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  1. Or we can over use him like we are now and shorten what could be a long successful career. I admit i don't have the answer but the way we are using him now is a recipe for disaster.
  2. Raise your hand if you thought the Carolina Panthers would be leading the NFL in total defense and scoring defense after two games. Now put your hand down—lying is wrong. Yes, the Panthers have benefitted from matchups with the hapless Jets and a game against the New Orleans Saints in which bad Jameis Winston showed up. But Brian Burns, Haason Reddick and the Carolina defense deserves credit for how well they have played. Now the Panthers are travelling to Houston to play a Texans team that will be rolling out a rookie quarterback making his first career start in Davis Mills. The good times just keep on rolling.
  3. That would have been a good keep sake edition that had our beloved Muhsin Muhammad featured on the cover.
  4. Yahoo/Sports has the Panthers ranked 14th. 14. Carolina Panthers (2-0, LW: 22) Sam Darnold will get a lot of attention, but it's the defense that needs more respect. This is a really exciting unit with what looks like a top-end pass rush. The Panthers made life miserable on the Saints' offense. Keep an eye on Carolina as this could be a playoff team
  5. They are all a bunch of double talkers that write articles that gives themself credit if the Panthers succeed and a way out if they don't.
  6. Pray tell me what team would be willing to trade a great LT and also the name of said LT.
  7. Thee is no doudting that sam has a big arm and can be very accurate.
  8. Takes a good man to admit they were wrong.
  9. I was impressed by both Sam Darnold and the Panthers,especially in the first half. Not a perfect game but something positive to build on.
  10. ("Some people are broken by adversity, and some people are built by adversity. He's someone, he's gone through hard times, and he's allowed that to build him instead of giving him an excuse to not achieve. That's who he is.")
  11. I cannot root for either team so let the chips fall where they may.
  12. The Charlotte Observer is no longer news worthy, just a propaganda tool for the Democrat party, like most all nation wide newspapers. So sad.
  13. The only thing that article is worthy of is a great big belly laugh.
  14. This is sad and probably the end of Cams career in the NFL.
  15. Will Grier struggled to see the field since he was drafted, then struggled when he did, totaling just 228 yards, zero touchdowns and four interceptions while completing 28 of his 52 attempts (53.8 percent) over his only two appearances. Although he wasn’t as offensive this preseason, he obviously did not do enough to inspire the staff to keep him onboard into his third year.
  16. It appears as if the 24-year-old defensive en Darryl Johnson fell victim to a numbers game in Buffalo. Head coach Sean McDermott has incredible depth on his defensive line, and picked up two defensive ends in the first two rounds of the 2021 NFL Draft.
  17. A potential Watson trade deal could not have been expressed clearer or better in my opinion.
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