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  1. My takeaway is just how silly and overblown coverage of these event is. How many people did they have covering this like its the moon landing or something.
  2. I'm not super enthusiastic about this but I will be optimistic. I cant live in a constant state of pessimism like many seem to enjoy.
  3. How many times can Sean Payton's Vicodin be so obnoxiously wrong? It's amazing.
  4. meh...... but not giving up the farm is good The #Jets are receiving a 6th rounder this year, and a 2nd and 4th rounder in 2022.
  5. https://www.thecutffb.com/post/justin-fields-qb1
  6. And Fields contributed 41 tds in his last full season of 14 games to Lances 28 in 16 games. I don't see how that is comparable.
  7. His production is nowhere near Fields. He was asked to throw very little and accounted for less than 175 yards per game passing in his single year as a starter. Fields approached the number of TDs (22) as Lance (28) in half as many games. Lance may be a great prospect but it's certainly not based on much materialized experience or production
  8. Its apparent people are looking for things to hold against Fields.
  9. Nobody seems to even try to explain why either. Guess it's just latching on the he small school gem thing. Fields has more experience against significantly better competition, throwing many more passes for many more yards with many more tds, with a higher completion percentage, higher qb rating, and is more athletic.
  10. It's a counter to the argument that he is a one read QB
  11. And it's not that I hate Lance but I cant see how an objective look has him in the vicinity of Fields.
  12. But that's not going to happen when your team isn't head and shoulders above the opponent talent wise.
  13. still boggles the mind that people could have Lance over Fields
  14. Why has RPO become a bad thing ? I get the imoression many still don't know what it is
  15. Kinda misses the mark given DJ Moore was 5th in the league in air yards.
  16. Don't ban him just call him out on his agenda at every opportunity. I have plenty of Georgia alum friends. I don't recall any thinking Fromm was good.
  17. Just show the police and DA the list of 18 vouchers. I'm sure they will drop the investigation
  18. What exactly is Brooks not buying in to? A meteoric rise suggests something gets instant dramatic attention but disappears quickly. Jones already got the first part of that. Is he saying Jones won't disappear? Whether he's good or not this rise can affect the draft.
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