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  1. This game is over. Shula is an idiot and Cam is off today. Now we let Graham do what he wants AND we're letting trick plays go for long TD's. Over.
  2. Shula gonna Shula. D needs to step the fug up. These bozos got destroyed by Marriota in his first ever start and we show up like this?
  3. I really think he'll be big for Ealy, like Vinny was for DeAngelo way back when. So glad he's here.
  4. I think he'll be big for the development of Ealy.
  5. Most important, but I'd argue both Ginn and Coleman are in the conversation as well.
  6. How can you not care for him as a person? He's a little ostentatious but he's a great guy and great teammate. Love the work he does for Vets.
  7. Nov/Dec is after the trade deadline. He's not going anywhere though.
  8. Do love. Always love JA, his motor and his off field work. Wish we grab him earlier, but I love it. Wonder what we gave up?
  9. Need to close this one out. Cam continues to drag the offense along, we need him here.
  10. Refs weren't even going to measure that first down...yet they wanted to measure Cam's sneak. Our D needs to step the fug up.
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