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  1. C+ Bryce - A- Mingo - B+ DJ - D (Was a stretch and better players were on board) Zavala - B- Robinson - C
  2. Bryce will have to get the ball out quick. If he scrambles he better slide cause he will have his helmet knocked off. Bijan is running into people and expecting contact. Bryce is a sitting duck.And Bryce is in no way 204. He is 185. He is literally my size and thats a good size for a CB but not a QB.
  3. This is why I wanted Stroud. He has the ability to make receivers look good. The only way you make receivers look good is great ball placement and accuracy. Bryce has that but his arm strength and height will be a hill to get over. Dont know why you draft a QB that has hills that may not be overcome at #1 when you have someone that has all those intangibles in front of you.
  4. Well when it shows up on the win column Ill be happy. But til then talk is still cheap.
  5. All I got to say is Talk is cheap. If you want to buy into all the hope and talk proceed but manage your expectations.
  6. Ringo and get away from DJax. He cant stay healthy.
  7. Atlanta just got good and they are young. We played ourselves
  8. Man Bryce walked out there looking like a midget. Dont doo it
  9. Inflation affecting the size of the logo too. Lawd
  10. Simulated my mock based on what I feel might happen. Not my wants. Traded #39 down to #52 and traded #179 (I forgot but somewhere around there) to #201 and #203 and a couple 2024. 1 Bryce Young QB | Alabama A+ 52 Keion White EDGE | Georgia Tech A+ 83 Rashee Rice WR | SMU B+ 93 Daiyan Henley LB | Washington State A+ 114 Israel Abanikanda RB | Pittsburgh A 132 Kyu Blu Kelly CB | Stanford A+ 201 Dontayvion Wicks WR | Virginia B+ 203 Keondre Coburn DL | Texas A+
  11. Hand size. And Bryce is not 2014. He is like 185
  12. never said we had the exact but a similar look. A healthy Jaycee and I think with Chinn going back to the Nickel and Bell playing safety is a good move. If DJax can stay healthy and we maybe get a good cb in the draft. I can see us maybe looking good defensively.
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