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  1. If we draft a QB, aren't we essentially giving Matt Rhule more time at the helm? You can't draft a rookie QB and expect quicker results than an established QB, a la the Teddy and Sam experiments. That said, the thought of Rhule getting his hands on a raw QB only to be fired shortly thereafter gives me bad vibes for the kid's development. fug it all. tldr - pick a tackle for fugs sake
  2. We need the stench of both of these losers off the team.
  3. Maybe they can dig up Charles Godfrey again, too.
  4. It doesn't matter what he would say, we all know words are meaningless when responding to reporter's BS questions. It's that he would be stepping up to the mic and showing some accountability and standing behind a plan to improve the direction of the franchise. We're coming off two miserable seasons of horseshit football, and it would make him look more like a leader than a coward. It's the optics on this that don't sit well with me, rather than what he would actually say. No one would expect him to guarantee playoffs of some stupid poo like that. Just man up and put your voice out there.
  5. It's not Darnold that has us DFL. It's Rhule. fuger can't win.
  6. You ever seen a pile of poo this high? I have.
  7. This is fuggin satire right?
  8. "Hey, let's review every single play because why tf not?"
  9. If it's true or not, what I hope has happened is that Tepper pulled Fitt and Morgan aside and instructed them to bolster the o-line through draft and FA and allow Rhule to hitch himself to the success of Darnold behind a completely reworked line for pass protection. No more excuses. This QB mess will be hopefully resolved in 2023.
  10. Throws a mean spiral on fake punt pass routes
  11. For a short time anyway, before our own misery smacks us hard in the mouth
  12. Let's see what traffic does the day Rhule is extended
  13. If Cleveland gets Watson, the really need a new Progressive commercial showing Mayfield moving out of the stadium and Watson moving in.
  14. And existing, no grandfather clause
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