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  1. Wish I knew what you're talking about, is there a page somewhere that describes all that?
  2. 'legit', did you really say 'legit'? from cuts? At what Club do you do your Stand-up?
  3. Oh no, this means his time with the Panthers is almost over, look for release after next OTA's.
  4. But at least he remembered the guy we should have drafted, CALVIN RIDLEY.
  5. Thanks. I only see BR if someone links to it, and then just register it as one opinion among many without getting emotionally involved with it. But this article says some things I thought during/after the draft, things those who think we killed the draft just can't/won't handle.
  6. Now why don't you share with the gang what your bitch with Bleacher Report is, I see more facts here than not. We may have stumbled on an acorn at the bottom of the 2nd round but still missed out on solid OL and S picks that were REAL NEEDS thanks to our new GMs lack of experience drafting high. What's said all makes perfect sense.
  7. Two of the top three safeties were there and several solid LT, NEEDS, a WR wasn't a big need compared. Time will tell if the LT we got works out. NOW this wr has a lot to prove before he can replace Anderson.
  8. Or maybe it requires naive fans believing what they're told.
  9. Yes, the player they wanted they got but not the player they NEEDED. They got a fast receiver who routinely drops easily catchable balls just because he's the OC's former pet receiver, that's not a win!
  10. Anyone else missing the halcyon days with Marty Hurney?
  11. Man, there are just so many drones/whiners on this site that don't know squat, bet every one of them were high school third team.
  12. Most of these guys will be gone before our turn, best to trade up for Jenkins.
  13. Well, you can sit back in your rocking chair with your bag of Cheetos OR You can grow the proverbial pair and get back on the horse and thumb your nose at your mental health!
  14. I hope Atlanta take a qb so we don't have to deal with Pitts here in the South.
  15. Cowherd on his morning show has mentioned several times about the DUI, so it's out their.
  16. I've heard of immaturity problems but not details and we all know there are teams that will go for a play maker like him if it's just immaturity and not rape or murder.
  17. This guy has to be nuts to think Parsons is falling out of the top 15!!!!!!
  18. Trading down a couple of spots is a good option but trading down to the 15 spot is not! Slater is in some ways more dynamic than Sewell so loosing out on both is stupid or should be. Is getting a good enough corner at 15 plus another pick really worth giving up game changing talent, I think not.
  19. Trading back more than a spot of two shows we've got another GM with no common sense, one player with special talent it is worth more than two players with good talent.
  20. 1. Lance 2. Parsons 3. Sewell 4. Surtain 5. Pitts 6. Waddle 7. Slater 8. Horn
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