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  1. I do acknowledge that Watson could be guilty of everything that is alleged. I never said he wasn't guilty.
  2. I was going to respond but it's no need. I'm black. Why would I think slavery is a misunderstanding? Because I don't have my pitchfork out wanting Watson's head? Smh
  3. Some people have their minds made already about Watson guilt and that's fine but I always thought it was innocent until proven guilty and not guilty until proven innocent?
  4. As you can see, the NFL was in a tough spot. No matter how many games he got, people are not going to be happy. If anybody should be suspended or gone from the NFL it's Daniel Snyder but I digress.
  5. People love to bash him just to bash him. That's the cool thing to do now.
  6. Steve Smith is rollin ova in his grave right now
  7. I'm surprised people are not calling them out on it or even mention that this could be a possibility.
  8. If you think about this logically, that's the only thing that make sense. They are basically saying this season is a wash without actually saying it. Drew Locke? Really? I may be hard to believe but that is the only thing that make sense to me. They are getting their QB next year.
  9. I think Seattle's plan is to draft a QB next draft. That's the only thing that make sense to me.
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