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  1. Yeah. I pretty much stay off the forums now bro. We are in the minority here. I don't want him fired either.
  2. I would still trade him for Watson in the off-season.
  3. I think he will be involved in trade talks involving Watson this off-season.
  4. My response was more directed to the poster who suggested using a two QB system. How long will that work. That's my point.
  5. It could also mean that Banchero was sober and was a passenger and let the rat grandson drive anyway knowing he was drunk
  6. I don't think this happened this way but in the small chance that it did, I do no want David Tepper as an owner.
  7. I will go this far in saying that Tepper mood played a part in making a change in QB but I personally believe that change was going to happen regardless but I don't think Tepper explicitly told him to sign Cam or else.
  8. I agree that the QB situation has been a poo show. I have said that they should have kept Cam but I understand why they didn't. Cam was part of the old regime. I believed Rhule wanted to start fresh and rebuild. He has no ties to Cam. I get why they got rid of him but I don't agree on how that was handled. I disagree that Tepper made Rhule sign Cam. There is no proof that I can see that Tepper did this. It is all fan fiction at this point. If that's the case, how come Tepper didn't step in the first time when Rhule released Cam? And to possibly fire a coach or take away his power from adding talent to the roster just because he messed up on the QB position but basically hit on the defense is crazy to me.
  9. A lot of people just glance over this fact. Rhule has proven this time and time again. That is why I believe this was a Rhule move and Tepper didn't force him to do anything.
  10. Unfortunately yes. His grandson don't get any playing time. It's Banchero that I'm worried about. He got charged with aiding and abetting DWI.
  11. I wouldn't be thrilled if we lost to Arizona period. All I know is that a rebuild doesn't happen over night. I know I just said that and they completely retooled this defense in a years time. Faster than I thought they would have. I would hope they would address the offense this season which I think they will. I'm looking for improvement. We have improved from season 1 to season 2. Once we stop improving is when he should be on the hot seat.
  12. We are in a 2nd season of a rebuild and the coach is on the hot seat because of back to back losing seasons? We already matched our win total from last year with a chance to win more. I would say that this team is headed into the right direction.
  13. I don't think Tepper told Rhule to do anything. If Rhule has shown us anything, he has shown to sit/cut/bench players that are not performing. The first person that comes to mind is Whitehead. EVERYBODY AND THEIR MOMMA could see how bad Whitehead was but nobody said that Tepper forced Rhule to bench Whitehead. He signed Denzel Perryman. He wasn't performing. He was injured. He got rid of him. Same thing happened with Sam. Give Rhule's past history, I don't think he would have stayed with Sam much longer. Yes you are correct that Rhule failed at the QB position but at the same time he hit on positions on the defense. He shouldn't have let Cam walked but he did. I don't like how they released Cam but they did. If they would have gotten Stafford I don't think we would be having this conversation.
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