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  1. The only thing that baffled me in this thread was someone spending 14k a year to watch panther games. I don't even watch them for free!
  2. It would be nice to get 1 qb in the history of this franchise that doesn't turn into a dumpster fire after a few seasons.
  3. We get it, you have an unhealthy secret infatuation with Cam. Please stop stalking him, its weird.
  4. I don't think I've made it past 4 games since 2017. I've watched Tom Brady more then the panthers last year if thats an indicator on how boring we are to watch.
  5. Well technically its impossible to open up the playbook when it only 1 page
  6. A whole 16 career comebacks in regular season. That article didn't age well.
  7. A 3rd grader that banged his Mom
  8. Lmao . Noone has seen Cam carry anything in 7 years boomer.
  9. Darnold sucks Teddy sucked Cam sucked Pickles sucked I see a trend here
  10. Cam literally can't hold anyone's jock strap being out of the league and all.
  11. Cam Nutthuggers are special kind of stupid
  12. I think this defense in 2021 is better overall. Better dline and secondary. Lb position is very good, just not as good. The thing is though is that a a great dline and secondary carry harder then great LB unit. Offense looks more stable this year. Better WR core, better RB. Sam Darnold plays better then any QB we have had since 2015.
  13. We've beaten 2 bottom feeders. Gotta beat Brady to put the league on notice.
  14. Byron Bell possibly is the worst tackle I've ever seen in the NFL Worst Coach. John Fox had a roster filled with the best talent in the NFL and lost by being an overly conservative pussy Run Run Run Punt It is what it is 7-9
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