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  1. Yes. And it's not unprecedented to give rights to non-human things with human functions. If you break someone's prosthetic arm, are you damaging their property, or are you committing assault? It's a machine, but it's also someone's body. Same principle applies to a non-human person. And if you think that's silly, remember that if you shoot a K-9 unit, you killed a police officer, not just a dog.
  2. "I can't see the field! It must be all the blood in my eyes. Did you see the blood and how hurt I was?"
  3. Yeah they keep using that footage like he's playing with an eye hanging out of his socket or something. Wuss. And he threw a pick, lol!
  4. For all the talk about, "you can't win in this league without a franchise QB," today proved that a QB will get you to the playoffs, but a defense gets you a championship. Looking at Kyler's implosion last week, and today all QBs accounted 1 Passing Touchdown, 5 Interceptions, and 19 sacks. The defenses dictated the outcomes of the games today.
  5. No. Let's roll with the scrub we have rather than starting over with another scrub. FIX THE LINE Then you have permission to spend money on anything else.
  6. Fine. Honestly it's fine. Of all the candidates available, Ben McAdoo was definitely one of them. The real test will be obtaining the quality pieces on the offensive side of the ball, particularly on the line. What we have right now, no one can step into the OC role and succeed. If we get them, I have no reason to think McAdoo can't be successful.
  7. Okay, I'm mainly just stubbornly playing devil's advocate at this point: but there's a non-zero probability that one of those players speaking out was OBJ.
  8. This is genuinely fascinating. The guy is not a fan of the guy the fanbase is not a fan of. And correctly judges offensive talent. But the fanbase still finds a way to make a negative out of it.
  9. Yeah, pretty much this. Any other OC would probably need to come with a complete regime change. But IF we're saddled with Rhule, and IF we've got no other choice but hope for the current regime to turn things around, I don't hate McAdoo for the job.
  10. Yes, but there's precedent for flameout head coaches still being very successful as coordinators. Steve Spagnuolo comes to mind. And good or bad, I thing any NFL HC experience would be valuable on the Rhule coaching roster. Not saying McAdoo is at the top of my list, but I don't see anything here to merit the kneejerk dismissiveness the board is treating this news with.
  11. Yeah, I'd be concerned if we were interviewing him for our HC. We're looking for an offensive play caller. Not a rah rah guy.
  12. Not to get political, but my goodness. I want this thread to be exhibit A the next time I ever hear someone say that women are to emotional and irrational to be president. Here's a candidate that checks all the boxes. We said Rhule needs a coordinator with NFL HC experience. He's got that. We want someone who's been successful as an OC. He's got that. And still we get 10 pages of how he's the wrong kind of right for this position! Everyone is just looking for another reason to be upset.
  13. You have to do something pretty spectacular to coach your way to unemployment in the playoffs. I think he might have just achieved it.
  14. He's a fine backup MLB. He's a great situational, spell, package MLB. He's just utterly outclassed when asked to be an every down linebacker. I hope we retain him, but he cannot be our starting MLB.
  15. I'm strangely okay with it. Not super enthused about Rhule's third year, but I'm REALLY not up for another regime change. Maybe Rhule can learn from his mistakes. Maybe he can grow. Maybe we expect too much instant gratification to let a leader develop. It took Rhule one year to create the league's second best defense. Our offense was hindered by a garbage line and our franchise RB being injured AGAIN. If we invest in quality protection, maybe we can see a similar turnaround on the offense. Maybe not. But considering it looks like a done deal, and I personally have no control over it, given the choice between holding out hope, and endlessly spamming clown gifs, I'll go with the former.
  16. This. This firing just means Watson ain't coming back to Houston. Doubtful he comes back to the league.
  17. I want Sam for one more year. 1. I would much rather spend our capital addressing other areas rather than chasing our 3rd new off-season starting QB acquisition in as many years, who's going to have the exact same results behind the shambles of a line we've constructed. 2. If he does better, he might even have some trade value. Maybe peanuts. But hey, I'll take peanuts over nothing. 3. If he does great behind a revamped line, maybe we have a QB of the future. 4. If he does the same or worse, we're locking up a top 5 pick in a much stronger QB class. And cement Rhule's ouster. That's a win in my book.
  18. Fitt's aggressive and savvy. I love his maneuvering in the draft and his "in on every deal" mentality. He hasn't hit on every one of his FA/trade moves, no. But at least he's making moves. And in spite of what the doom and gloomers think, we really haven't given up that much to make these moves. I'm not even completely soured on Sam. Henderson could end up being a steal. I'm fully on board with Fitt and am genuinely excited to see what he does this off-season.
  19. Imagine you're an offensive line coach, and your resume includes the 2021 Carolina Panthers. Time to look into Dental school.
  20. A franchise QB is the top of the football version of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs: https://images.app.goo.gl/F3cqxYt3DCKBsy5j8 Which is to say, once all the more foundational needs are in place, a franchise QB is what enables your team to reach the highest level of fulfillment. But using Maslow's hierarchy as an example, for us it would basically be like living in a palace, but you don't have any food and you're starving to death. The lower, more foundational levels consist of things like Team Identity, Coaching, Trenches, Play Calling, Skill Players, etc. If you've got all those other pieces in place, a franchise QB is what makes you a championship contender. We haven't built a foundation yet. Which is all to say it's simultaneously true that we need to find a franchise QB, and it's NOT what we should build a team around.
  21. Okay. And the vast preponderance of very educated doctors disagree with you.
  22. And if you die later from the direct, lasting affects of COVID infection months later, like pneumonia or lung disease, but aren't positive for COVID at the time, it's not reported as a COVID death. The door swings both ways if you want to play that game.
  23. Watching this, I don't blame any QB on this roster for "playing scared." But on the plus side, it's also not as dire as it seems. This offseason doesn't call for a total rebuild of the offensive line, which I expected. I think we have the pieces in place on the ends. So that means we have 3 interior lineman positions to fill through the draft and free agency. That seems pretty doable. Better pass protection will create better passers. I truly don't think we've seen the potential of any QB on the roster this season.
  24. One of the best shows, or any media I've seen in a long time. Watched it over Christmas with my very Catholic family, which couldn't be more apropos. The acting was amazing, it was the appropriate amount of am ambiguous, and it's funny how "monologues!" is the most common critique of the series. Because anyone complaining about it is absolutely wrong. The dialogue scenes are incredibly important in developing and informing the decisions of the characters. I can't imagine anyone complaining, "the Hans Landa interrogation scene should have been a minute long. He calls out the farmer for harboring Jews and then shoots up the cottage! Why was it so long and indulgent? It's almost like he was building tension and giving his actors a chance to perform. What a bizarre notion! Cut out the whole squirrel rant and advance the plot for goodness sake!" It will linger with me for a long, long time. So that's entertainment bang for your buck.
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