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  1. Tommy Tremble! Good things happen when China Hubbard isn't touching the ball.
  2. I. fuging. Love. Spooky halloween-time movies. I start planning my Halloween night movie playlist in June, and I get visibly giddy once September rolls around. Halloween Party Background Pick: Viy (Soviet, 1967) (YouTube) It's in Ukrainian, so you don't need to try to follow it at a party. Just have it on in the background and enjoy the awesomely cheesy special effects that are good for some yucks, and some a really creepy. Plus young Natalya Varley is a smoke show. Enjoyably Bad Sit Down and Watch Party Pick: Chopping Mall (1986) I mean...what else do you need to know? Okay, you still need more? Barbara Crampton's boobs. What I'll definitely be watching: Exorcist III: Legion (1990) It's so fuging good. And the cast is maybe the best horror movie cast ever. Will probably be on TV at some point. Don't skip it: Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982) What a strange, strange movie. With no Michael Myers, and an absolutely bonkers plot. But boy oh boy, it really doesn't skimp on the Halloween spirit. Best Homage to Halloween III: The Guest (2014) It's not great. But more people should see it. Plus, young Dan Stevens is a smoke show.
  3. I hope the outcome of this contest is that when the maximum number of minutes allotted for play have expired that the Panthers exceed the number of points that the Saints have accrued during that time! Let's initiate this promptly!
  4. I like him a lot. He's got a lot of fight and a lot of moxie. That game winning drive after that pick was impressive. I joke with my Washington friends that this is the start of the Heinicke Dynasty, and in truth I'd love to see it. But I'll temper me expectations. In the meantime I'm just enjoying watching him play and happy for him to have the opportunity to lead a team and win a game.
  5. Is it just me, or have there been an absurdly high number of GOOD games so far early this season? Browns/Chiefs, Ravens/Raiders, Giants/WFT. I'm completely blown away by how entertaining these games have been.
  6. I don't know what's more satisfying; that for the first time in I don't know how long, our rivals fear our offensive firepower, or the fact that they're totally overlooking our defense. I'm impressed that they think our LB Corps looks solid, and am even more surprised that I agree. And I really hope after all this, it doesn't come down to the kicking game to decide it.
  7. Winston is like going up against a pitcher with a 99mph fastball and control issues. It could be a ball in the dirt, it could be a heater right in your sweet spot, or it could be coming right for your head. You really don't know what to expect, but you should be nervous.
  8. Okay, using my eyes, I saw us make mistakes that cost us points. Great teams don't fumble inside the 5-yard line. If we were dominating them, it would have shown up on the scoreboard. But it's a small sample size, and there was certainly rust we needed to shake off. Are those costly mistakes rust, or is execution a problem for the team? We don't know yet, but this week will tell us a lot more than the win over the Jets did.
  9. I'm surprised it moved that much, TBH. How much does it mean, really, to beat the Jets in a one-score game? You've got to be happy about the win, but I still don't think it told us much about the team. However, considering the starters to this point had only a half of a preseason game to get into a rhythm, I think this week should tell us a lot more of who we are, and where we really belong in the power rankings.
  10. I think it's probably this, and we knew which options, kick or punt led to the most beneficial outcome. Give it to them on the 15 or the 33.
  11. I actually didn't hate that. Not fully trusting the kicker I'm sure factored into the decision. But pinning a rookie QB inside his own 5 yard line when the D-Line was absolutely abusing him all game seems like a pretty appetizing prospect. Force a turnover. Safety. Or at worst a 3-and-out and we get right possession of the ball right back where we left it. Frankly I think Charlton isn't getting enough heat for botching a coffin corner punt so badly. Punting from the 33 to the 15???
  12. Yeah, I'm okay with pedestrian starting field position if it means we're not putting one of our offensive contributors needlessly in harm's way, or putting in a guy with the dropsies. Don't Beat Ourselves is out motto this year, after all. So go with safe and win in other phases of the game.
  13. I don't know if this is sarcasm or not, but regardless, I agree. A vanilla game plan was enough to beat the Jets. That, combined with Sam had a whole half of a preseason game to get into the flow with his guys, I can see them wanting to make this more of a shake off the rust kind of game. I choose to believe we have a more aggressive playbook for our very real competition with NO next week.
  14. I disagree on this point. I think it's staged, but not scripted. I think that's a real meeting, but it's probably something that takes place in 2 minutes by the bin of dirty towels in the weight room. Them sitting awkwardly by a money tree plant was just a film-making decision to make the shot less ugly. And their general discomfort and impatience is probably a result of the crew having one camera and having the coaches say the same thing over and over while they shoot reverse angles. Them intentionally not naming players and pointing at a sheet instead of saying a name isn't surprising. You absolutely can't share any player's health information, so they were probably given instruction by the film crew ahead of time not to say any players' names during the shoot. So again, staged for the shoot, but not scripted. Controlled, but not manufactured. And goes back to my point of this season being less fly-on-the-wall journalistic, and more like the filmmakers are part of the marketing department, carefully controlling what is and isn't seen.
  15. This. Years past I'd call the specials more journalistic. It acknowledged the bad along with the good And like I've said elsewhere, you followed several bubble players weeks to week, and that made for a great she'll story, seeing how the goings on each week affected this. This season seems too controlled, like too much thought is going into what we're allowed to see to sell an message. I understand it's Panthers media and needs to be biased, but a little less fluff and a lot more grit would make it more interesting. But I'll say, credit where it's due, and can't ever remember ever getting as much of a glimpse into what goes on in the back office. I find all the procedural meeting the most interesting.
  16. Low key happy about this. Forces their hand to start the lineup we all know needs to be out there.
  17. Excellent depth at worst, and I honestly think he could be starting by week 2 or 3.
  18. Michael Jordan got cut by the Bengals. Young guy. Started 19 games. He honestly couldn't be worse.
  19. Matt Rhule has the necessary drafted player develop!
  20. I don't think we need anyone to contend for the starter job. We just need a competent backup. A 30-something journeyman clipboard holder would fit the bill. We had two third-stringers, and canning one didn't mean we got a backup by default.
  21. This says one thing to me; we're signing another QB before the week is over. I think we were going to roll with 3 on the 53 man roster, we just didn't like our 3.
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