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  1. The Panthers could try and sneak P.J. Walker onto the practice squad, which is risky considering how many other teams are desperate for better backups they can get cheap.
  2. Exactly. That is why they are letting him have equal reps in practice.
  3. R.I.P. Rashard Anderson. So sad, I hate to hear this.
  4. The only white Carolina Panthers jersey I ever purchased was a Delhomme #17 that i still have along with some black and blue ones of various Panthers players.
  5. I am overjoyed to see Baker Mayfield become a Carolina Panther. An upgrade at QB for sure. Mayfield's 29-30 all-time as a starter, and would become the fourth former Heisman Trophy winner to play for the Panthers, alongside quarterbacks Vinny Testaverde, Chris Weinke, and Cam Newton. Not bad company.
  6. So young. This was a heart breaking tragic loss.
  7. The fact is options for where the Browns can trade Mayfield are seemingly slim. The Panthers may not be ruled out as of yet, but drafting Corral certainly makes it less likely. The Seahawks are another team with a need at the QB position after trading Russell Wilson this offseason to Denver, but there hasn’t been much noise about any interest in Mayfield. Other than those two, it becomes difficult to locate a place where Mayfield would be wanted or needed at least with an opportunity to start. Although I haven't heard any talk about it Tampa Bay would be a good fit for Mayfield who could step in as starting QB when Tom Brady who could suddenly decide to retire again hangs it up.
  8. Only when it suits the NFL management and certain powerful owners.
  9. Good one Ha Ha https://create.vista.com/unlimited/stock-videos/358762042/stock-video-man-laughing-showing-thumbs-camera/
  10. What is troublesome to me is the fact the Panthers brain trust were so all fired up to obtain Watson but were fortunately saved from themselves by the Browns.
  11. This would be a great swap as far as the Panthers are concerned but i cannot see the Browns willing to pay Sam Darnold his present to be a backup.
  12. Prayers are extended to the Ashley Rose family. It is sad that this beautiful looking lady passed away at the young age of 39. .
  13. On paper at least, it looks like the Panthers will have a very good upgraded offensive line this year and shake last years grade as the second - worst offensive line in the NFL.. (" Pro Football Focus gave the Panthers the second-worst offensive line grade in the NFL. They allowed 193 pressures, which was the most allowed in the league, according to Pro Football Reference. The Panthers quarterbacks were pressured on 28.3% of their dropbacks, which was also a league worst.")
  14. It is easy to see why a lot on the Panthers Staff don't want Mayfield. With Mayfield, the Panthers would get a repackaged Darnold with playoff experience. Both quarterbacks NFL careers started in 2018. While Darnold has never had a winning season, Mayfield only had one. Every other year with the Browns, he’d only win six games each season. He also has thrown more picks than Darnold.
  15. All considered i would pick Cade Mays to step up and play well enough to be a very good backup if not a starter.
  16. When his dad Joe was asked why a decorated receiver raised a player who tried to stop players like him, Joe said: "Oh, Jaycee could be a wideout. He could walk into the Panthers facility right now and start running routes." But that's not what the Panthers drafted him to do. "I told him I wanted him to be a defensive back, I didn't want him to take that punishment, I wanted him to deliver it," Joe said. "But he's all defensive back now. He's technique-sound, but he's also a dog, he's an animal. He knows everything about being a defensive back. "But he's also a humble kid. He's a yes-sir, no-sir guy. He doesn't party. And I'm happy for the Carolina family, because he's ready to give everything he has for them." \
  17. Meeting with the media after being drafted by the Panthers, Corral explained what separated him from the other quarterbacks in the 2022 NFL Draft class. “I always start this answer with my leadership,” Corral said. “But not saying that I don’t think my strength is my arm talent and my ability to escape the pocket and extend the play. … I definitely feel like my strengths are that, but what’s most important to me is my leadership and my ability to create a camaraderie that it bends, but it doesn’t break. “I feel like I’ve shown that the past two years of my college career, and it’s something I pride myself on. I’m very excited, honestly, to do it all over again.”
  18. Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report talked to an agent who believes players are intentionally declining to kill the the Pro Bowl game. That doesn't exactly sound like the vast wave of support and honestly I can't blame players for not participating.
  19. I have no idea what the future holds for Sam Darnold but i give him credit for maintaining his even keel, showing up early for work every day the same way as he always has, something a lot of quarterbacks in his position might not do.
  20. I am doubting the other owners vote to get rid of Snyder. If the owners were really miffed about all this, he would have been tossed in the trash faster than former Panthers owner Jerry Richardson. There's got to be more going on with the owners that is making them hesitant to be rid of him. What, I don't know, my conspiracy theory senses are going bonkers? I wonder if this is actually a common thing among owners, maybe? Who knows....
  21. Like James Brown "I Feel Good".
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