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  1. I didn't want Wilks as our head coach, and I'm black. Tepper did take an unfair hit on that decision. If he had won against Tampa Bay and won the division, he would be our coach right now. I believe the game that cost him the job was the Tampa Bay game. That was Tom Brady's best game of the season, and he is supposed to be a defensive coach. It is also possible that Wilks was offered the job, but he didn't want to get rid of Al Holcomb, who, in my opinion, doesn't need to be a coordinator of anything.
  2. Unfortunately, there has been some threads dumber than this....this one is still dumb though.
  3. If he is the head coach, Al Holcomb needs to hit the road.
  4. I hope so! I believe we can still win if Barkley gets over 100 but we have to get off the field on 3rd downs. That's the main problem I have with this defense. It should not be so fuging easy to convert 3rd and longs on us. It should be hard to convert those anyway and we give those up with ease.
  5. What? Say it ain't so? This is rare and not typical of blasting Rhule.
  6. A sensible post from you....I didn't think you were capable. I hate to say but I agree with you.
  7. The amount of animosity and the vitriol I have seen towards Rhule is crazy. The Rhule criticisms are valid but some of them are just too extreme.
  8. tell that to some of these other ones who take it too seriously
  9. Unfortunately, every thread eventually turns into a Rhule thread.
  10. CMC got 14 touches yesterday and people complained that he didn't get enough. CMC in the past was getting majority of the touches and people still complain. That should have been a come back win for the Panthers despite all the mistakes we made in the first half. I just think Baker was too hyped in the first half. He started to mellow out as the game went out. Those tipped balls killed our drives. People were open. That fuging holding called on Ian Thomas killed a drive too. We just couldn't stop the run. If we could just stop them from running the ball we win that game easily. The same coaching staff that people are talking poo about is the same coaching staff that coached this team to score 17 points in the 4th quarter. Even through all the poo that happened in the 1st 3 quarters, we had the lead and those two calls definitely played a part in that. People are dismissing those two calls because of their pure hatred for Rhule. I am not defending Rhule by no means. I killed him for calling the timeout at the end of the half when the Browns was going for it when they had no timeouts. I would have let them went for it and took my chances. I blame this stupid ass defensive scheme that we got. We don't have players to stop the run. Every last one of them are undersized. There was a few times defenders did get in the backfield but they couldn't tackle. I'm pretty sure we are going to see the same thing with the Giants next week.
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