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  1. I'm honestly scared this is exactly the scenario they're envisioning. We're all over here thinking Fields or Lance are the guy at 8, only for the 49ers to take one at 3 instead of Mac Jones. Who then falls to us at #8, where we didn't think he would be, and we then draft him to continue collecting mediocre QBs. I pray I'm wrong, but I also 1000% could see us taking Mac Jones with somebody out of the Sewell/Slater/Pitts group still sitting there.
  2. If Sewell or Pitts are there you take either one and be thrilled If Sewell and Pitts are gone, trade back (no lower than 15) If Fields/Lance are there, I'd love it but don't see it happening
  3. Tyron Smith die or something? I mean I know he was hurt last year, but they have a Top 5 LT already.
  4. Swoon. Whether it be Sewell or Slater, we're taking one of them at 8 I'd say. And then heading back to the OL well on Day 2 and beyond I hope.
  5. If our CBs can just be average or not constantly poo the bed, the defense has pretty great potential. Give me all of the OL and offense in the draft.
  6. I'll never forget being at that game (surrounded by a ton of UNC friends as a State fan), calling exactly what was about to happen. As soon as TOB decided to punt, I knew Gio was about to make a house call. Kenan was insane after that play while I sat there pissed at the world. As others have said, would rather draft a guy. If we don't come out of the draft with a RB though, Gio is a nice consolation prize and someone I think can be a poor man's CMC for a year if needed.
  7. We 1000% need a CB, at least one. But after the attention we just paid to the defense last draft and this free agency, and the potential shape of our offensive line (and offense) this year and beyond? Give me all of the offense possible. 2022 we're looking at contract year Darnold and DJ, a decision on Paradis, and CMC signed as essentially it right now. The offense needs A LOT more than the defense right now to me unless we're planning on becoming the Bears.
  8. I'm mentally preparing myself for Fields to be there, one of the OTs to be there...and we take a CB. It's happening and I'm going to have to blackout after.
  9. Anybody still thinking QB at 8 btw...why? How? We trade a 2nd+ for Darnold and pick up his 5th year option on what is clearly a reclamation project. So...you draft his obvious replacement now to kill his confidence and make him an expensive backup next year? The commitment to Darnold, no matter how "small" compared to other QB deals/trades, took away ANY chance we take a QB in the 1st this year.
  10. This is why I'm trying to not be completely hateful towards the FO right now. We had a guy in mind, we essentially had it locked up it seems...and then a complete 180 left us with our wheels spinning. Can't keep Teddy here, don't really like the QBs in the draft it seems...so pivot to a guy you can sell as low risk and maybe some potential. What scares me though, is this is being done to prevent a downward spiral and going 3-14 next year by starting a Grier or rookie. Aka, let's continue the mediocrity we've so passionately been against, only to punt towards next year when we repe
  11. Not on the hot seat, especially with that contract, but if we don't start the 2022 season with our future on the roster, yikes. Then the question of, "what the hell have we been doing for 3 years?", will be a valid question and some seats should be warming. Whether it be an established vet or a rookie in 2022, our franchise QB needs to be here.
  12. I'm hopeful and do think that Darnold can be salvaged to some degree. The only question is, what does a good Darnold look like? Is he a Top 10 QB? Or is he only a mediocre starter and place holder which we had? Granted, we couldn't continue to stick with Teddy after this offseason, but Darnold is still essentially our consolation prize. Teddy was supposedly our guy, until he sucked. Watson was our love, and not an option now. Stafford was essentially ours, until he wasn't. Lawrence was never happening, but we didn't seem to love Wilson/Fields/Lance enough to trade up.
  13. lol I hope this is the same dude a couple years ago that predicted because of Black Panther being huge in theatres that Cam was going to lead the Panthers to like SB 60-something in 2029 or some bullshit.
  14. If we can get lucky and grab Penei Sewell, and find a OG/C in the middle of the draft ooh wee mayne I like the shape of the OL going forward. Hit on a couple of studs in this draft like last year, and this is quickly becoming a well-rounded team for either Darnold to prove himself into leading...or to attract a big fish if Darnold flounders. Josh Klein mentioned Rodgers if his relations with the Packers goes south. Would be nice to follow the Tampa Bay game-plan (words I never thought I'd type).
  15. Option 1 - He becomes good away from Gase and NY, we have a QB Option 2 - He's decent enough that someone signs him to a big contract in FA even if he's not "our guy", we get probably a 3rd round comp pick which is essentially what we give up this year to trade for him. Option 3 - He's terrible, he becomes our new Clausen and leads us to the promised land of a Top 3 pick I don't think anybody wants Option 3, but this is what you get when we decided to screw the rebuild up by signing Teddy to make us averagely bad.
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