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  1. There still would be good qbs in that range. We might not get the best QB but there is a solid 6 or 7 that are pretty legit.
  2. Max Duggan. Why do people sleep on this guy so much. He has literally made tcu receivers look good. Jaelan Reagor looked like a first round pick. So does Williams.
  3. wow that dude was nervous singing national anthem. He was shaking.
  4. I was going to the game and had 2 free tickets but driving 4 hours and having to walk in the rain and potential windy conditions with rain in my face then having to drive 4 hrs back home didnt sound like a good idea. Final score probably be 7 to 6 anyways seeing there wont be much throwing due to wind and rain.
  5. I got 2 tickets and live 4 hrs away and this is the reason Im not going
  6. Give him a little under mahomes money. Seeing he hasn't won a chip yet.
  7. Is there a chance the game gets pushed back with Hurricane Nicole. I got tickets to the game but I live on the east coast and don't know if this game will be rescheduled. It's suppose to rain and be windy.
  8. I said soooo many times I wanted Micah Parsons. I felt he would be the next Luke for us.
  9. But we as fans arent the evaluators. We can want who we want, it wont change a thing. I wanted Fields too but still dont matter. That 61 yard run didnt do a damn thing for the Panthers. So I dont know why its in the Panthers forum.
  10. No I actually did want Fields. But we didnt get him. Just dont know why this isnt in the NFL forum.
  11. great so what does this have to do with the Panthers again. You could also post a million other players we couldve drafted but didnt and say see they scored a TD.
  12. Good run but this is a Panthers forum so it belongs in the NFL forum.
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