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  1. I have the same fear and feelings about Kotchetkov getting hammered by Rags.
  2. Sad, but probably true. Fans will only pull for a losing team that never seems to improve just so long before they lose heart and find interests elsewhere.
  3. " I feel like I'm in a room full of crazy people." Well, after all, this is the Huddle. LOL
  4. That could very well be true and would make lots of sense. If Chark checks out for the Panthers and they sign him, I will be a happy camper. However, if that doesn't happen, I feel sure they have some other backup plans in store for the WR position.
  5. All the teams, including the Panthers, have C'J. Stroud's 40 time and I feel sure it was impressive enough not to scare any of these teams off. The fact that Stroud has an impressive strong arm and pinpoint accuracy is his primary calling call, not his 40 time ,long jumps or bench press history.
  6. The following statement in the article is right in line with my thinking and desire, pertaining to C.J. Stroud being the favorite to be selected by the Panthers at # 1. ("Assuming they stay put, the Panthers are expected to choose Ohio State’s C.J. Stroud, Alabama’s Bryce Young or Florida’s Anthony Richardson. Stroud is the betting favorite to land in Carolina.")
  7. The Panthers said they are bringing in the four, Stroud, Young, Levi, Richardson for interviews, so it is obvious that one of them will be the Panthers choice at #1 overall. I have thought for sometime the choice would be between Stroud and Young, both good choices. However, it's just my opinion that it will be Stroud they select, someone i feel would last as the better long term QB.
  8. I pick Player A because the following remind me of C.J. Stroud, the QB I want the Panthers to select. Traditional old-school smart, pocket passer with smarts and a great, feel for the game- should have no problem transitioning to the NFL Very smart signal-caller who is a natural leader with great instincts and the ability to quickly cycle through his reads Good zip and excellent ball placement on the quick slant. Elite touch down the seam and on post-corner, flag routes to attack the defense vertically and horizontally. Productive quarterback with elite intangibles Has all the required arm strength to drive the ball through tight windows up to 20 yards downfield. Spreads the ball around to multiple receivers. Rhythm passer, who gets the ball out quickly, making split-second decisions. Good short to intermediate-level accuracy, demonstrating the ball placement to allow receivers to run after the catch Great accuracy overall, including excellent accuracy on short timing routes to backs and receivers, placing the ball slightly in front to lead receivers to potential yardage after the catch. Despite having good timed speed and agility for a QB, has often proved surprisingly immobile and unable to escape a heavy rush Suffered with some inconsistency issues when under a heavy rush, this could become a major issue at the next level where he won't have the benefit behind a top-level line Doesn't create much outside the pocket Isn't elusive in any way and struggles to get outside the pocket while trying to escape the pass rush. This is demonstrated by a subpar QB rating of just 76.0 when under pressure
  9. There is certainly a lot to like about Will Levis. Given a little time to further develop he could turn out to be the best of the bunch. In my opinion, the Panthers seem to want a QB in the draft like C'J. Stroud or Bryce Young that are a little more advanced presently.
  10. My top 6 would be in this order: 1. Stroud 2. Young 3. Levis 4.Richardson 5.Hooker 6. Take your pick of several.
  11. That could vey well be but I don't want to take the time sifting through all his garbage to try determining what is actual factual.
  12. If I was a young budding football player, i would relish the chance to be coached by someone with the vast amount of experience and knowledge as Captain Munnerlyn. His addition to their coaching staff should be a great asset to the Myers Park football teams.
  13. It appears as though Cam Newton still has the fire to play at the highest level after not being on a team in the 2022 NFL season. What may be hampering Cams ability to be on an NFL roster may be because of the way he views himself: as a starting QB. Perhaps if he uses his Pro Day to not only show he still has it on the field, but that he's willing to take a smaller, backup role, Cam may be able to find NFL employment once again.
  14. Hopefully, the Panthers do a lot of research on his injuries. The last thing they need to do is tie up money in a player that stays on injuried reserve.
  15. I like everything about D.J. Chark but admit his injury history bothers me. I wonder how big a concern it is to the Panthers and how it affects the amount they are willing to pay him? https://www.draftsharks.com/fantasy/injury-history/dj-chark/9975
  16. After sitting on top of the world as a winner and one of the very best basketball players in history, then to have to sink down to the this low level as owner of a failing team has to be wearing on M.J.'s mind.
  17. https://nfltraderumors.co/panthers-remain-in-contact.../ Click on the link above to view a real recent article pertaining to D.J. Chark and the Panthers. Sorry it would not allow copying.
  18. I am all for showing them optimism.
  19. This is not a back pickup if the Panthers didn't overpay him on his 3 yr. contract. Reports were : The soon to be 33 yr old Thielen has lost a step athletically, but he remains a detailed route-runner with incredible hands. His route-running and knowledge of leverage and spacing help him excel in the red zone; his 30 touchdown catches over the past three seasons trails only Davante Adams, Mike Evans, Travis Kelce, and Tyreek Hill.
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