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  1. I remember a few of those felt bad even at the time: 2009: Everette Brown had questions headed into the draft that made him feel like a reach pick, and I'm pretty sure Sherrod Martin was considered a reach as well. 2010: Jimmy Clausen was an awful pick. Everyone knew it. Aramnti Edwards was picked at least a round too early. 2011: Sua and McClain, one of them was considered a reach iirc.
  2. Post-saltiness over trading for Darnold, I'm not feeling as bad as I once was. I like the potential of him turning around with a new start here, but I'm not quite excited yet. I just need to see it on the field, and I hope all of this disappointment goes away on my end. Fingers crossed he proves me wrong.
  3. I really like the pick of Tremble, but my heart and head are fighting over what he's going to be. May be I'm just getting older and more cynical, but I feel like he's going to be a guy that plays well, but people are disappointed because he never quite lives up to the "hype" of what everyone expects in their wildest dreams. Honestly it's a guy you really love to have at the end of the day, but his value gets lost on certain fans.
  4. I'm the biggest Teddy fan around, but this guy...
  5. I really liked this pick. The Panthers desperately needed someone in the redzone last year that was large and could pull down receptions. You definitely get that with Marshall, and he's as big of a mismatch away from the redzone as in it. Anderson is big enough to do it height wise, but it never felt like he played like it in the redzone. Hopefully Marshall is that guy.
  6. I hated that about last off-season. None of the new guys could really work together. I think we should see less problems for guys getting the schemes down this year on both sides of the ball and simply playing faster.
  7. I think Moore is the only lock after DJ, Robby, and and Marshall.
  8. Give me: TDs: 21 INTs: 13 Yards: 3,200 Completion %: 61% I think he'll have a career year, but it won't be too much better than his time in NY.
  9. I wouldn't bet the house on anything game 1 no matter who we play. We're going to be the youngest team in the league, with a new QB, and coming off a year when we had a terrible defense. I think we'll be a much improved team in 2021 on the defensive side of the ball, but no one should be buying a sure win no matter who we play week 1.
  10. He missed the last 2 games, so 2017. I love Cam, he's the first Panther I had a jersey for, but he has not held up well in the last few years.
  11. We were the youngest team last year as well I believe, or at least had the youngest defense.
  12. I firmly believe we went from Bridgewater to Darnold to appease Tepper. Not because we thought one was truly better than the other. Next year we'll draft a QB, but they didn't like Jones or Fields at 8.
  13. I really like Horn, but not getting a tackle again just makes us feel so cursed. I think Horn is going to shine as our best CB this year, but our offense is going to be pretty brutal.
  14. I do like Horn. I just hate that we hate our QBs having injury free seasons.
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