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  1. I'd love to have prime Cam and Luke back, but I'd have to say considering the weak spot that the OL is, Jordan Gross and Ryan Kalil.
  2. I wish it would have worked out here but I hope good things come for him somewhere else. I think Panthers made the tough but right call.
  3. Just watched it again. Got to say that the only issue was being a bit jumpy...at first. He settled down and he got confident. I'm not worried about the jumpiness because I think he got it out of the way. First significant time out with the new team jitters. We might see it show up a little here and there early in the season, but I'm sure he'll get settled down and do well. Overall, I'm feeling good about him and his usage of the talent around him.
  4. Dan Henning >>>>> Jeff Davidson (who is the true worst). Worst player....the drunk racist QB that quit on his team.
  5. It must have been a personality thing that they wouldn't have known about until they fit him with the team. Some guys just don't mesh with the culture. Sometimes those guys do more harm than good keeping them around.
  6. The job was his to lose. He lost it to Carter. He missed his shot and refused to take another shot. And he was "hurt". Just more a wasted space. We got a 6th for a guy who wasn't going to be playing. I'm fine with that
  7. Won't turn soft because of rain (safety issue). Won't have to have players go through several pair of cleats to find the right one for the conditions. Just an overall more predictable and consistent surface... consistent also in that you won't find low spots or bumps in the turf like you might in grass from mowers or rough usage. Not effected by wear and tear. Newer artificial surfaces made of polyethylene fibers cause less friction and abrasion injuries than real grass. The "grass" woven into a backing also creates a more secure footing with better stopping and turning. That also means less chances of the ground giving way under their feet. Also helps water conservation. Not a factor in games, but good for drought conditions.
  8. I think there used to be someone that would start and manage one every year, but get himself banned during the season...every year.
  9. Their stats are fine. Their interpretation of stats is poo.
  10. Great...so now every injury at BOA this year is going to be turf related? Oye
  11. Wait...we want to trade for a guy that can't beat out Gano?
  12. Preseason is not the big deal it's made out to be. More important right now to figure out which back up to keep. Pretty even toss up apparently. Tbh, I don't like starters playing in games that don't matter and I'd rather they sat in preseason. This isn't because of Sammy. I've felt this way for years about preseason and the probowl.
  13. No matter what their reaction is, it will be funny in one way or another.
  14. Seriously I'm just waiting for Sammy to do well and watch this clown's reaction. It's a test in patience that I think will pay off.
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