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  1. So far really like what I see from Darnold. Thought it was still a risk worth taking, just hated the price. Cautiously optimistic now he continues, and our QB problem is "solved" for a bit.
  2. DJax's tackling and play have been great. Hopefully it is him growing into a more complete player and not just contract year motivation.
  3. If we're going to take a step this season, this is a game we need to win. Division rival, at home, they're banged up. I know it's only Week 2, but a good team finds a way to win this.
  4. Mac was going to eventually take over this year anyway. BB probably thought not to delay the inevitable and get Mac reps now instead of in Week 10 when he has to learn on the job come playoff push time. Sucks for Cam, but get the vaccine if that's the case. He'll get another job when someone has a starter go down, but he's probably going to sit at home for a bit unless he wants a backup job right away.
  5. I'd prefer the growing pains and potential Christensen might have over the hot garbage that Erving surely will give us any day of the week
  6. If anything, I came away MORE optimistic after today personnel wise. Had multiple rookies who played well, saw some depth guys making plays, etc. Grier, Slye, OL depth, and other issues from today...we knew about already.
  7. A bad start to the season for Wilson, his mom taking to social media for some questionable posts, and it might be a higher profile Josh Rosen situation for the Jets. Doubt they can out tank the Texans, but they're destined for another top pick.
  8. I wouldn't want to be the selection committee member who votes against Smitty He won't be first ballot, even though he probably should be. Only one season, but he's one of what, 3 modern era WRs with a Triple Crown? If we'd won a SB, he's in. If he played in a bigger market, he's in. Unfortunately he's probably going to wait.
  9. I like Horn, and I'm not going to pretend like I know how Fields career pans out. BUT... You still have to take Fields in that draft unless we just absolutely hated him. Should he have success, this staff then deserves all the hate in the world for buying Teddy stock, (potentially) Darnold stock, and passing on (potentially) a franchise QB. I feel like a lot of our plans got shifted after the Watson news came out, but I sure as poo hope the Panthers FO knows something about Fields that a lot of media, fans, etc. don't.
  10. The only way we're good this year banks on the ability of Darnold to prove all his supporters right about his long talked about potential. Not even the best backup QB is going to suddenly improve this team beyond what Darnold can do. So...keep 2 QBs. PJ and Grier are nothing more than tank commanders if Darnold gets injured. If we need another QB, I'd feel pretty comfortable that whoever we cut will still be waiting around for a job, or we can dust off another bad backup if the time calls for it. Having a good backup QB is honestly only important if you have a great starting QB as insurance.
  11. Any reason why? We essentially got the 19th pick this year...for at best the 19th pick next year. Or a mid 1st years from now. Or a couple 2nds. I'm usually pretty damn pessimistic but really don't see the downside on this one.
  12. Great trade IMO. Make the playoffs, it cashes in for essentially the same pick at a later date at best. Things go south, it's 2 2nds.
  13. Pick and roll game could be real fun
  14. For those without Twitter, Charlotte gave up a future first. I'm sure there will be protections, but no word on any of those yet.
  15. Kai might take a couple years to develop, but woooo boy that potential. In the meantime, rebound, block shots, and go catch some alleys from Melo
  16. I hated the Terry move when it happened, but he's been great and I've happily been wrong. BUT, he's also going to play himself into a big payday, and I doubt he's anything more than the 4th best guy on a contender. Paying him big money might be a mistake when we could possibly grab a young guy+picks in return for him and save the cash.
  17. Possible Rozzier replacement beyond just Monk. Terry's expiring contract is going to be tasty to a lot of teams this season looking for help.
  18. Our defense will have the NY media calling him a bust after Week 1 while his mom cries about it on social media.
  19. This caused me to look at my profile. I lurked for a while, but I've been here "officially" for a decade. I blame the Huddle for all of my issues.
  20. Even if this was his attempt at humor, holyyyy poo how does David Newton still have a job?
  21. Loved Samuel and loved to see him do well last year and get paid. However, can't always trust contract year production. He was largely a potential guy until it was time to cash in. Moton on the other hand, consistency and good to great play at a more premium position all day every day.
  22. True, but Darnold would almost have to be included for us to make the deal work even if he rides the bench for them. Cap wise the Texans combo of Mills, Darnold, and a 1st round QB would still be less than Watson's salary. Picking up Darnold's option alone really hurt us in any potential trade. Any scenario where we keep Darnold, means we're looking at what, 55-60 million in QB cap hits in 2022 between Darnold & Watson? Unless Darnold is part of the trade, I don't know how we pull it off without restructuring a few guys or having little flexibility next offseason.
  23. First things first, until the investigation is done you CAN'T make this deal. Idiotic and desperate if you do, and you'll end up paying the premium price the Texans still seem to want. I can't imagine a scenario where they actually still get 3 first rounders+, and I doubt any teams will actually offer that right now. Trading for a franchise QB around the trade deadline seems like a crazy move, but it also might make the most sense in this scenario. Say DW is suspended 6 games, serves it, and it gives teams like the Panthers, Dolphins, Eagles, Broncos, etc. time to see if their QB experiment is working or not. As for the Panthers, Darnold also has to be part of the trade. If he's not working out here, send him to Houston as their new tank commander and guy they can start next year before their rookie QB takes over. I don't know whether we should be involved or not, but I imagine we will be no matter how people here feel about it. Getting Watson makes us an almost instant contender, and Tepper is going to like that a lot. IF you want DW, hope that Hurts & Tua look good early, and that Darnold & 2 1st rounders gets it done.
  24. Roll it over barring some hot start and Darnold looking legit. Then, get crazy at the trade deadline if you want. Spending just because you have space, on a team that's still possibly a QB (and more) away, is how you suck for a prolonged period of time.
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