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Charlotte FC Reveals Primary Kit


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Overall the authentic is not a bad kit.

Some will say it’s bland but I think the more appropriate term is clean.

This kit will probably be middle of the pack in sales and that’s probably what we’re shooting for to be honest. Once we’ve established a foot print in the MLS we can start to incorporate controversial ideas (pinstripes for the Hornets, checkered sleeves for NASCAR, etc.).

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I really do like this kit. So many MLS kits are just a solid color jersey template with the club crest and sponsor. It may feel like a small thing, but having white sleeves does so much to differentiate us. And add on top of that the fact that we have white shorts with it, not a monochrome jersey and shorts situation, and I think we'll look really good out there on the pitch. As one commenter said previously (I can't remember where): there's a lot worse things you can be than blue arsenal. There's a reason Arsenal's kits are iconic around the world.

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56 minutes ago, travisura said:



My biggest gripe is that the "replica" jersey does not have the same collar as the authentic. It's a small thing, but it weakens the design in my opinion, and now I'm forced to decide if the accurate collar is worth an extra $50.

It definitely is not worth it to me. But I've never bought the "authentic" jerseys, because unless you're standing in front of or beside me, you wouldn't know the difference (or you're a nerd who'd nitpick my collar, which I'd honestly find funny). 

I get why people spring for the authentic jerseys. It's just not for me. 

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I'm right there with you. I'm still going to be getting the replica over the authentic but with other jerseys I've owned, the difference between the two have been so unnoticeable that you'd have to be a jersey expert to know. Now there's a big glaring difference that is a lot easier to pick out and that's just annoying. 

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