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  1. The only people saying this was a horrible trade are the folks who would find the negative in free ice cream. It's an average trade that's being referred to pretty much everywhere as a fair trade.
  2. It's just sports and rooting for your team. Why is that even a term ?
  3. see a therapist (not massage) History is irrelevant to our situation going forward. But we do win once in a while.
  4. you could be a Falcon fan if that makes you feel better
  5. Just put Newton at RB and have him throw occasionally. Just how NE used him but with another QB on the field.
  6. LOL.....you going back to Namath? How many years was that before you were born? Since our actual existence we got them easily.
  7. Smith is the dictionary definition of a talking head. The words are irrelevant.
  8. There is virtually zero connection to the past other than the stadium. Unless you are superstitious I don't see how it's relevant.
  9. They are but the core concern and desire to utilize the draft is the same. I don't see wanton disregard for the future draft picks being something that could exist within the same person saying these things.
  10. It's the echo chamber effect. And this suck for Sam Howell thing is the next bullet in the chamber. Well be hearing folks complain about week 3 wins for Sam Howell......lol
  11. This makes it really hard to believe they were ever too serious about throwing years of drafts for Watson.
  12. If Newton plays this well he should and could go to a team wanting to go for it all and pay accordingly for a short contract. I don't see that being appealing to either Newton or the Panthers.
  13. Yeah I was going to say Brees but there was the injury issue. Though if he was the Brees we know now hey wouldn't have moved on.
  14. Griping about observations about sports on message board is too. You must be new if you haven't experienced griping on the Huddle before an observation like this.....LOL. People gripe about the coverage literally every single week of the season
  15. What I've wanted for years and years. Build 2
  16. My takeaway is just how silly and overblown coverage of these event is. How many people did they have covering this like its the moon landing or something.
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