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  1. Dalton would be on IR if he took even half of the shots Young has taken. Talk poo about the dudes size all you want but he is as tough as they come
  2. It was definitely apart of it. Trevor Lawrence was more hyped than Bryce coming out of college and had a not so great rookie year
  3. Exactly. Who knows which decisions were actually Fitt and not Tepper pulling the strings telling him what to do or say
  4. You have to surround your QB with good players though. EVERY team does it but the Carolina Panthers. What QB has a worse collection of talent than Bryce Young in the NFL? There are college teams that have better talent than we do currently.
  5. Honestly this is the best thing for Bryce if he's going to succeed in the NFL at all. Gotta find someone that can fix this offense
  6. You know what also isn't enough to win in the NFL? Having the worst collection of Oline, WRs, TEs, and RBs in the entire NFL. Bottom. Tier. Every position group. Not only is it impossible to win with but also impossible to play like a top 15 QB with that mess. Throw in the playcalling and you could have drafted Jesus Christ himself #1 overall and he'd look like a bust in this offense
  7. He's been Byron Bell level bad in pass pro this year. I thought he'd shake it off after the rough preseason but man...he has been beaten like a drum consistently all season long
  8. Quality post. Few and far between on this board these days
  9. First it was Jahri Evans and Carl Nicks...two perennial first team all pro guards. But no one here wants to hear or admit that. They'd rather be miserable and call Bryce a bust even after acknowledging the dearth of talent we have on offense and the disconnect amongst our coaching staff. They will be the first to point at all we gave up for Bryce and quickly forget that if you want a young QB to be successful he needs solid play and talent from the people around him. We got rid of DJ Moore and CMC. Two excellent pieces to surround a young "undersized" QB with. What did we replace them with again? Lol. We changed blocking schemes from what was working to forcing our guys to play out of position. Our WRs can't get any separation off the LoS. Miles Sanders is trash. It's a complete and total disaster on offense. But hey let's blame the rookie QB that we traded all of our offensive talent to get for not having stats like CJ Stroud every Sunday. Some real brilliant football minds on this board.
  10. Man I sure wish we had Dak Prescott at QB he would be DOMINATING in this offense
  11. That guy has to be Carolina-chuck and if not they are definitely related just ignore what he says lol
  12. Probably because they sit all their starting pass rushers and he actually has time to throw. What a weird coincidence that is isn't it?
  13. That's not what the all knowing brainiacs of the carolina huddle believe!
  14. Yea it's a pretty silly argument but when Carolina Panthers Football is your only source of entertainment in your life it's kind of hard to hide that you're just a miserable person and it actually has nothing to do with Bryce Young or Panthers Football. That's all I gather from their strawman arguments
  15. He needs to play and take his lumps like he has been. What else is this season for? Hopefully he can learn from the (mostly bad) experiences that this year has been and hopefully next year we're able to build around and play to our offenses strengths. We need to either overhaul the oline or switch blocking schemes or something. I don't really see them improving in this scheme. We need players who can get YAC and make plays with the ball in their hands. The tall 50/50 ball possession WRs are obviously not the type of WR that fits how Young plays QB. Need guys who can run after the catch. We honestly had the 2 perfect players that would compliment Bryce (and most other QBs) well in CMC and DJ Moore. Young would be a completely different player if they were here and I bet we'd have more wins. Gotta find a way to get some talent on this offense.
  16. Exactly...we gave up A LOT including CMC and DJ Moore and who did we replace them with? You people talk like winning a few meaningless games at the end of last year some how made us a relevant team when we weren't. These situations with other #1 picks are a lot similar than what you people want to believe. All of those QBs had talent added around them on offense and low and behold they improved!!!! What an amazing concept!
  17. Better not see any of you who are running your mouth thinking you got it all figured out 7 games into Bryce's career become fans if he ends up becoming a good player for us. You same people disappeared and didn't have poo to say when he had a solid game and beat the Texans last week. Not a single peep from any of you. You literally sat there and waited until our rookie had a bad game to come back out with your pitch forks and vomit all over the forum again. If Bryce turns into a good QB for us I expect you guys to delete your accounts, find a new team to cheer for, or get down on your knees and open your mouth as wide as you can because this fan base is an absolute disgrace.
  18. If people want to argue that we made the wrong pick 8 games into their rookie seasons I don't blame them and I can understand with how well Stroud has done so far. However, EXPECTING a rookie QB to have the type of rookie season Stroud is having or Cam Newton had is just asinine. The majority of rookie Qbs who turn out to be good take time. A lot of guys don't play right away or turn in only partial seasons. Regardless of what was said 20 weeks ago in the middle of the off-season we as fans know we do not have a talented roster on the offensive side of the ball. We just don't. We traded away a top 10 WR and the best RB in the NFL and replaced them with Miles Sanders and a 33 year old Adam Thielen. Come on guys, let's be real, let's use our brains a bit. This offensive cast is nowhere near where it needs to be for a young QB to come in and play lights out football, and I haven't even gotten to the oline yet which is probably our most overrated unit/collection of players besides Brian Burns. I could go on and on as to why Bryce is struggling. He's made some bad plays it's unfortunate 4 of his turnovers have gone for TDs this year. He's made mistakes you just can't make if you want to win consistently in the NFL and that's okay. He's a rookie. He's going to have rough patches. He likely will the rest of his NFL career, that's life as an NFL Qb especially one on a roster that's as terrible as ours is currently. I believe people are overreacting emotionally because of what we gave up/passed up to get Bryce and he's just not ready to carry this team by himself yet. He probably won't ever be good enough to do that. That's why we need to give him weapons and let the overrated Brian Burns go play and get paid by someone else. We need to use that 30 mill/year on offense to replace what we lost to get Bryce.
  19. Those guys actually had quality offensive players around them. And neither of them were rookie 1st year QBs, so no I wasn't saying that about them. Great comparisons though keep them coming
  20. Don't you notice a lot of these posters have been silent all week long last week? Literally not a peep from most of them after a solid game from Bryce and a win over the fan boy CJ Stroud. Stroud goes off this week and Bryce has a terrible game and here they are out in full force meltdown mode. Most of these fans don't deserve to cheer for a winner and should remain miserable until they finally call it quits on their "fandom"
  21. I'm willing to give Bryce a pass for this season. It's okay if you and others aren't but the reality is he is an undersized rookie QB on a very, very bad team. He has shown he can move the ball when he has time and guys are getting open. The colts are rushing 4 sometimes 5 and getting home almost every time. With that they are dropping 7 into coverage and taking away the middle of the field. There are ZERO free runners in this offense and not many windows to throw into. That is the reality of it if you want to blame all of that on Bryce then go ahead but this team does him zero favors outside of a few nice catches by AT.
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