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  1. Don't see anything particularly wrong with what he said. We need a QB in the worst way, but we're in a horrible way with personnel wise. Our defense and offensive line is made up almost entirely of backup level players. Watson would be an exciting player I'd love to have, but the price seems too great for the team's current issues, no matter how well they're coached over their heads or not.
  2. It feels like someone is going to use this to their advantage and rob us absolutely blind.
  3. I think that's stupid too. If you're a contender it makes sense. If you're like us where you're looking for about 6 guys on defense, and 2-3 on offense + a QB it's dumb. Play the long game.
  4. That'd be a brain dead trade. You essentially lose 4 first rounders, and all the associated rookie contracts that go with 3 of them. You have no LT, and no way to draft a good one for 4 years with an offensive line that is entirely out of contract after next season. Watson is great. Being perennial losers for the next 3 seasons so we can "have a QB," is super dumb.
  5. I don't think that's particularly small for a QB in the NFL. Pretty sure Cousins is right at that size, and Matt Ryan is close to it. With rookies I don't worry as much either because they'll add a little size for the NFL as well.
  6. I'm not so sure. I feel like teams did better this past draft because they didn't overthink everything as much.
  7. Marty may be the NFL's most under appreciated coach. There are plenty of guys that "couldn't win it all" until they did like Dungy. It was disgusting watching San Diego let him go, and then watching that franchise turn into a withered husk in his absence.
  8. I mean, we haven't had CAP space for like 4 years because of bad signings. We essentially sold our future and many young players away by making mistakes in resigning older players and over paying older players in FA.
  9. I think holding him to the draft to drive up cost is what's going on. I'm very afraid we're falling into a trap to get robbed blind
  10. I would think you would with the contract situation if you traded for Watson. Even with Moton though, our LT situation can't be an unmitigated disaster into perpetuaty.
  11. This is why I'm against trading the farm for Watson, and losing Moton in the process. If Mahomes can't work behind that line, do we really want to see Watson behind it's twin? I watched Cam get murdered enough. I want Watson or a guy like him, but not if it fugs us for 3 years and I have to watch our most valuable amd exciting player get killed fod it.
  12. Oh man I couldn't remember Proehl's name. The mental block was real. His son is in the draft this year!
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