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Stoopid Fugheads


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Ive been avoiding this forum because the NHL is beginning to irritate me with this looming lockout. It appears as if the other 4 people who post on this forum have been avoiding it as well.

We are 2 weeks from the players being locked out. My two favorite teams look very promising (Panthers and Canes). I just cant handle another lost hockey season. Especially when the Canes finally are able to spend some money. We have never had as many stars as we do now. Players are talking about going over seas. Great. They will all go to the KHL in Russia, make a TON more money, and who knows how many will come back. More money, endless voka, and a bunch of Anna Kournikova look a likes? Sign me up...

Some articles reporting progress...or lack thereof....

As of today the status:


Going to Europe:


Read only if you love numbers, I also suggest taking some tylenol before reading:


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Started really getting into hockey the first year after the lockout, so I can't imagine going without for any extended period of time. Fugging Bettman! Unfortunately, in the US, even most hockey fans won't miss it too much until football season is over. Our only hope for a quick resolution, it seems, is for those eskimo fuggers up in the 51st state put the wrench to the league.

Canadian fans' influence > American fans' influence

On the plus side of the leagues hard stance...

Whenever a deal is reached, it sounds like the players' share is going to shrink dramatically. Which means that a bunch of good players are going to be available for cheap. Everyone knows Karmanos loves going the coupon route, even if he has the money this year.

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Canes were looking so good during the second half of last year, I was so excitied for this year to start. I hope they get going soon, and don't waste any games. They are supposed to be here in October, and only come to SJ every other year. I'll be uber pissed if I miss them this year because of a lame assed lockout. Fug you greedy bitches, and get it on!

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I hope this leads to more players leaving and playin in European leagues...real players...I`ve heard Crosby and Malkin are off to the KHL potentially.

I'm sick of all the whiny bitching millionaires on both sides of this poo. I'd love to see more equality in the european leagues and more of an international hockey scene.

I hate the fuggen oilers, so I already know I'm not going to spend a rotten dime on game tickets unless a miracle lands me in Montreal this winter...but as fans, we can't take this poo...because guess what...no matter how it all turns out...your ticket price will end up going up to appease the rich bitches.

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