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Along the Sidelines - NFC Championship Game

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Terrific Pics, as usual! Favs are slide 4 with TD lined up as the ball's about to be snapped...think the center pooed a bit in at the thought of a TD blitz.  And the pic of Rivera's thumbs up with the trophy is really nice!

Curious, who is the gent in slide 18 on JR's left?  My wife asked a couple times last night "who is that little old man"?


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20 minutes ago, shaqattaq said:

What has 2 thumbs and is the best defensive player in the NFL...



That pure unadulterated joy was my face when he made that Pick 6 to seal the deal.  I love me some LUUUUUUke. Tears of joy streaming down my face….an unbelievable game for the ages!

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These are WONDERFUL photos and just give me pure joy.  Nothing better except to have been in Charlotte in the stadium for this game.  I was there in my heart and your photos make it feel like I was there.

GET TD#58 that ring.  I want so much to see the veterans get that elusive ring and bring the Lombardi Trophy home.  And it's an amazing feeling to know now it is really possible.

Thank you, Jeremy for an amazing season captured in photos.  I pray you get that field pass for the Super Bowl.

Thank you, Panthers.  You have given me a type of joy that can never be taken away!  Now, let's go WIN it all!!!


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Great Pics.

I was hoping to see one of Brentson Buckner on the sidelines.  Specifically in the first quarter when one of the DB's is walking away from Buck's ass chewing and you could lip read Buck saying "get back here!".  Priceless.


I used to love listening to Buck when he was WFNZ with Frank.

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Great job as usual Jeremy.  Thanks for sharing.

The pic of JR and Cam speaks volumes about this organization.  I truly believe JR has a paternal bond with his players in that he genuinely cares, unlike other owners.  It's deeper than just 'having played the game' before.  I saw it with Smitty and now others. 

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    • It is tough to imagine another team even offering a fourth round pick for Crosby, thus making it quite difficult for Detroit to part ways with him.   Offensive linemen are key to the success of any offense, and losing Crosby may not be good for Detroit's offense should things not go as planned with players higher up on the depth chart.   If Detroit simply allows him to play out his contract, a team may offer up starter money when Crosby becomes a free agent, earning Detroit a coveted compensatory pick.    
    • Blast from the past. We talked about Crosby in the 2018 draft in here. I was hoping we take him where we took Haynes but Marty didn’t think we needed Ts, well until the next year when he reached got Little. Haynes flashed a little bit he never had a shot to start. It’s too bad we didn’t set a condition on those two Marty led drafts to make sure we were only taking guys who had a legit shot as being full time starters and didn’t have big red Xs on them based on the combine, Senior Bowl or pro-days. Might have avoided Grier, Little, Gaulden, Grier, Scarlett, Miller and Haynes and instead got guys like Crosby, McCoy, Omenihu and others. They were all sitting there but we kept taking the red headed step children.
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