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  1. Very well said. It can take some snaps for it to slow down for guys. Calling guys busts 3 games into the season is insane.
  2. Man kind of impressed this Mills kid hasn't turned it over. He doesn't have impressive numbers, but he's done okay all things considered.
  3. Super gutsy TD by Sam there, and nice sportsmanship after, even after his helm got ripped off.
  4. Why is everyone so upset at Chubba? Only watched a little bit, I'm with a friend, but he's only had 2 rushes.
  5. Feel like you have to keep a RB in the backfield in that situation to keep the defense honest with the run threat, and add an extra blocker.
  6. It's bad for player health IMO, but... money!
  7. Man is good for 1 40 yard TD every game, then he's hurt.
  8. It feels weird that we're not being doubted for the first time in years.
  9. Could he close with this offense and this defense? Too much is made of our record last year. We were a bad team and we were going to be a bad team regardless of who was at QB. I'm not saying Teddy is a great QB, but laying last year at his feet is an over-reaction IMO. For whatever reason, he and the staff didn't get a long, which is a huge anomaly for his career in college and in the NFL. The Panthers and Teddy are both better off having moved on.
  10. People that celebrate injuries are scum.
  11. RBs that can pass block are fairly rare, especially the depth guys.
  12. He's looked okay, but I want to see him against someone other than FSU, Toledo, and Purdue. Not exactly 3 stout defenses. BTW, has he really been sacked 14 times in 3 games?
  13. Got to be on the other end of that opening weekend. Guy is downright scary.
  14. He must have pulled it turning around to see where his assignment had gone to.
  15. You mean we shouldn't have a heavily over-priced OL on the team that has no business taking any snaps outside of being the 3rd string backup? But what about Panthers traditions?
  16. Yeah, it's like young guys in college getting their first reps. You generally need somewhere between 100-200 live snaps before a linemen really starts having things slow down for them.
  17. It's literally week 2. The kid is going to have ups and downs, it's the NFL. Joe Burrow went something like 200 drop backs without throwing an INT and then tossed 3 in a row. Is Burrow suddenly not a promising QB?
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