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  1. It's every sports forum. UofL's message board has the very same people crying about why a 6'1" DT hasn't produced very much as a Sophomore while also dogging our coach for not yet signing a local 6'1" DT. Both are 4* guys. Some people just like to complain.
  2. I pointed this out pre-season. We should be looking for wins early, and to be stealing a few, and competing in the 2nd half of the season.
  3. Great coordinators and coaches adapt the offense to their QB and their personnel, not the other way around for sure.
  4. Heck, in 2 years we can bring Teddy back and have him run the offense between the 20s, and Sam handle it inside the 20.
  5. Carolina has been significantly better in the redzone this year than Denver. Both teams have played almost identical Strength of Schedules through this week. Basically, it seems, that Teddy will get you down the field, and Sam will get you into the end zone from there. Both could learn something from each other so far this season.
  6. This was my main gripe with Brady, and Rhule for not correcting it. You'd think we'd run more to the tackle, zone runs, stretches, tosses, etc. But nope, all Brady knows how to do is apparently RB Slam up the middle between the C and G and depend on CMC's "physicality" to battering ram his way through having no lane into yardage. Brady was the Passing Coordinator at LSU, and every game it becomes more and more apparent why he only had half of the OC responsibilities.
  7. The responsibility for catching the pass is equally on the receiver and the passer. The QB has to put touch on the ball, and not lead his receivers into dangerous situations that lower the chance of the catch and increase the chance of an injury. The receiver has to catch the ball when it's put on the numbers and haul in passes within his radius anytime there the ball is in a well placed area of the field for them.
  8. I think what we've learned is a talented, but young team is making mistakes, as expected, after an initial explosion. This team still lacks a bit of talent, depth, and some injury luck. The offensive line wasn't fixed, Brady still has issues with his play calling and moving the rock on the ground, and Sam is better than in New York, but still up and down as he figures out the system. Getting rid of Teddy and signing a draft class wasn't ever going to be enough to overcome all our issues from last season. We may be a playoff team with CMC, but without him that becomes increasingly doubtful. No one should be jumping off a bridge, especially the guys that rode high this off-season and through the first few weeks. This is a process, and we're still on schedule.
  9. Got sent this from a fellow Louisville fan: * 500+ night from Lamar * Highest Completion % by a QB to throw for over 400 yards in a single game in NFL history. * First loss by the Colts after leading by 16 or more in the 4th quarter in Franchise history. I can't believe I've got to experience this much of this guys career. I'm always a Panthers guy first, but man I'm watching Lamar do his things on when we're on Commercial break lol.
  10. Lamar answering all the questions this year. What an amazing person, and player.
  11. Great trade. Good upside, low risk.
  12. Today was a great example of how you can play well in many phases and still lose. The Panthers are a good team, but may be not great yet. Losing some key players, and failing to execute at times let this game get just out of reach. The good news is we've found the right QB, and the team is surging in the right direction.
  13. I get what you're saying, but Lamar has lacked talent around him compared to a lot of other teams.
  14. And we basically did the same thing to Cam his entire career. "Just wait and see how much better he'll be once we fix the offensive line," and then did fug all until Cam was too broken and bloodied to retain. Let's not make that mistake again. So tired of kicking this can down the road.
  15. And Peyton Manning didn't have what it takes to win a Super Bowl either, until he did. The whole idea that Lamar caves under pressure is silly. The guy hasn't had half the talent around him offensively that Patrick Mahomes has had, and he has kept a Ravens team punching above it's weight for years now. He does lack polish as a passer, particularly when he's NOT under pressure, but he has improved there so far in his career, and it has to continue. That being said, the Ravens also need reliable pass catchers outside of Mark Andrews. Brown is great with the ball in his hands, but his ability to catch the ball is nauseating.
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