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  1. And half this boards opinion would amount to zero in the grand scheme of things. Critical people are going to do what they do best and that is bitch, piss and moan until they find a new target to criticize.
  2. Offensive Tackle. Penei Sewell | O.T. Oregon or Rashawn Slater | Northwestern. Or trade back in the draft and select the fast rising O.T.Christian Darrisaw | Virginia Tech.
  3. It’s time for the Panthers to get the Left Tackle position taken care of and the 2021 NFL Draft presents the opportunity to do just that. We may have our choice of offensive tackles, Penei Sewell |Oregon or Rashawn Slater | Northwestern. Plus,it my be to our advantage to trade back in the draft and select the fast rising O.T.Christian Darrisaw | Virginia Tech. I don’t think the right quarterback will drop to the Panthers in the first round, but despite the Darnold trade, it’s still a possibility to take one here.
  4. I don't have a lot of faith in our current QB backups taking over if they were called to action.
  5. Teddy Bridgewater might be a better fit in New Orleans than any QB they presently have on their roster.
  6. Yes, the fact we wanted Watson, their QB, which did not happen but the Texans wind up with our former QB would certainly be a role reversal and somewhat hilarious.
  7. Luke Patterson @LukePattersonLP “I really think most teams are interested in Bridgewater if #Carolina releases him. The Broncos would be interested in Bridgewater competing with Drew Lock. Either Carolina has to pay some sort of guarantee, or release him.” .
  8. https://thespun.com/nfl/nfc-south/carolina-panthers/there-appear-to-be-2-favorites-to-land-teddy-bridgewater CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA - AUGUST 24: Teddy Bridgewater #5 of the Carolina Panthers walks to a new drill during a training camp session at Bank of America Stadium on August 24, 2020 in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images) Teddy Bridgewater could be on the move fairly soon, as the Carolina Panthers have already granted him permission to seek a trade partner. Bridgewater signed a three-year, $63 million deal with the Pan
  9. https://www.profootballnetwork.com/top-9-offensive-tackles-2021-nfl-draft/ I want a Left Tackle selected with our #8 draft choice. This is an interesting article rating the top 9 offensive tackles in the draft. They had Christian Darrisaw North Virginia Teck as the # 2 rated offensive tackle and Rashawn Slater North Western # 3. I wonder how the Panthers Staff have them rated, since most of us think Rashawn Slater should be rated # 2.
  10. It is going to take a brave team to pass on Sewell with a need at the position. Realistically speaking, Sewell shouldn’t make it out of the top-five. If he somehow makes it past the Bengals at No. 5, then the Panthers would be in-play.
  11. Teams that constantly recycle quarterbacks are often teams that draft bad or hire poor coaches. That is why the grass is greener, quarterback recycle doesn't always work .
  12. We are sitting pretty at #8 and should have a great selection of players to chose from. I can hardly wait until draft day and see who is selected. I am just glad we didn't make a possible mistake and give up a ton of draft choices on decisions that could come back to haunt us. .
  13. https://twitter.com/CatCraveBlog/status/1379415196586934273/photo/1 Robby Anderson on @gmfb Talking Sam Darnold. “I was surprised when they trade was announced. I had some great chemistry with Sam and think his development was not correct with the Jets. Didn’t have the best coaching or supporting cast.”
  14. Fitterer said he talked to Bridgewater and his representatives but was careful not to rule out the possibility of last year's starter staying here in some role. This is where you have to point out that everything is always on the table — "In on every deal" means "In on every deal" — but Fitterer alluded to the possibility of a contract adjustment or a trade, as well. "I think there's things we have to work through, obviously," Fitterer said. "And I've already talked to Teddy's agents. We're going to find the right place, whether it's here or wherever it may be, we'll figure things ou
  15. Allowing Bridgewater's representatives to reach out to other teams regarding a trade could help bridge the gap where contract issues are concerned. There aren't any logical landing spots for Bridgewater where he'd be considered a sure-fire starter, but teams like Denver could use veteran options to compete. The Broncos want competition for Drew Lock, and new GM George Paton knows Bridgewater from their time together in Minnesota. The Panthers have insisted that they can still bring Bridgewater back this season, even with Darnold in-house. The truth is Matt Rhule has been
  16. https://walterfootball.com/scoutingreport2018SDarnold.php Sam Darnold Scouting Report By Charlie Campbell Strengths: Naturally accurate passer Fits passes into tight windows Excellnt ball placement Throws a catchable ball Pocket presence Has poise Advanced anticipation; instinctive thrower Throws with good timing Can accelerate his throwing motion Quality arm strength Pushed team to wins Good internal clock Mobility Throws very well on the run Throws accurately off platform Displays some
  17. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/panthers-allowing-teddy-bridgewater-seek-131228497.html Teddy Bridgewater will be allowed to seek a trade following the Panthers’ deal to bring in Jets quarterback Sam Darnold, according to a report by Ian Rapoport at NFL Network. Finding a willing trade partner won’t be easy. Bridgewater is coming off a disappointing 2020 season that saw him post more turnovers than touchdown passes. He a
  18. I agree MHS831. I can always count on you to be a voice of reason with well thought out, researched responses.
  19. I like the fact QB Sam Darnold was traded to us for a 2021 sixth-round pick and second- and fourth-round picks in 2022. I feel Darnold has a great upside if we surround him with good players obtained in the draft and wise trades. Hopefully, this puts and end to the wild talk of trading the farm for another teams disgruntled QB or taking a chance on a QB in the draft that may be good or may bum out. At least we know what we are getting in Darnold, who was a QB that everyone had high expectations for when he was drafted but had the misfortune to play for a sorry team that certai
  20. I would love for us to obtain the Jags Gardner Minshew, who i feel could be gotten at a reasonable price. In 21 games, 19 starts, playing for a horrible team, Minshew completed 461 out of 737 (62.6%) of his passes for 5,126 yards, 34 touchdowns and 11 interception. I believe at best would be a very good starter and worst case a top rated backup.
  21. There is no way I want us to waste a roster spot on the aged, injury prone, Short, who would be nothing more than a no show player taking up a much needed roster spot in the long run.
  22. If all four top rated quarterbacks are gone when we pick at # 8, I would like to see us draft TE Pitts (if still undrafted), the best OT or CB. Then try to obtain the Jags Gardner Minshew, who i feel is a good starting quarterback and surround him with better players. This would solve our quarterback problem for many years.
  23. I hate to see Roy Williams retire but the clock keeps on moving and sooner or later that happens to all that live that long. He has lived with pressure and stress in his position for years, so i am wishing him a happy and stress free retirement.
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