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  1. When you have so many needs, every move looks good. its called desperation. our cap is screwed, we are still paying money to players no longer and coaches no longer on the team.
  2. Na, its like flipping a coin and it lands heads 3 times in a row and you say tails, then you say tails and it lands on heads. Tepper is going to give the reigns to the wrong person then take it away from the right person. He can never get it right. He gave the reigns to Rhule and failed then took the reigns from Frank and got his QB and failed. Now he is giving the reigns to someone who has never been a head coach again. You cant make this stuff up
  3. Stroud wouldve definitely look better. The inability to stretch the field kept defense stacking the box with no running game and pressing receivers. We want to say the Oline wasnt good but was it really that? When most of the plays are designed to get the ball out quick and defenses are playing tight, the play is called for Bryce to get rid of the ball not Oline holding forever for him to improvise. And then Bryce was throwing pick 6s early in the year a became scared to throw it because teams were lurking underneath. We had too many flaws because of his inability to throw past 20 yards.
  4. I was mocked for saying CJ over Bryce. One of my biggest reasons for this was because CJ made Olave better, Marvin Harrison Jr better, and smith-njigba better. He has proven to make receivers better because he is accurate. Thats what you want out a QB. Who did Bryce make look good at receiver? I dont care about precessing, I care about results and results were CJ was the better QB.
  5. Russell had size, more mobile and strength. Drew Brees didnt have the strength really but developed throwing deep by throw way ahead of time. But most Brees throws were short and fast. Got the ball out quick and rarely got hit.
  6. Dude I wont lie, I knew this year would be. I was hoping to be proved wrong. But I didnt see nothing but a weak arm during his pro day. He missed the long throws on a couple of passes and the arch on them showed he didnt have arm strength. Then when I looked at our previous year and how the Oline performed, I saw this coming. Teams not respecting anything beyond 20 to 30 yards and blitzing alot because he was too small and the Oline wouldnt hold. I said this during draft and it was inevitable.
  7. This was why I may not have liked it but Sean Payton wouldve been the best fit because he knows how to operate a system with a smaller QB.
  8. Never believed in him only hoped and now thats gone. 2 straights games of 0 points is beyond horrible. Everything but the defense needs to be cut. I cant fault the defense when your out there 3 quarters out the 4 and playing for absolutely nothing. But unfortunately key players will get traded.
  9. Bryce never was it. We knew this before draft. He was undersized, lack of arm strength and didnt have the arm talent to be a #1 draft pick. He will be the most overhyped QB of all time (worse then Jamarcus Russell). Only thing he is good at is dinking and dunking. He is average at best at that. Now that hindsight has appeared, we are way to screwed to make anything happen unless we trade Burns, Chinn or Brown for some picks. We will have to be very active in FA this off season. But this will take 3 to 4 years to recover from.
  10. season is over. This has been worse than the Pickles (Jimmy Clausen) era. We have absolutely nothing to play for. No draft position and honestly at this point I hope Baker does win just to rub it in Teppers face of all the bad moves he and this orrganization has made. Love my team but hate the front office. And yes you can love something and still be pissed at it at the same time.
  11. Tepper officially has lost control of himself, the team and no longer should be in any leadership role. This is disgraceful.
  12. I was telling people this for soo long. He isnt what you think he is. He made none of his receivers elite. Didnt have a strong arm at the pro day. He missed 3 long passes. He isnt accurate with the long ball. We were fools. I wasnt fooled but the FO was absolutely stupid.
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