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What Are You Listening To Right Now....


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PAVEMENT or anything by Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks. Big Phish fan for most of my life and was exposed to them by my boss at work. They're basically low-fi, slacker rock from early 90s that had huge influence on Trey Anastasio. First album Slanted and Enchanted is more art punk while their 2nd album Crooked Rain Crooked Rain is more melodic and classic rock oritented and probably the best place to start (hence most of the top 10 songs are from CRCR). Third favorite album by them is called Wowee Zowee and it is definitely an acquired taste but it is now my favorite album by Pavement. WZ has been called Pavement's White Album since they engage in so much experiementation and it takes a while to understand the intentional sloppiness. 

Top 10 Songs

1. Stereo 
2. Summer Babe
3. Trigger Cut
4. Conduit For Sale!


had been on a somewhat long drought in terms of finding new music, but have found a band that has changed the nature of my existence. 

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    • Tecklenburg will never get an interception. What were we thinking? 
    • I don't know AVT's run grades.  I don't pay PFF.  Look up you're own stats.  I looked mine up. In the end. It.  Doesn't. Matter.   AVT is not a 62.5.  He isn't.  You can defend PFF and the jets OL all you want.  You will never convince me that AVT is a 62.5 or Fant is playing out of his mind at 69.2 or McCovern is a 68.   No.  No they don't.  He is 48.5 bad, not 62.5 bad.  Someone on that line has to be in the 40s, but amazingly NO ONE IS.  How is this possible?  The worst performing line in the league has all average lineman?     Its 2.6.    I sited my link in the original post, you didn't.  If you click on the underlined words it takes you to the site with stats:   2021 NFL Advanced Stats | Pro-Football-Reference.com Sigh.  If PFF puts it on Wilson, then HIS PFF grade should be in the 40s, but its not. A 40's PFF grade is required somewhere on the jets OL or Wilson.  There isn't one. You ask all of these stat questions, which can easily be looked up.   You have provided ZERO links to make your case that the jets OL scores are legit.  Instead you stated a ybc  number but no link to it. Sorry.  At this point you're just making up sht.  I'm done here. Ignore on.  You can rant to the void.  
    • Well being a Temple person he knows the system...that's something. I mean a lot of the mistakes you see in the NFL are players out of position or not knowing the scheme well vs specific offenses so it seems to me that we have a good mix of legit talent with other fill ins knowing the scheme so as to not make catastrophic mistakes. We gave up a lot of yards last year but since most of our losses were within 1 score we didn't get blown away and clearly bent more than you'd think rather than break. 
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