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  1. I hope you are 100% right, believe me. We need someone that can cash in on our elite WR core that we have. With him throwing into double coverage...someone is out there 1v1 or even open and he missed their read, or perhaps never got to that read due to pressure. I hope we struck gold with him so only time will tell.
  2. I'm still on the fence with Darnold. I think he's gotten away with a few throws that were VERY risky. double and even triple covered receivers and the ball went incomplete that could have been INTs. I thought to myself a few times 'why did he try to make that throw?' I think he still has some issues making the smart throw and we've dodged those bullets so far...I feel there will be a game coming up soon though that he'll put up some ugly numbers.
  3. I'd think to have a position that could potentially locked up for 10-15 years of consistent football would be worth a 3rd or 4th round pick. Think of how many points that position produces every year.
  4. If the Panther isn't mauling a Saint of the Catholic Church in the middle of the field next week I'm going to be upset.
  5. Winston had 148 passing yards, 50 of them coming off one play. He had 4 TDs thrown with under 100 yards passing, he was gifted that win. Jury is still out on them but as much as I hate Payton, he's a great coach that can make anyone look solid (see Bridgewater).
  6. Hoping for the best for them. All they've done for the Charlotte area and basically nation wide with their charity, they deserve the best care and hopefully can line up a transplant.
  7. yeah that pictures gotta be chopped a bit, he has breasts that are further out then his stomach...doesn't really add up. But FWIW hope the guy is doing good post NFL life. He had a great shot and it sadly slipped away.
  8. He should be thrilled. He now has a QB that'll throw it down the field, most of his highlights are of him running Go-routes and Darnold laying it in his hands.
  9. I mean, you are leaving arguably the worst franchise in the NFL right now (next to Texans)...who wouldn't be pumped up?
  10. We'll see how they build their team. The Dolphins have sucked since forever, no matter where or who they draft.
  11. Why do these players take all things down to do with their previous team, like its a bad break up
  12. He may want to come back here, but I'm sure his wife has a big say in it and since she's all Hollywood, Charlotte is like a hick town. I can see them hitting Miami, seems her style. But of course he'll go to NO and their reign of terror will continue for another 8 years.
  13. You get Stafford and if he can stay healthy, you'd get a solid QB for the next 4-5 years that's been proven in the league. The kicker is what it'd cost to get him.
  14. The man is the ageless wonder. 48TDs to 5 INTs at age 37 is ABSURD. He could play well into his 40s like Brady and still be productive, if he wants to.
  15. Hills eyes are actually looking at the ball...this is a good sign.
  16. If Getty goes higher in the 2nd round, you wonder how much higher. Would try to get with the Browns as they seem to be the trade happy team this year? Give up 2 rounds of current year picks possibly?
  17. Honestly I like this schedule a whole lot more then last year with the 'murderers row' we had mid season. -Vikings I think we will beat without much issue. -Chiefs...honestly depends on which team shows up...the one that went 3-5 first half of last season, or the one that 8-0 for the back half...seem a lot like we use to be...2nd half of the season type team. -Im ready to be done with Seattle games, honestly...once again will be a bruiser game. -Oakland will be wildcard...if they have gel'd since last season even more, or if Carr has matured even more...could be trouble. -Chargers/Redskins/Rams I believe will be good wins. -Cardinals will be tough because Carson isn't in the playoffs...regular season superstar QB but may still get nervous remember what happened in January. 14-2
  18. He visited with the Seahawks, and I can't see them passing on him honestly. He is a big physical running back, and they just lost their's to retirement. With how successful that team was over the past few years on how their offense worked, seems like a no-brainer to me. Yes Russell did well when Lynch got hurt, but I still see them looking at the past 3 years and what was successful and take him as their pick.
  19. So was Martavis Bryant from Clemson..and honestly right now he is outshining Watkins with his play. BTW, damn if Clemson hasn't produced some serious talent at WR lately. Hopkins, Watkins, Bryant...all big names right now in the NFL in only 2-3 year span.
  20. I heart the panthers, I heart winning...thus I should go because Panthers heart winning too.
  21. Ginn back is as huge as anything else, without a presence to stretch their defense, it makes the game that much tougher. Glad they had that extra week!
  22. What this truly shows is that a great drafting GM does make a world of difference. Where Atlanta is praying they can get 2nd & 3rd rounders to contribute strong but fall short, we have a GM that has picked up 5th rounders and UDFA that START and make solid contributions to this team and are part of the reason we sit where we are today.
  23. SCP please get your Cowboy rendition together so these fine Cowboy fans know their place.
  24. Its official, I can't wait to read their board after the game, especially that thread, it will bring joy to me when we curb stomp them today.
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