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  1. I think we have 5 games we should win, and combine that with toss-ups I think we end up with about 7 or 8 wins as long as Darnold plays well. I think 2022 is where we really step forward.
  2. I was assuming we were talking lost for the season. I think if they're lost for the season you're hoping for a Colts without Peyton Manning season, and to draft a guy like Luck. I just don't believe backup QB is worth sinking a lot of money into.
  3. If your primary QB goes down I don't really think you worry about whose backing up him. The season is lost.
  4. The LT position Marshall and the #3 WR spot The defensive line up the middle and opposite Burns.
  5. And for a lot of those positions, nothing bothers me with having "just prove it" guys brought in. My problem with the guys they bring in on the offensive line to "just prove it" is that we've been doing it every year since Jordan Gross left. The lack of attention to the offensive line makes the Panthers look more like a team worried about selling Jersey's in the short term, than wins in the long term.
  6. Would love to see it happen, I'm just really jaded with our lackluster efforts to fix our LT situation since Gross left.
  7. This is why I think Marshall eventually spells Robby outside. Robby is just great in the slot, and Marshall gives us a better presence as a physical guy on the outside.
  8. Yep, there's that forward pass they do now to RBs and WRs where the QB lines up in Shotgun, and the RB starts in motion, and as soon as the QB gets the ball he tosses it 1 yard forward to the RB whose already in a full sprint and he's able to round the edge for big gains.
  9. I really liked bringing David Moore in. I thought he was a solid addition that could step up and make losing Samuel hurt a little less.
  10. Not really sure why everyone is so upset about these rankings. PFF doesn't "have it out" for us, this is just going by the information they have from last year. The left side of our offensive line was abysmal last year, and we brought in 2 abysmal players to play there and a promising young rookie with short arms. Our strongest offensive group, our WRs, lost Curtis Samuel. Our star RB was hurt all last season. We technically downgraded at QB moving from Bridgewater to Darnold. I know a lot of people are over the moon excited about Darnold, but you're really trading one poison for another if we're just basing this on previous years stats. We upgraded our defensive line by replacing Short, but we still lacked a lot of pressure from guys not named Burns. In fact, our 2nd leading sack getter left for the Bills in Obada. We upgraded at LBer, but we're a far cry from having a guy like Kuechly up the middle. Our secondary got better with Horn, but Jackson was hurt all last season and the rest of the group is nothing to write home about. Chinn is a wildcard and played well last season, but I'd say we take a hit ratings wise by moving him to FS because you don't know what you're going to get out of him compared to when he was our leading tackler playing closer to the LOS. This team on paper is better than they were last year, but there is a very real possibility we come out of the season with a similar record to this past season because the talent level simply isn't there yet to make the playoffs and be a solid team.
  11. I think our secondary will be better, but not great. I think Horn will be the real deal, and everyone else will kind of be as expected. However, that with a better defensive line will translate to a secondary that plays above what it should as well.
  12. It seems like a logical move, and our only other option is to have 0 answer at LT.
  13. Jesus, we're the Browns QB situation for the last 20 years of LTs.
  14. I think people are sleeping too hard on Marshall. The bottom line is that Robby Anderson isn't a physical WR, despite his size. Marshall brings everything Robby does to the outside WR position, but he's better at getting off blocks and catching in traffic. Marshall also has less experience in the slot. I fully expect Marshall to eventually overtake Robby on the outside, and see Robby moved into the slot.
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