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  1. Roll it over barring some hot start and Darnold looking legit. Then, get crazy at the trade deadline if you want. Spending just because you have space, on a team that's still possibly a QB (and more) away, is how you suck for a prolonged period of time.
  2. New uniforms coming next year to give us this opportunity then.
  3. Really hope the Huddle can be patient (ha) with Horn. Article mentioned rookie CBs struggles like Ramsey, and there will probably be games this year where Horn gives up a big play or drive-extending dumb penalty. Hoping by the end of the year he's settled in and becomes the lock down guy we need in 2022. Also going to need DJ to finally get the national recognition he deserves. We've always known he's a borderline Top 10 WR, but a few extra TDs this year and maybe he'll get the respect he deserves.
  4. The only thing that "should" stop this defense is the injury bug. If they stay healthy and progress as they should, they have the potential to be nasty. Learn to get off the field on 3rd down and create a few more turnovers and honestly Top 5 this year could happen IMO.
  5. Backend of the schedule is brutal. Hopefully can take advantage of the September and October slate. 4 or 5 wins in the last 9 games might be a best case scenario.
  6. "Should" be a nice confidence boost game and have Sam ready to roll Week 1 for a little revenge. Hope it can parlay us into a nice start to the year.
  7. If we go defense again in the 2nd or 3rd, Snow has no excuses next year and our defense better ball the fug out. With the contract situation of many guys on our offense, we can't literally go 10+ picks ignoring the offense. This is the same offense that may lose Robby Anderson next year, need to replace most of the OL, may not have found an answer at TE...and still may need a QB. If we want to become the Bears, we're doing a great job. But the offense has to get an infusion of young talent and quick.
  8. Glazer saying Sewell won't make it past 6 between Cincy and Miami. Might be why we're going up?
  9. Mac Jones, the ready to start guy, makes ZERO sense after we just got Darnold. If we trade up for that move Tepper/Fitt/Rhule can all kick rocks unless Mac Jones decides to turn into Tom Brady as a pro.
  10. Going UP better be for Sewell and not the prospect of Mac Jones falling beyond 3...
  11. Please let Sewell fall into our laps ala Star back in the day. Just put all the craziness to rest and give us our LT for the next decade.
  12. If we end up with Mac Jones or Farley at 8, the hamsters better be working overdrive or this place will blow up
  13. Trading back and drafting Farley is officially the worst case scenario. Hope the dude thrives in the NFL, but please no injured CBs. Donte seems to always have something linger, Bouye is getting old and injured, and a 1st round injured guy to top it all off? Please God no.
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