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  1. I'm sure I'm in a mega minority here. But LB is my #2 draft need after offensive line. QB is third. Because it wouldn't be exciting, but we could roll with Teddy for another year. After nearly 2 unbroken decades of stellar MLBs, we're huuuurting without a defensive field general. If Micah Parsons was there at 8, I'd take him. I'd take him over Lance.
  2. Dying. That's the first thing that came to mind. You don't bequeath the largest gift in a college's history posthumously. You want to see that poo.
  3. He wasn't a great player, but I'll miss him. Name him the Hype Man Emeritus or something, and just have him in the locker room and sideline. Or make him Sir Purr.
  4. I liked the story line as well. Just the contrivance of his name being a derivation of "Hold the Door" was laughable. It would have worked equally well if he like knocked down a buttress (because he's a giant and really strong) and the cave collapsed, sealing the dead in and allowing them to escape.
  5. "Hold the Door!" Okay, that was the first moment I've laughed out loud at the show, and not in a good way. Halfway through season 6 and I'm already starting to see the degradation of the writing. Major character kill-offs aren't even shocking anymore. But the "Hold the Door" thing was just so embarrassingly contrived. I can just see the writers room and some 23-year-old film school hack going: "And then Hodor helps them escape the cave as the White Walkers close in." "How?" "Maybe he closes off the cave entry?" "How? It's a cave. What could he close off?" "Maybe t
  6. Love his story and his fire. And it looked like he put in the work in the off-season to back up his will to succeed. He had a great season and I look forward to seeing what he will do in 2021.
  7. Thanks, everyone for the feedback so far. I've decided to go through til the end. I just started Season 6, so I'm in virgin territory.
  8. You're right. Would never happen. How foolish of me. Also:
  9. Interesting that he chose to wear his Wisconsin hoodie in his Dear John letter to the state of Texas. I wonder if he wouldn't like playing for Green Bay? Also, Houston may very well be Major League-ing it. Maybe they want to move the franchise to another market.
  10. Leaf, Sanchez, RGIII, Wentz, Darnold. One thing for damn sure: You don't trade up for the second best QB in the draft.
  11. Dune. I got it for Dune. I literally subscribed the day they made the announcement they would be carrying WB's first run movies. Hope enough other people did likewise so that offer studios follow in WB's footsteps.
  12. Didn't exactly quit after season 5. Just couldn't justify the HBO expense at the time. But last year was a pretty good year sales-wise. So I got HBO money
  13. Glad I'm not the only one! He was poised to be a career starter. From the looks of it, he went back to Iowa and is involved in farming and local football. I'll throw out one. I always wondered what happened to Kealoha Pilares.
  14. This was my pick. My Madden players were always #37 in his honor. He was a guy who got thrust into the spot light and worked his ass off. Good special teamer as well. Looked him up due to this thread. Apparently he's a realtor now. https://www.buddyblake.com/agents/523/nick-goings/
  15. I recently got HBO Max, and I started re-watching from the beginning. When I last had HBO was the end of Season 5, and I've managed to avoid spoilers about how the series ended thus far. But I understand that Season 8, and the way the show ended got a pretty poor reception from the fans. So I'd like to ask this of the freefolk who have watched all the way to the end: Is it as bad as they say it is? Was this a "The Last Jedi" kind of thing, where it was loved by some, hated by others, but a very toxic and vocal minority makes it seem like it's a flaming shitwreck. Or is it actually a fu
  16. One of the most badass military sci-fi films I've ever seen. Being released in installments every few months on YouTube, and I hope bringing it to the attention of a new audience here. It's basically the passion project of one guy, and the quality of the animation and action is just amazing. Mainly sharing for @Harbingers because if you're waiting for a Warhammer 40k movie, this is about the best we could ever hope for. I'll also tag @PhillyB here, because there's some amazing shot composition, visual storytelling and editing here that any filmmaker could benefit from seeing.
  17. I don't have any issue with bringing in Teddy this past off-season. He had a great track record, a good upside, and was proven to be a smart, reliable QB to serve as a placeholder and keep us competitive until the team found their next franchise QB. I'll go to my grave never understanding why we paid him that much money.
  18. Very happy to hear it! He's a quality guy, and no one deserves cancer. Beyond sports, just on a human level, I'm so happy to hear that he's beaten it.
  19. GUiSe! OP is ottally righ! Onse we know were not going to be in the palyoffs, we should just fourfeet ever game. y play to win? Its rly not smrat. In fact after we loose the first game, we should loose all tha games! Well be first pick evey yeer! Big vbrain time!!!
  20. Who's going to protect a first round franchise QB? You put a QB behind this line, odds are he's gonna be shelled into becoming David Carr 2.0. I'm not opposed to getting a QB in the first round, or even with the 8th pick. But we've got so many glaring needs, that I wouldn't be burning my jersies if we didn't. Yeah, tanking worked so well for Doug Pederson. It's stupid. Unsportsmanlike. And if you want the team to lose so badly, you go out there and tell 50 juiced up, hyper-competitive 230lb+ alpha males to swallow their pride and intentionally play beneath their abilities so may
  21. Parsons. We have been spoiled with nearly two unbroken decades of exemplary MLB play. And we saw how much we suffer without that leadership this year. We need a new defensive field general. As important as the secondary is, a good linebacking corps can take a lot of stress off your defensive backs.
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