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  1. Pleasantly surprised at this move. Glad to have him back
  2. It’s jarring to see Matt Ryan have such trouble getting the ball down the field. “You’ll have to throw us off”
  3. They way we and the Jags are looking there might only be 35-40 picks between our 3rd and their 5th.
  4. Murph

    My god

    It’s early but this guy is a 1st-2nd round talent in the 2022 draft and would fill a huge need.
  5. Panthers opponents have a combined 3rd down conversion percentage of just 21% (7-33). Holy crap that is insane!
  6. He’s just trying to make lemonade out of the lemons he was handed.
  7. Cool, I’m heading up there in about an hour. Center ice baby!! Go Canes!
  8. Good Lord we’ve got a ton of weapons for Sam
  9. I think this was a great deal
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