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  1. this. hot take is wrong on Corrall's comments. Corrall wished he had competed for a spot rather than switching schools. has nothing to do with Ole Miss.
  2. the guy who was on the field first.
  3. Baker working under the assumption it's his. Corrall's trying to do what he can to yank the carpet out from underneath Baker's feet. Sammy sitting by with a bag of cheetos.
  4. i hope this isn't what we can expect...the CMC of CBs. Incredible talent but always either hurt or recovering from being hurt or within a couple games of getting hurt. Just not a great start to a career.
  5. glad y'all made it through and hopefully there's no long haul effects. that said... Corrall is the QB of the future and I hope that future starts sooner rather than later. Baker *might* be good, but I'm not a believer, especially not as a long term guy. Both him and sammy have tools, but I'm not trusting what's between the ears. I'm just anxious to see what Corrall brings to the table and I'm glad he's not settling for a back seat and I'm hoping it's a true competition that all three guys are really pushing themselves for and the best gets brought out.
  6. He's not mentioning the guy who is going beat them both out eventually.
  7. changed title. locked thread. walked away.
  8. i was wondering how long it took for someone to add him.
  9. which is kind of a big deal...and why we deserve the 31st spot. at least until we start winning more than 3 games at the beginning of the season.
  10. if Chelsea has to have it, you have to ask why....and then you should probably be listening.
  11. i'm not a baker fanboy. that being said and having watched those ugly "highlights" ...what an awful take. Baker's arm isn't a problem and Darnold over Baker??????
  12. "why does life have to change??????"
  13. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nfl/carolina-panthers/article263605968.html
  14. Seattle got lucky. Their strategy was just keep collecting as much poo as possible and slinging it at the wall to see if something sticks. copying that method is like continually drafting QBs in the 6th round because one of them might turn into brady. Luck is not a strategy.
  15. Don't matter how you spin it or what math you make up, we have made bad decisions at QB so far. Jury is out on Corrall and I guess Baker, but we've been grasping at straws trying to hang onto the cliff.
  16. Yeah....I see stuff and it makes me think this guy could be legit, but I've had my hopes up before. I've never been excited about him before and I don't want to let myself get excited just because he's a panther now. I've tried convincing myself in the past that maybe we've stumbled on something good, but it never pans out (not talking Cam because I knew he was legit when I saw him play the Iron Bowl in college...I didn't have to convince myself of anything watching him play. He did it for me.). I just have to see it. I won't believe it until he gives me something as a panther to believe in.
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