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  1. I think we need to see what they do on the field first.
  2. When we get in those 4th and 1 or 3 yards of the goalline and he smacks the poo out of a linebacker and let's our back get those yards, he is worth that pick. We struggled on those last year. Some of those were the difference between touchdowns and field goals or turnover on downs. When you continually lose by 1 score or less, it's usually those little things that make the difference. It's a block made or a block missed, a complete or an incomplete pass that determine the outcome.
  3. They weren't saying Fields wasn't as good or better than Darnold. They were saying he wasn't an 8th round pick better than Darnold. It's be like paying $50 for a steak that tastes like it came off the Golden Corral buffet. It might be cooked better, but for the increase in price, there should be a lot of difference. Whereas Horn makes a big impact on our defense.
  4. I'm excited about them both. I loved it when we signed Arnold. He's a good endzone target.
  5. It's Hurney. Ask for a 3rd.
  6. We had problems in the red zone and short yardage last year. This is one of the answers to that problem.
  7. That goal line run against Philly. One of my favorite Panther memories.
  8. Teddy wasn't really that bad. He just wasn't really good. It is unfair to blame it all on Teddy. But, he had his share of moments. I think we are seeing is that just OK, isn't going to cut it with this team for very long. Everyone's job is at stake if they don't produce, even the QB you just signed to a large contract for 3 years. Even the QB you just traded draft picks to get. They Hurney/Richardson days are gone.
  9. I'm leaning this way. I think Darnold could be a good starter. While I think he would be a decent QB for any team, I think his skillset would be great in this type of offense. My only question is where his confidence is at. Is he a guy that can resurrect his career or his he in David Carr land? I'd be willing to gamble a second or third to see.
  10. I'd do it. If I understand right, it would give us a late round first and 3 seconds?
  11. I'd rather roll with Lance at 8 than give it up for Stafford.
  12. It's like a modern day Herschel Walker trade.
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