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  1. It just takes being a decent mature person and using common sense.
  2. At least the new players on the OL are getting some much need experience which will add depth and pay off later.
  3. Yes, that is almost half that good OL that's hurt. A good recipe for a QB to get hurt and a team to lack success on offense.
  4. It doesn't matter who the Panthers have at QB, the team is not going anywhere until they get an OL that can protect him.
  5. The headline should have read: " Patriots Fan Murdered At Sundays Game".
  6. So far there has been more whining by the Panther fans than winning by the team.
  7. I don't think Bryce Young is the problem for the Panthers. He isn't playing great as a rookie but it seems clear that the talent around him isn't good enough. The Panthers have time to fix that in the years to come. Young looks reasonable enough so far. The results will come once the Panthers upgrade the offense.
  8. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
  9. You never know what team may take a liking to him. I would at least check around the league to see if any team has an interest in trading for him.
  10. The Panthers had it going early, then reality set in.
  11. Yes, hat sucks big time.....
  12. Sadly, that seems to be the established trend.
  13. The Canes need to play tougher but be smart about how they do it.
  14. It will be interesting to say the least, to see how obtaining the 24 year old wide receiver Ihmir Smith-Marsette plays out.
  15. Belichick has not been the same person since Brady departed.
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