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  1. Exactly. It came very close to being a choke job by the Rams.
  2. I wonder how often other players yell or curse at the officials and get away with it ? Still,i it doesn't seem like behavior befitting a player of Tom Brady's stature to do it and to me it makes him appear as the biggest whiney baby in modern day NFL.
  3. I feel that QB Malil Willis,Liberty, fits the profile of the modern day NFL QB so my choice would be him. Malik Willis, Liberty Strengths: Massive arm that will be among the top 10 arms in the NFL upon his arrival to the league. Supreme athletic gifts. Will be a serious threat in the designed run game and has a flair for the dramatic as an improviser. Has the body of a tall running back and runs like that. Will run past some slower linebackers. From a clean pocket, his accuracy is very good. Zip, touch, placement are almost always on point in that scenario. Very capable throwing on the run. Wants to hit the big-time throw often. Weaknesses: Not a deft coverage-reader. Can get baited by secondary members into interceptions. Aggression that leads to big plays also gets him into trouble at times. Pocket presence needs work. Stylistic NFL comparison: Smaller Josh Allen
  4. If i had to pick one team that Rodgers goes to it would be the New Orlean Saints. It just makes too much sense. They have a top 3 defense, great coach, great offensive weapons. One safe bet is that he will not be coming here to play quarterback for the Carolina Panthers.
  5. With the refs walking with them. They're probably going to address the team and say something like, "Sorry, guys, we tried to work some magic for you. We'll try better next time.
  6. Tom Brady and his gang now share some of the same feeling Panthers fans feel after losing to them.
  7. https://www.facebook.com/953WDAE/videos/1013230039596497 Please Click Link To View.
  8. https://www.lineups.com/articles/saddest-nfl-fans/ According To New Survey Lineups.com surveyed 2,000 people across the country to see what fanbases would be most likely to cry over their team, and a second survey determining the most miserable fans in the NFL. The Panthers ranked 25th on most likely to cry, and 26th on most miserable out of 32 teams. The only teams that had a less miserable fanbase were the Chiefs, Rams, Broncos, Saints, Colts, and Cardinals. All of these organizations but the Broncos had a winning season.
  9. It couldn't happen to a nicer team.
  10. I not only want Tampa Bay to just lose, i want them blown out so bad that Brady and Gronk will retire.
  11. That could have been called a fowl because it showed Brady with a bloody lip. However, it serves "Cry Baby" Brady right for shooting off his mouth this week, braging about intimating officials to get calls.
  12. The Rams are rolling. Gotta love it.
  13. We can forget Rodgers coming here. He has already said he doesn't want to be part of a team that's doing a rebuild,which is pretty much what the Panthers are presently attempting
  14. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nfl/carolina-panthers/article257465158.html Click on link to read the good,detailed article pertaining to the Ben McAdoo hiring.
  15. Thanks a heap Mr. Scot for the valued inside information you always bring and share to the Huddle
  16. JAY GRUDEN is my choice: Rhule said he’d like to hire an offensive coordinator who has had experience calling plays at the NFL level. Gruden fits that bill. Read more at: https://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nfl/carolina-panthers/article257262852.html#storylink=cpy
  17. Carson Strong NFL Scouting Report Pros Top tier arm strength Displays great touch on downfield throws Clean throwing motion Cons Ball placement in all areas Major risk taker His lack of mobility is constantly evident Carson Strong is a three-year contributor for the Nevada Wolfpack. He possesses good height and solid weight for the quarterback position in the NFL. As mentioned previously, Strong should post one of the slowest 40 times at the NFL Combine. In 2021, Carson Strong led the Nevada Wolfpack to an 8-4 record and a spot in the Quicklane Bowl. He was able to record 4,186 yards for 36 touchdowns and just eight interceptions on the year. He was awarded Mountain West Offensive Player of the Year honors for the second time in his career. The first thing that jumps off of Carson Strong’s film is his natural arm strength. Easily able to push the ball down the field, he can throw 65 yards with ease. While some believe this ability is overrated, it is still something the defense must respect. It also pops up in other areas as his velocity to all levels of the field is consistently great. This gives Strong the ability to put the ball into windows that other passers couldn’t even attempt. Strong may have the strongest arm in this draft class. Furthermore, he also displays good touch down the field making him an exciting deep passer. He does all of these things rather seamlessly as well as he couples them with a clean, easy throwing motion that allows him to get the ball out quickly. However, while Strong does have a talented arm, he is not without flaws. To begin with, his ball placement is routinely off. This makes throws that should be easy completions far tougher and sometimes just incompletions. It also handicaps the offense as Strong’s inaccuracy limits the chances for a run after the catch. In addition to this, he has never seen a throw he didn’t think he could make. Of course, this works in his favor oftentimes in college as his arm can make it happen. In the NFL however, he will not get away with these passes as often. His lack of mobility could also present a problem. As NFL pass rushers become increasingly more athletic, a QB’s ability to escape becomes more and more prevalent, and Strong simply doesn’t have it.
  18. Dear Dave Tepper, You have said repeatedly that “long-term mediocrity” is not acceptable for this NFL Carolina Panthers franchise. But right now mediocrity doesn’t sound all that bad for the Panthers. Since you purchased the franchise from founder owner, Jerry Richardson for a record $2.3 billion in the summer of 2018, the Panthers are 22-43 with four straight losing seasons. Currently, the 2021 Panthers are 5-12, similiar to the previous years you have been the owner, so the goal of “sustained success” has not been achieved. Mr. Tepper you once told reporters that every time the Panthers lose you are in a “(crappy) mood”, so I can only imagine what you are feeling right now. As a die hard, loyal, Panthers fan, I cannot help wondering how much patience someone like you, who is used to winning in the business world has left with Head Coach Matt Rhule and his staff. Regretfully, Rhule is 10-23 as the team's coach, but still has five years remaining on a seven-year, $62 million contract. I believe i speak for most Caroina Panthers fans when I respectfully encourage you to become more involved with the team presently by making changes that will make the fans proud to be a Panthers fan again. My suggestion would be to start fresh with a new head coach and coaching staff because it has become obvious to the entire sports world this group cannot get the job done. Thank you A Concerned Panthers Fan
  19. Ed Hochuli who is now in his seventies, retired in March 2018 but i never liked his calls or trusted his judgement. The fact he is (or was ) a trail lawyer, tells me a lot about him. '( "Ed Hochuli has been a practicing trial lawyer since 1983 when he became a partner at the Arizona law firm of Jones, Skelton and Hochuli, P.L.C. The firm has come a long way since those early days and now has more than 80 lawyers on staff.")
  20. I often wonder if he really does know what he's doing, considering all the bad decisions he has made or allowed.
  21. You are probably right. However, based on the previous history of bad mistakes the Panthers have made, it scares me into thinking they will make another stupid one that will set the team back further than they already are.
  22. Exactly!! The officials call a roughing the passer penalty if the Cry Baby Tom Brady is slightly touched but Cam Newton and Big Ben could have their heads ripped off and nothing would be called. This is way beyond totally unfair.
  23. Sadly,this sounds about right,knowing all the other brain dead decisions that have been made.
  24. The whistle shouldn't have been blown but it was blown a split second before the ball was caught. There was absolutely no time for the defense to react to the whistle, so it in no way changed the result of the play. If the play was overturned, the team that would have been robbed would have been the Bengals.
  25. The loss by the Cowboys made my day. They pulled a typical a typical choke job most of the game. When the officials give the Cowboys more obvious penalties than the other team,you know they were really playing bad. Not only do i blame Dak and the offensive line and some other players.I blame Head Coach Mike McCarthy and crew for not having the team prepared for this big game.
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