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Official Panthers - Colts Gameday Thread


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Just now, Montsta said:

Why aren't you of all people all over the gameday ranch vs. blue cheese on wings debate thread??

because I really dont care for either and if I had to choose it would be ranch.  dipping your wings in either of those is for wussies that cant handle the heat from hot wings.

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2 minutes ago, Jeremy Igo said:

Welp, if the Panthers lose tonight you can thank Monsta for messing up the order of things round here.

Oh and you were supposed to quietly come in and edit this and/or delete it not throw me under the bus for all the superstitious ninnies. 


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Just now, cbarrier90 said:

Why should we trust you on the subject, chknwing?

Not all names on the board mean they are experts on that particular subject. 

For instance, instead of Montsta, my original name on here was going to be bigdickbandit, which would have been a complete falsehood. 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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