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  1. I have a bigger problem with the Panthers here. We knew Robbie wasn't exactly thrilled to be here last season and extended him anyways. You already brought in a guy to replace him in the draft, so why extend him? Especially with the other holes on the team and given his general qwerkiness and how he fits in this locker room.
  2. I don't know if I would stop being a fan, but I'd find it really hard to continue following the team while Watson was here.
  3. Small market teams like Minnesota understand that all to well.
  4. The Rooney rule exists so all qualified candidates get an interview, regardless of their skin color, which wasn't happening before. It's obviously incredibly imperfect since now teams will just interview people for the rule and not actually consider them. The biggest problem with these issues is perspective and trying to change it to see different sides of the coin, which is admittedly harder to do than state. Initially I felt it wasn't right to be forced to interview anyone for any reason, but after hearing Charlie Strong talk about his struggles trying to get a head coach job it really shifted my perspective on why the rule was actually in place. Say what you want about his time at Texas and USF, but the man clearly should have gotten an opportunity before Louisville came knocking.
  5. No good QB is going to want to come here with this offensive line and coaching staff. So we're going to spend money on a bad QB, then we'll probably draft a bad QB for good measure, and do nothing to fix the offensive line, and then wonder why we're here again in 2023.
  6. Is anyone really surprised? Coaches and players talk.
  7. Let's flush more draft capital and draft picks away for an old QB that can't win big games, for a team that's not nearly ready to compete for the Playoffs let alone a Super Bowl. We certainly can't go back to the well there enough.
  8. Normally I'd say wait until the season is over, but the Panthers don't lose anything doing it now. There is no plan, no direction, and the players have clearly lost interest.
  9. This will happen with any coach, fans want hope, and they're going to overlook a lot of issues for it. Hindsight is 20/20, and I think the biggest take away here is that the NFL isn't college. Just look at Urban Meyer and Nick Saban. Regardless of how you feel about them as people, they couldn't translate college success to the NFL. And I think that very much applies to Rhule, and his assembly of all college coaches should have been a huge red flag. Rhule clearly doesn't understand the difference between coaching kids, and professionals. It's a different ball game when you're no longer the father figure, or "head honcho" of the team, and have to treat people as equals.
  10. The long and short of it is, the Saints are in games they shouldn't be, and win games they shouldn't because they not only play very good fundamental football, but also have a clear game plan that they're built and coached to execute properly. Now, when you have issues like they do, you're going to take a butt whipping occasionally, but they're also going to be in a lot of games. The Panthers could probably be close to that same level right now, but we're not practiced in any of the aforementioned areas.
  11. He's out of the hospital today and in concussion protocol. Was moving my brother out of his old house and into his new one when it happened. Lots of concerned people here locally, and just been listening to people that know anything. So far everyone thinks he's going to fully recover and be okay, but so scary to see something happen like that.
  12. Tear it down? I don't think you have to try very hard to do that with what we have. There's talent, but man we don't have that much of it.
  13. Bad officiating is just more apparent the longer you're bad. You just start waiting for the "other shoe to drop" and so every little thing becomes another frustration.
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