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  1. Baker is a really good QB. Not sure why this is a surprise. He brought the Browns to the playoffs and went 8-9 with a busted shoulder. He’s a massive upgrade from what we had on the roster pre-Baker. He’s a bonafide NFL starting caliber QB.
  2. That would be the wrong Edmunds. Tremaine, though… yes.
  3. Maybe go ahead and let Minshew get away. Definitely don’t trade for him.
  4. Spot on. Can’t have the mods doing work and reading too much.
  5. It doesn’t matter if we don’t fix the OL. Deshaun Watson will look like PJ Walker behind this line. I see him checking out mentally after taking a beating the first few weeks behind this OL.
  6. I bet it has nothing to do with the crazy level of inflation and the impact on construction costs.
  7. He had a “Face/Off” movie poster in his bedroom as a kid. This guy checks out.
  8. Munich is a great city. Beautiful, awesome parks, food, beer, and the countryside is as pretty as anywhere in the world. I’d be down for that trip, 100%. All depends on the COVID restrictions.
  9. Meh. A poor man’s Mitch Trubisky. This isn’t a good year for QB’s.
  10. Seriously - I predict at least 50% of huddlers will buy into Scottie after his press conference (if this is finalized). ”Guy sounds sharp. Knows his stuff. Great vision for the offense. Diamond in the rough.” Need to get ahead of it. It’s going to be a great speech. I am positive of that. He’s going to make this team so, so much worse…
  11. Scottie gives a HELL of an interview and a press conference. He will sell a lot of people if he gets the job… the board’s tune will change. But it’s all BS. Snake oil. Just go watch his introductory press conference when he took the ECU job… then compare that speech with his awful results.
  12. It was truly incredible how efficiently he destroyed our program in 3 short years. We are only now starting to recover.
  13. Scottie Montgomery is the worst coach to still have a job in football. The fact that he’s being interviewed is mind blowing.
  14. I read we are interviewing Scottie Montgomery. The fact that he’s even under minor consideration tells me that we’re going to pour gasoline on this dumpster fire. He is the worst thing to ever happen to ECU football, and when we fired him, he went and got fired from Maryland as well. The guy flat out sucks.
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