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Greg Hardy Arrested

Go to solution Solved by Zod,

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For those that don't get the tweet...

Smith was basically told that he was a distraction and a hinderance to some of the players ability to grow as leaders.

He's basically saying, he's all good on his end... and that he wasn't the problem so be careful putting the blame on him.

I didn't think it was that hard to understand, nearly everyone else on twitter did.

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uhhh wat

nothing about that tweet seems to be related to this situation

and even if it did... who cares? i'm sure 95% of the people you ask about a domestic assault case would look down upon the defendant.

and smith is the little bitch? you wished to harm someone's well-being :huh:

Yep a whiny little bitch.

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Some of the comments I have read in this thread make me embarrassed to be part of this community.

Fortunately, the majority of people here still have some morals and integrity, but too often they are being drowned out by those that apparently never learned much about right and wrong, and what is an appropriate comment and what isn't.

But carry on with your cute little jokes and your generalizations about athletes and the women they associate with if that is the type of thing that makes you feel better or more manly.


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Bond set at 15k on assault, 2k on threats. Hardy can't contact victim. Must attend 3 AA meetings a week. Meetings b/c Hardy was intoxicated.

5/14/14 9:44 AM





So to wrap up details: Hardy claims accuser wouldn’t leave apt. He called 9-1-1. Court concerned about bruising & scratches on her back.

5/14/14 9:47 AM


Greg was in court today, Rosenhaus was there with him but left with no comment.



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Don't automatically assume he put his hands on her...you can get arrested for domestic violence over a argument.

No you can't.


There must be contact meaning, spit, throw, push, pull, bump or hit.  The victim does not decide whether the attacker gets arrested, the police must have physical evidence, witness or admission by the attacker.  


So.  Something happened that was physical contact.  That could mean the victim was assaulted or merely bumped into by the attacker.  The law does not distinguish at the time of the attack between the extend of the physical contact.  That will be determined during the sentencing phase.  Fact is, if you are arrested for domestic violence, almost 100% of the time some type of contact occurred and there is either evidence of this contact, witness or admission by the attacker.

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