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  1. In positive news, NC is making steps towards legalizing online sports gambling. Bet against the Panthers each week, be happy if they win, and now make money when we lose.
  2. I don't think there's any possible way we're the worst team in the league barring a full blown implosion in the locker room. Even then, we have more talent than a few teams. But yeah, until proven otherwise (good QB play or a healthy CMC) we're a 5 win team...again.
  3. He's washed. Still better than Darnold, but noodle arm isn't going to help us beyond making us look better on paper.
  4. If it's even close in camp, Corral should get the job and the chance to prove himself. Going to be growing pains, but I'd rather watch those than Darnold stink it up again. Give Corral a fair shake this year. 0% chance our FO isn't already salivating at next year's QB class. Let Corral prove whether or not he belongs.
  5. Give me 6-7 straight Sunday 1PM games, followed by a "primetime" Thursday night game heading into a BYE week. Aka, the "Fire Rhule" schedule
  6. If he came essentially free and didn't mess our cap situation up that much, sure. But doubt that's going to happen. Rather watch Darnold the first few weeks, see him poo the bed, and then toss Corral in to see what he's got. Would be nice to let Corral sit and learn, but I'm also not a fan of not seeing him for multiple games this year to see if there's anything there or not. Good chance we go into the 2023 draft with QB still as a need. If Corral can prove otherwise, let him. Would rather not go into next offseason wondering what Corral has.
  7. Ding ding ding. Doubt Rhule wanted to hire former HCs to begin with when his seat is hot and he's rumored to have one foot out of the door anyway by his own choosing. They were probably part of a list of names given to him and he was told to hire "qualified" candidates who could replace not only him, but Snow as well. McAdoo and Wilks are the HC/DC candidates in waiting to finish out the season when Rhule inevitably gets shitcanned and Snow follows him back to college. Wilks could be named HC tomorrow and probably have more respect in the locker room than Rhule does. McAdoo is at least a name. I'm sure Snow, and even Rhule in some capacities are well-liked...but doesn't mean they have the respect of the players as NFL coaches.
  8. Yeah I'm not thrilled giving him 20+ mil but you have to. If nothing else, gotta sign him and eventually trade him to get anything close to his value. Or, he gets tossed in our inevitable draft trade up next year for a QB.
  9. Re-sign Burns, front load the deal, help our future cap out. We used to have a ton of space next season. After restructures in the Watson push, re-signing DJ, etc., we're now over the cap for next season already. Just because we have it, doesn't mean to spend it to improve our mediocrity.
  10. Decent number of WRs. Staff might be hoping somebody pops and makes Shi or even Robby expendable.
  11. I didn't think Robby had much value, and his contract is an issue, but after Hollywood Brown nets a 1st rounder who the hell knows anymore. If we can somehow turn Robby and a couple mid-late picks into a late 2nd or early 3rd, you take it and hope a QB falls.
  12. Ickey has been my ideal pick since last draft. Happy to see him rise so far up draft boards after such a great year...and now he's a Panther. Helllll yesss.
  13. 13, 37, and 68 for 6 & 137? Call it in. Although, feel like that's going to mean Penning or a QB at 13 for sure. Or, we trade down again from 13 because Fitterer.
  14. At this point, part of me thinks this is Tepper's way of shifting blame in the inevitable scenario where we suck. Protect himself, protect Rhule, throw the FO to the wolves.
  15. Don't even care about the QB. I'll just focus on the blocking next year while we lose and get excited for 2023.
  16. Slight trade down as someone comes up for a DE or WR while we still get Neal? Please.
  17. Hard to be excited when you're worried the staff will screw it up and you don't have many darts to throw at the board due to idiotic trades made last year. Only way to get excited is if we had a full set of picks, or if Rhule didn't have his chubby little fingerprints all over everything the last couple of years while Tepper breathes heavily behind him.
  18. If we trade a single future pick, it better be because Fitt was forced to do it by Tepper. In which case, Fitt should just go ahead and quit and get out of this shithole. If Fitt trades a future pick on his own accord, especially a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd...he should be fired before the weekend is over.
  19. For a guy who was basically Darnold level bad at his position last year, making that kind of money, and causing this many possible "distractions"? Yeah, give me a 7th and send him wherever.
  20. I wish we would just go ahead and get whatever bad QB the staff has convinced themselves on. I'm ready to move into the bargaining stage where I convince myself they'll be okay for a couple of weeks, before then repeating the cycle and hating everything again.
  21. "What's that bear doing?" was a fun quote. Too bad it also may have been a warning sign.
  22. Nothing like your below average WR making too much money for his production being WAY too online. "The Brand", baby.
  23. Cult leader gonna cult leader. Winning doesn't matter as long as we're working towards building the brand.
  24. Can't wait until we trade back, pick up a 2nd, and trade that for Baker instead of drafting someone who will be with us for more than a year.
  25. If Ickey or Neal are there, it's hard to turn it down. But a trade down, where we still get Cross and pick up a Day 2 pick to get Ridder is my dream scenario right now.
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