting that neither you or I know who is a real victim yet outside of the kids for s
  21. Fox looks positive, not nearly as sexy as Reddick but positive. The rest is suspect to normal cheap swings at any positives. Still a lot of holes if you do not go by the warm body theory of management.
  22. The kids are absolutely victims, the rest could go either way. It's sickening but not surprising anymore. The Dr had a great public image but who knows anymore in this world. Very sad and all you can do is send T&P and wait for facts and answers. We had a case like this on the coast recently and it disappeared from the media once it was determined the father was drinking with the killer the night before and the police wouldn't release the motive making it sound drug retaliation related which would make the father guilty as well. Who knows, still no motive that I have seen which is ve
  23. Reddick and Fox are positives but then we look to be relying on some guys with real injury concerns and histories. As it stands? Concerned that we will not keep addressing those spots aggressively and will end up with a really thin roster again with a few bright spots. TDB until the draft.
  24. Shut it down. I haven't always agreed with Virge but she is a great contributer here.
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