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  1. Need the others to step up, as simple as that. Get well soon KB.
  2. So tired of us playing at half speed. I want to come out and dominate from the jump every now and then.
  3. I say he does far more than his fair share for the fans and the community, why can't ee ever just be happy?
  4. I want Ward over Brockel at FB, but Rivera likes his vets and RB is solid.
  5. I like that he immediately attacks CJ's up field shoulderand really sets the edge.
  6. Carted off to the locker room isn't a good sign. Hopefully it's nothing serious. He knows the defense so other than conditioning he doesn't really *need the reps.
  7. Shows the team a lot that he's battling through it, hope he stays hydrated and doesn't add heat illness to the mix.
  8. Doubt Jesus had anything to do with it and if they're just taping it at this point I take that as a good sign.
  9. Makes sense if you consider the cohesion it takes to have a functional OL.
  10. Good to hear Cam is getting after the offense for sucking.
  11. I really hope this guy makes the roster. Tolbert is a good runner and catcher, but lacks in the lead blocking role. Ward could fill that gap and learn from Tolbert about the other stuff and become a well rounded and valuable FB.
  12. Well damn, we were just in Asheville all weej, we live in Kannapolis about 30 miles north of Charlotte. We'll see what we can work out one weekend.
  13. I like the attiattitude aND toughness he brings, if nothing else.
  14. Yep, hrs on the low end of the spectrum but it showed yesterday. Where do you live? Maybe we could get them together.
  15. Sorry to bail, my 32 week pregnant wife started feeling pretty rotten and my special needs 5 year old was madder than hell they wouldn't let him on the field to play too. That was a volitile combination...
  16. Shaq is such a fluid athlete, it's ridiculous. His movement looks effortless.
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