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  1. With the shape the Giants are in, lose this and somebody is getting fired.
  2. QUICKLY losing faith in Rhule as a coach. Dude may can build a program based on motivational speaking skills and get players to trust him...but doesn't mean he knows what he's doing when it comes to X's and O's.
  3. Either win today, or this place is shifting to draft and FA talk REAL early
  4. Yup, at a certain point you've gotta see if the answers are truly on the roster. What we've tossed out so far at guard...what's the worst that could happen? Our journeymen vets suck, see what the young massive dude coming from a dominant college program can do and stop overthinking it.
  5. If we have a losing record at the deadline, or don't plan on bringing him back...sadly it's true. Have a feeling we could nullify any comp pick we'd get if we spend big this FA period. Trading him might end up being the shrewd play.
  6. Play Deonte Jesus Christ. See what the rookie has.
  7. Even if just a rental, what a deal. Awesome news.
  8. I really like Barry, but it being that high on the list is kind of insane to me. 0% chance it should be above Curb, Game of Thrones, Veep, and many others below it.
  9. The next two weeks will be telling. Both games at home, both against teams we *should* beat, and both games we have to have if we have hopes of sneaking into a Wildcard spot.
  10. Yup. We're essentially playing with house money at this point. Hopefully we keep it going, but I'm also just hoping to see continued progress from the defense, our young guys, and Darnold. If we end us losing, show me positive signs at least. That said, let's go fug their world up.
  11. Hell, Darnold might be a miracle worker looking at that graph.
  12. So far really like what I see from Darnold. Thought it was still a risk worth taking, just hated the price. Cautiously optimistic now he continues, and our QB problem is "solved" for a bit.
  13. DJax's tackling and play have been great. Hopefully it is him growing into a more complete player and not just contract year motivation.
  14. If we're going to take a step this season, this is a game we need to win. Division rival, at home, they're banged up. I know it's only Week 2, but a good team finds a way to win this.
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