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Win a framed and autographed print of "Luke in the Rain"

Jeremy Igo

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Already All Pro, already follow on Twitter...

...as for Luke adoration, I think he is the best MLB in the game right now AND has the potential to be the best ever. I'm no fan of hyperbole, but he is 24, DROY, DPOY, runner up last year and should only get better. He's the best player on the team (in Madden) and I prefer Defense to Offense.

My previous favorite player ever on the Panthers was Dan Morgan. Dude had 25 tackles in the SB! Luke has surpassed him in every way. He's strong, tough, fast, smart...a tackling machine. After extensive research, I have found out his true identity and his true purpose:


The T-Infinity Temporal Terminator (known as Luke Kuechly) is created by Skynet. Its purpose is to make sure the timelines don't get out of balance (and ensure the dominance of the American Football Team the Carolina Panthers). By far, it seems there is only one prototype created by Skynet and sent to "correct" the timeline...Luke Kuechly. 

Luke is built with onboard time displacement equipment, making it possible to relocate itself in time. It is able to trans-locate direct hits from a block and not be delayed. However, an indirect hit does weaken it but only enough to allow for an assisted tackle. [1]

A technology similar to the Series X endoskeleton (also known as Thomas Davis Sr) has been applied in the T-Infinity, making it capable of storing various onboard coverage skills and blitz parameters while maintaining a superior "ball hawking" skillset resulting in numerous interceptions and fumbles.

A very rare computer simulated photo of the T-Infinity has been rendered by the few vanquished souls who have had the wherewithal to recollect their brief and terrifying encounters. What follows is the only know image in it's existence (if encountered on or off the field of play - DO NOT APPROACH and retreat immediately):


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LUUUUUUUUUUUUKE.  This picture is amazing.  Love me some Luke.  Love this picture.  Hell, I love the rain.

I was already following on Twitter ( @RAO_Sunshine ). 

I'm at work posting this and at risk of being busted and getting fired...it will all be worth it if I win, though. :) :) 

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Already follow @carolinahuddle (mine is @thejasonirwin) . Just added all-pro again, can't recall why it stopped. And I stopped working on bullshit budgets to come post my admiration for a kid a decade younger than me, who I have no doubt could turn my lesbian 21 year old sister straight. This photo would help.

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