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  1. I wonder what was Winston's grade against pressure so far...since they played the Packers I don't think he face any but it is still nice to know.
  2. Why the fug are we talking about Kim Kardashian and sex? wtf?
  3. lol I guess we need to change "Can he play LT" to "Can he play K" to everyone we sign from now on
  4. lol I guess we need to change "Can he play LT" to "Can he play K" to everyone we sign from now on
  5. His grade was a 29.3 lol. Gahhhhh damn
  6. Apparently you didn't watch the video where his agent was negotiating with Samir Suleiman huh? You should go watch that.
  7. Because of Aaron Donald. He is “dat dude”. Everybody ain’t Donald though. Unrealistic expectations. Other than Kawaan Short, Kris Jenkins is the only other DT I can remember that could pass rush
  8. I should have known Arnold was trash by the way his agent was selling him during the negotiating process. if someone has to sell you that hard then maybe you ain’t that good.
  9. I'm surprised they didn't take Wilson out to check him for a concussion. He was slow to get up after that hit and the way his head hit the turf....ouch.
  10. Ian had a nice block on the run CMC had to ice the game. Go back and look.
  11. I'm pretty certain that we can force Winston to make hurried throws next week.
  12. I read somewhere that a PFF grade between 70-75 is starter quality. I don't know about that grade from Paradis.
  13. I want to say that this is sarcasm but since this is the huddle you can never be too sure if this is the case or not.
  14. I thought the offensive line did well. Only gave up 1 sack. I would say they struggled a bit in the 2nd half but they did what they needed to do when it was time to put the game away. Let's compare our grades with the Jets LT Mekhi Becton: 66.4 LG Alijah Vera-Tucker: 65.1 C Connor McGovern: 45.4 RG Greg Van Roten: 54.3 RT George Fant: 60.1
  15. He also said they done that because the Jets started to pick up on their blitzes the second half.
  16. I will agree with you all. This was his best game ever. He looked like a completely different player. Especially with him being coverage, that is what he was originally drafted for.
  17. I wouldnt say we were out coached but Joe Brady didn’t do well in the second half at all.
  18. We still have troubles in the redzone. We still have troubles with 3rd down offense. Darnold did miss a wide open DJ on third down. Hopefully we can improve I’ll give credit to Zach Wilson. Without his heroics on those 2 TDs, we might have pitched a shutout.
  19. Yes, I would. We only have CMC. The depth behind him is either JAGs or unproven rookies. If you are basing that RB/DLine is a strength because of last year that's fine. If you are basing that QB/OLine is weak base on last year's performance then I guess that's ok too, but I'm not going to do that. Last year is last year. Just because you have a bad year last year does not mean you are going to have a bad year this year and vice versa. Let them play a few games first. They might surprise you like the Cowboys surprised the Bucs and the rest of America last night.
  20. How can you say those two areas are weak? They have not even played their first game yet. ive been hearing all week how this was gonna be a blow out and the game ended up being a lot close and entertaining.
  21. If Dallas had a better kicker I would probably be sick right now. And IDK what the fug McCarthy was doing last night trotting the kicker out there for a 60 yard field goal. Me personally, I wouldn't have kicked the field goal at the end of the game. I probably would have went for it on 4th down and went for the TD. The Majority of people didn't think they were going to win that game anyway so what do they have to lose? That was just too much time left on the clock for Brady.
  22. Well the drops were by Cee Dee Lamb. I don't know if Mike Evans were injured/hurt but he didn't look good last night either. The interception that Dak through was because of Cee Dee Lamb. They kept targeting number 35 and Cockrell. I hope we did take notes.
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