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  1. SaintsReport got wind of this, lmao http://saintsreport.com/forums/f2/carolina-message-board-post-saints-analysis-346451/#.VgeHtiPD_qB
  2. Y'all should really check it out now. Cam is still just living off college hype, has a long, baseball type wind up, they're defense is light years better than ours...hilarity ensues.
  3. Bring on the ignorance, like Jax they'll know soon enough.
  4. Webb at WR makes the most sense right now. He's very athletic and knows everything about our offense.
  5. Talk about our slow starts...Jax is 0-2 under Gus in openers getting outscored 62 - 19.
  6. They finished 3-13, they're a slouch, period.
  7. "Panthers defense is banged up on the outside. MLB is their only really good spot. Other than that they're pretty much average. I'm hoping to see some 2 TE sets to try to isolate or trap the MLB. Maybe even see Denard getting some catches in the flat. Blake's gotta spread the ball around with Thomas out."
  8. I HOPE he's cut. I don't know what happened but he went from looking like a great pick to being a bust.
  9. Yeah, I'm eating crow on this one. I wanted him gone as I don't value a 3rd QB, but he's proven to be so much more. He also, from what I can tell, appears to be a great man and influence.
  10. Same with Corey Brown, noticed he played very little which leads me to believe he is safe.
  11. They need to gethim more involoved then.
  12. Ward wouldn't have allowed it. Just say'n. #udfafbobsession
  13. How did Amini go from so promising to so full of suck so quickly?
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