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* Breaking *Panthers to trade for Deshaun Watson

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Dumbest thread name ever.. Be better. 


I like the old days better when you needed a certain post count to start a thread. Seems like someone didn't have much homework to do tonight

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Just now, Mr. Scot said:

I see someone is in need of a ban hammer.

You don’t appreciate my insider ? Give it a couple weeks that’s the deal that’s allegedly accepted. CNt announce now it’s in violation but that’s the offer that Houston accepted 

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  • BELIEVE!!!



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    • He's had one foot out the door the entire time he's been here anyways. I doubt he's even unpacked his boxes from moving.
    • I've been bored tonight and have been looking up rumors for other teams to try to get a better idea on who is going to be there for us.  Here is what I have gathered.  Falcons: Trade back, QB, or Pitts Bengals: Fans seem convinced they're taking Chase Phins: Can't find much on them. I saw a report that said they would rather not draft any prospects who did not play last season though. Lions: Fans are convinced they are drafting a receiver. Lots of reports of them wanting to trade back   So at this point I think we have like a 50/50 shot at getting Sewell. Apparently a lot of teams at the top of the first are willing to skip on the top tackles and look to upgrade in the 2nd.
    • I struggled with it, but I really don't know that we run a true 3-4, and if Burns and Reddick and Haynes are going to be the rush LB...I see Fox and YGM at the ends and I see Shaq and maybe Chinn at the other LB while Perryman and Carter play inside?  I really got a bit confused in that area, so I figured with the 7 or 8 needs, I would give it the benefit of the doubt.  Still, I could take Burns out of it and drop them.  Bottom line?  LBs and DL are hard to figure.
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