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  1. Let's flush more draft capital and draft picks away for an old QB that can't win big games, for a team that's not nearly ready to compete for the Playoffs let alone a Super Bowl. We certainly can't go back to the well there enough.
  2. Normally I'd say wait until the season is over, but the Panthers don't lose anything doing it now. There is no plan, no direction, and the players have clearly lost interest.
  3. This will happen with any coach, fans want hope, and they're going to overlook a lot of issues for it. Hindsight is 20/20, and I think the biggest take away here is that the NFL isn't college. Just look at Urban Meyer and Nick Saban. Regardless of how you feel about them as people, they couldn't translate college success to the NFL. And I think that very much applies to Rhule, and his assembly of all college coaches should have been a huge red flag. Rhule clearly doesn't understand the difference between coaching kids, and professionals. It's a different ball game when you're no longer the father figure, or "head honcho" of the team, and have to treat people as equals.
  4. The long and short of it is, the Saints are in games they shouldn't be, and win games they shouldn't because they not only play very good fundamental football, but also have a clear game plan that they're built and coached to execute properly. Now, when you have issues like they do, you're going to take a butt whipping occasionally, but they're also going to be in a lot of games. The Panthers could probably be close to that same level right now, but we're not practiced in any of the aforementioned areas.
  5. He's out of the hospital today and in concussion protocol. Was moving my brother out of his old house and into his new one when it happened. Lots of concerned people here locally, and just been listening to people that know anything. So far everyone thinks he's going to fully recover and be okay, but so scary to see something happen like that.
  6. Tear it down? I don't think you have to try very hard to do that with what we have. There's talent, but man we don't have that much of it.
  7. Bad officiating is just more apparent the longer you're bad. You just start waiting for the "other shoe to drop" and so every little thing becomes another frustration.
  8. We're going to have to replace the underside of the bus soon, lots of frame damage from all the people tossed under it.
  9. LT. Stop the damn bleeding for when we have the next QB. Good lord, enough is enough.
  10. I think Rhule is done, and I'm usually the patient guy. Giving a guy only 2 years seems crazy to me, but this train is off the rails, and Rhule keeps hammering nails into his own coffin. From day 1 Rhule's staff was a risk, with so little NFL experience, and it was only going to prove differently if it worked, which it clearly hasn't. They shipped Cam away. Brought in Bridgewater for too much money, then shipped him away. Brought in Sam Darnold for valuable draft capital, extended him, and he was already done before the halfway mark of the season. Brought back Cam, and are now tossing him under the bus with Teddy, Brady, and Darnold. The Panthers are now objectively worse than when Rhule joined the team, and they've done appreciably little to fix any of the core areas that they've struggled in besides move deck chairs around the Titanic. QB? Still a problem Offensive line? Somehow worse Defense? Lack a true NFL front 7, and depth
  11. You're right now that I watch it again. The whole line shift on the play is weird. Actually, if you think about it, is it more likely the whole line screwed up with that shift left, or that Sam screwed up and rolled right thinking it was a different play?
  12. Who will then decide to go back to college, and we'll just lose the pick.
  13. We scored 0 TDs in 3 games. We have a lot of flaws, but we're not 0 TDs in 3 games flawed. That is 100% inexcusable and on the coaching.
  14. It always felt like Teddy was the guy you bring in to mentor and play in front of your rookie. Teddy had a nice deep ball yesterday, reminded me of him playing in college. Part of me thinks that he's just never fully recovered mentally from his leg injury. Either way, he should be the guy teaching a Fields or someone like that right now.
  15. The LT, C, and RG actually do something there. The RT completely whiffs everything. The LG just... disappears. Does nothing, and all of the protection is to the left, for a play that's a roll out to the right. Something just doesn't add up there. Part of the blocking my be on the center, as they manage a lot of the blocking, but that's on Sam too. One good thing that Teddy did was pre-snap blocking and adjusting it.
  16. Here's my warning signs: The Panthers brought in Sam Darnold, in hopes to give him a second shot after coming from a Jets team that consistently failed to surround him with protection, and talent. The Panthers responded by giving him no protection, and putting him in an offense that did little to take the pressure off of his shoulders by having an unimaginative run game, and a poor run pass balance. Darnold may have been able to be saved, but not in our situation, and not doing what we do.
  17. In regards to Teddy's team history with players and coaches: Teddy was loved in high school. Teddy was loved in Louisville. Teddy was loved in Minnesota. Teddy was loved in New York. Teddy was loved in New Orleans. Teddy was hated in Carolina. Teddy is loved in Denver. One of these things is not like the other. One of these things just doesn't belong. Also, I'm pretty sure our players liked Teddy.
  18. Bull. He's the one driving the QB at any cost, even if they're terrible bus.
  19. Ah yes, last year all over again. "Anything but keeping this guy." *tosses away draft picks and spends money for someone worse. fug Sam, but can we not play the "Second verse same as the first, a little bit louder and a little bit worse" game again? Swallow our pride and suck for a year or two for a QB worth drafting! No more reclamation projects and old and busted guys on their last legs
  20. Tepper. He hired Rhule, and let him get away with hiring this coaching staff which lacked NFL experience. He bid against the Giants for him, but also himself. 2 huge red flags. Furthermore it is without a doubt that Tepper is the one pushing the QB at any cost moves hurting this Franchise. His rebuild remarks are a bold faced lie. IMO Tepper is the Browns owner if old. He's only interested in drafting and signing players that sell t-shirts and jerseys. He's too short sighted to create the real money maker, and that's a winning, playoff caliber football team because that means spending some high draft picks on guys that don't sell jerseys. He's a spoiled rich kid no one ever could tell no.
  21. We traded draft picks, and a cap hit for another backup quality QB who we signed to an extension. Chasing unicorns and we don't even have an offensive line.
  22. QB chasing this year would be foolish. If one is there that's worth the value, and I don't mean "QBs are the most valuable position in the league you have to take one" value, then take them. However, the Panthers would be well served to finally fix their repugnant offensive line problems, especially at LT, than to try a mega-reach on a QB.
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