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  1. I'm ok with it. It wasn't Mac Jones. I think we can address OL later in the draft.
  2. I personally love that we have no idea what the Panthers are thinking. That means other teams don't either. I just hope that it doesn't mean that the front office doesn't know either.
  3. We would be stupid if Fields fell, and he was the best option left but we passed on him because we didn't have our people look at him. I think he'll be better than Wilson or Lance or Jones. And I think that if he's there, we should take him, unless Sewell is there. If Sewell is there you turn in the card with 9:59 left.
  4. Think of the best TE playing today, Kelce? Now pair him with the speediest receiver like Hill. And a young RB like Edwards-Helaire. And other versatile weapons like Hardiman and Watkins. And an all-world QB like Mahomes. What does it look like with these weapons with a trash O-Line? It looks like that trainwreck we saw in the SB. Give me Sewell or Slater. Trade down if you want, but give me a LT and another OL with your first two picks.
  5. Will depend on: 1. How well Sam performs this year, 2. If Fields/Lance falls to us and he shows he's ready by next year.
  6. That's a 4D chess move if it's true. Cost to move up for Lance/Fields would have been at least another first, probably more. Now if nobody believes we take a qb, we may get one for the cost of a 6, and future 2 and 4. If Sewell or Pitts is there though, I can't see us passing them up.
  7. It's a little rich, but if he turns out to be good (he's freaking 23 years old still) then we got him for little. Now pick Sewell or Pitts or Slater.
  8. But that is what Doherty did. Unless you think Bill Guthridge is a legend...
  9. Three first and a third. This is what it costs to go up 9 spots. Too rich for me, just get good players on the line.
  10. Fitterer came from Seattle, who won their title with a qb on a rookie contract taken in the third round. Yes it's hard to find a Russell Wilson that late, but I think we will try and replicate. I think we go BPA in rounds 1-2, and then take a qb in the mid rounds (Mond or Mills). Bridgewater is a stopgap until he is ready, but we will hope our draft pick pulls a RW and beats him out in camp.
  11. Depends on what the trade down is. If we don't get significant return, just take BPA. We need talent.
  12. If we don't get Watson or Stafford, or we don't have Lawrence or Fields or Wilson to pick at 8, then we should pick the best player available. Don't reach. I would rather see what the cost is for Darnold. Heck, I would roll with Teddy or PJ one more year before overpaying for Goff. Heck I would roll with Mariota before Goff.
  13. Watson has a no trade clause. It is exactly what he can do to the Texans, choose his destination.
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