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  1. Hard to build a team built on "culture" when the fuging leader is leaked to have interest in every college job possible. Matt Rhule can get fuged...just get out already.
  2. Trading for Jimmy G in a move to make us a 6 win team should get everyone in the building fired.
  3. Unless something drastic happens, Robby gets thrown out with Rhule IMO. Cut him and save 10+ million in 2023 with a new coaching staff coming in without ties to him. Think the contract was always structured so DJ can get paid following his 5th year option, while Robby can kick rocks and be replaced by Terrace/Shi. Trading DJ away gets us our best return outside of Burns, but still doesn't make sense long term unless we're blowing it up.
  4. Rhule just wanted somebody the locker room might hate even more.
  5. I don't even know if I can convince myself of the usual offseason homerism this year. 2022-23 will be all about Young v. Stroud on the Huddle.
  6. Matt Rhule and Deshaun Watson. Tepper loves creating a nice toxic environment for fans.
  7. Realized his Taysom Hill experiment isn't going to work, and the cap isn't going to allow them to find a replacement QB? Please God let him retire and blow it up.
  8. We absolutely reek of desperation when it comes to Watson. "Hey, you talked to Deshaun once? You want to coach him? Tell him to like us back."
  9. He would make us better...but we'd basically just turn into the Vikings. Hello, mediocrity! Which sadly is a step up these days. A late round pick, sure, if the goal is to be average again. A new contract and locking ourselves into Kirk Cousins as our "future"? No thanks.
  10. This. With the issues on this team, drafting a RB when we have CMC/Chubba seems like a luxury pick at a luxury position when guys off the street can do just fine. Drafting a RB in the first couple of rounds is for teams that don't have a guy at all or are a piece or two away. We're neither of those.
  11. I feel like a lot of the OC interviews are being done in bad faith by Rhule anyway. It's going to reach a point where nobody wants to come here (duh), but it's too late to fire Rhule, so Tepper gives in to Rhule's way of keeping Nixon and that's the sword Rhule will die on. He's now Rivera's Eric Washington. Tepper gives Rhule year 3 to prove it "his way", which ultimately fails. We go into 2023 with cap space, a high pick, and a gutted staff. Next year is going to suck...this offseason all I care about is not trading away future picks or making idiotic signings in FA.
  12. Jimmy is better than Sam, but that still doesn't mean Jimmy is good. He's perfectly meh. For a team that's probably going to be a 5-6 win team again at the absolute best...we really trying to trade draft capital to add 1-2 wins to our overall record? We've already cycled through a couple of Trent Dilfers in Teddy & Darnold. I don't really have interest in adding a 3rd in Jimmy G.
  13. Somebody smarter than me probably knows why it wouldn't work...but get Chinn out of the secondary and at MLB before drafting one.
  14. For next year? We might need to invest in someone like Bill Burr.
  15. This is my favorite scenario currently I think. We get a year to look at BC at LT with what could be our future line and actually judge his ability to man the position. If he struggles, cool he's an OG with backup LT potential. All the while, our cap is in much better shape to sign a new LT to play with our rookie QB. I won't complain with any OL in the 1st, but Linderbaum is my current favorite to help give the middle of our line some stability for the next decade.
  16. Tepper will speak...in February after the SB with some fluff BS video that the Panthers bot will post here. He'll throw in some bad words like "I'm pissed" and "this bullshit isn't acceptable" all the while he's accepting it, bent over his desk staring at his brass balls statue while Rhule lubes up to take more money.
  17. Absolute best case scenario IMO operating under the assumption we trust BC at LT or sign one in FA. I imagine Ickey doesn't have the "right size" Rhule wants for a LT, though. But, Ickey can play OG or LT if needed and Linderbaum would honestly be a dream to lock the center position up for the next decade. Grab more OL in the 2nd (or even QB if we want a glimmer of hope) and the OL rebuild is on at least.
  18. Outside of Cam coming back, Luvu was my favorite part of the season? I mean, guy just made plays. Need to find a way to keep him here.
  19. One thing I've never understood with the OT/OG and where to draft them thing. Even if you believe someone is a OG...but an All-Pro one, he's worth a damn Top 10 pick. Worst case scenario for Slater in Rhule's mind could've just been "eh, try him at OT. If it doesn't work, he's a stud OG". But even that made too much sense.
  20. Scottie Montgomery is LOL bad. "Hey guys, Jonathon Taylor had a great year...who's his position coach? Get him."
  21. I hope every OC & then FA we want says no because of Rhule. Going to take something drastic to wake Tepper's dumb ass up. When you have a coach saying dumb things like that about Slater, GREAT message to send to players around the league that our idiotic HC essentially alienated from ever potentially coming here. Steve Smith was probably too small to be a WR, too.
  22. Probably waiting to carefully craft another fluff sit-down with Voth that'll go out in a week or so that makes all of us angry and accomplishes nothing but another year of pure poo. Before carefully crafting another fluff sit-down with Voth next year about a new coaching search and lessons he learned and how he's NOW committed to winning.
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