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Important Carolina Panthers Offseason Dates and Events

Jeremy Igo

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4 hours ago, Jeremy Igo said:

Here are a few key dates to keep an eye on this offseason as the Carolina Panthers prepare for the 2016 season.

February 22 - Franchise or transition player tags can be designated. Josh Norman relevance here 

March 7 - NFL Free agency begins. Starting at noon, teams can contact and enter into contracts with NFL free agents. Don't look for the Panthers to be active on this day, but rather a couple of weeks later. 


Thanks for this, Jeremy.  A couple of questions.

1) What's a "transition player"?

2) Re: Free Agency - among our players who are designated as Unrestricted Free Agents - notably guys like Tolbert, Love, Webb whom we might want to re-sign - will there be contract talks or deals BEFORE March 7th, or do those talks BEGIN on March 7th?  If I understand correctly, any UFAs we haven't inked to a deal by March 7th can be signed by other teams.  Is that right?  I haven't usually followed the Free Agency process too closely....

3) Am I correct in understanding that on our RESTRICTED free agents (guys like Remmers, Bersin, Hill) we get a chance to match the offer any other team makes?


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I have a question.

I found, and am working my way through reading a really comprehensive timeline of the beginning of the offseason.


There I read this:



March 11
Third day of 2016 league year

Panthers: Quarterback Cam Newton's $13 million 2016 base salary is fully guaranteed. It was guaranteed for injury at signing. Additionally, this is the deadline for the Panthers to pick up their option for Newton's 2020 contract year, which requires a $10 million payment. If Newton's 2020 option year is declined, the Panthers will still owe him the $10 million provided he is a member of the team on March 12 (the fourth day of the league year).


Can someone explain this to me?  Does that mean Cam counts another 10 million against our cap this year if we pick up the option?!?  Is the "10 million payment" NOW or in 2020?  I'm assuming the Panthers WILL pick up this option.  It's the first I've heard of this....

Likewise, on March 13th, there's this:


Panthers: This is the last day of the team's five-day period to pick up their option for Luke Kuechly's 2021 contract year, which requires a $6 million payment. If the Panthers pass on Kuechly's 2021 contact year, he will still be owed the $6 million provided he is on their roster on March 14 (the sixth day of the league year). Kuechly's $1 million 2016 base salary, which was guaranteed for injury at signing, became fully guaranteed on March 11.

NFL contracts make my head hurt.

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