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  1. I must say yes. Not one game disappointed if you werent a fan of one of the teams that lost. You had everything this weekend. Defensive battles Saturday and Offensive battles Sunday.
  2. exactly. Fitt has done well with finding value and giving us the pieces we needed. But the problem has been coaching staff trying to fit a circle in a square hole. They have no clue on what they are doing. Offense looks awful and its really not Cams fault neither Sam. When your oline, playcalling and preparation sucks. Your going to suck no matter what. Despite the offense being hot garbage this year the defense has played well enough to keep us til the 3rd quarter but have no morale about the offense delivering. Get rid of Rhule and go get some sumo wrestlers on that oline.
  3. Fitt isnt the problem at all bro. He has gotten all the pieces here we need to be a great team. Its about execution and we dont have a competent coaching staff that can do that.
  4. Its always been this. Matt Rhule and staff arent NFL caliber coaches. They are college coaches. Point 2 is our routes are too long developing and our oline isnt talented enough. Against Atlanta, we tried to do quicker reads, hence why less sacks. But its too late to adjust things at this point.
  5. Horn will be good. But unfortunately, he wasn't what we needed. We needed a oline and more. But I'm hastily we got horn. I believe we will as on more pieces but lose alot of pieces.
  6. Mac Jones would not have made it here. Players are built based off the system they are good for. Mac wouldve been a bust here because our system doesnt fit him. Frankly not too many QBs would make it in our system, let alone our oline. Then add in the play calling. Really on a vet that knows what he is doing can change this. Like Aaron Rodgers. Someone who can see the defense and knows whats going on and can audible and shift protections.
  7. Can we just stop and realize we have a crap oline. Teams have figured us out and we can't adjust. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to realize if you confuse our oline in the slightest bit, you get to the qb. We are soft as charmin on the oline.
  8. Cam is fine. We got to look at the game for real and when i looked at the game every 3rd down and manageable turned into 3rd and 15 or more because of holding calls. You can't blame Cam for that. O line is horrendous. Last week we see when they block atleast ok Cam can do work. But when they are holding and cam is in 3rd and long, we are asking Cam to do something nearly 95% of the nfl qbs can't do. And on 3rd and long multiple times. 100% of qbs can't convert 3rd and long with this oline. You can't get in rhytm being in 3rd and long every possession. And the defense is not playing as well as they were prior to Cam. Its like spark plugs not firing off. You have one playing well one week and the other not. Then you switch and its the opposite one not playing well.
  9. Seriously bro, defense had a bad day and cant afford another one. Honestly I dont see us making the playoffs. I just hope they see enough in Cam to extend him. Get a oline in the draft and maybe a vet and next year we are in there. SB run next year. This year we could but very unlikely but it can happen. This isnt the defense that we know it to be and 1 game or 2 bad games this season isnt that bad. They will get in rhythm next week and make a push.
  10. Defense didnt show up this game. D Jax gave up biggggg plays. Too many 3rd down conversions.
  11. i dont see this being close. We know Heineike (or however you spell it). I see a dominate performance. 38-3
  12. yea thats what alot of people in Arizona thought as well.
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