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  1. Remember that Kyle Pitts is either the best, generational or at least the highest rated Tight End ever for some draft scouts. Tommy Tremble 1 TD Kyle Pitts 0 (insert crying Jordan here) Touchdown aside, once Tremble gets 2 seasons under him I think he will be in the top 5 mix at Tight End in the league.
  2. This is my favorite sports show on You Tube and totally agree with this list.
  3. Saints = Frauds and they have resumed bounty gate..fug em so much
  4. "Middling" is just going to be the type of respect that media groups based in NYC/large markets will give a young, small market team. If we duplicate that performance next week against the Saints it will be because Crablegs is a "middling" QB and not because this defense has some elite talent Even during the 15-1 season we got the "who have they played?" caveat on a lot of analysis. I'd prefer to sneak up and blindside the media with a "Middling" roundhouse punch of reality when this dynamic defense is top 10 or higher.
  5. Where does your fantasy team with Brady and Antonio Brown vs Panther fandom intersect? F the Cowboys foreva!
  6. The only way we lose to the Jets is cheap turnovers like muffed punts. Id say the best scenario week 1 is DJ or Christian and the fair catch arm wave or just get out of the way.
  7. if just 2 its Luke and Cam. Forget positional needs. Cam was not really down by 4 in 2015 so save Jake's stat...Cam also never had 5 turnovers in the NFC vhampionship game so Cam > cajun bowl cut and I love Jake. My original sign up name was Jambalayah! in honor of Jake's signing but Cam and Jake are not in the same dimension.
  8. They got Funchised again! That Gettleman era WR class has been stellar!
  9. Is Rhys Lloyd available? Is Slye basically what would have happened if we just had Lloyd kick field goals?
  10. His name is....Harrison Butker and it still makes no sense to me that Gano and his salary was kept. Harry-But is only the 2nd most accurate kicker in NFL HISTORY!!
  11. I like to think that somewhere... Armanti Edwards and Rashaan Gaulden are laughing!
  12. Is DJ really a little guy? He is not Megatron or Julio big but Kurt just being Kurt.
  13. This may be the greatest piece ever written on Marty. He had this lotto ticket mentality that he could outsmart everyone despite athletic testing and consensus from the scouting community. Everette Brown's short arms to Armanti Edwards WR conversion... DTs coverted to be LTs safties to CB and CB to safeties it was just nothing more than a weird fetish for him and why we wasted more than a decade having him here.
  14. Sad thing is the real reason Roy is stepping down. An internal investigation uncovered a ring of fraud where Roy rampantly stole the identity of an unnamed Hanna Barbera dog that worked in law enforcement. Chapel Hill is a house of lies y'all.
  15. If this is the cost for an over the hill Stafford (assuming no Watson) then I'd rather use that draft capital on moving up in the draft for one of the young guys. I have seen enough of Stafford's Jay Cutlerish/Jake Plummer level of mediocrity to know what we would get.
  16. I would trade that 6th for Watson and a 1st! -Huddle GMs
  17. When life gives you Daniel LaRusso......you sweep it's sorry, pathetic leg! ..except when you are saying that Daniel LaRusso embodies the Panthers...of course. CRANE KICK THAT SEACHICKEN AZZ!!!
  18. My original Huddle name was Jambalayah! in celebration of the Jake Delhomme signing so you would not be giving anything up to a bandwagon fan. Having to root for Delhomme and then enduring every snap of the Jimmy Clausen season...you could say I feel like this Karma should happen for a certain Ninja....See you on the field!! You truly love your team if you smiled and said sure..I believe Jimmy Clausen will improve!!
  19. Pac Man Jones was traded for...Burfict had major red flags and a worse 40 time. Point is...the roster has cornerstones that are unstable and trash. It would be like building the team around Greg Hardy. They have drafted-coddled and seek problem children on the regular.
  20. Draft Garbage human beings for your teams roster and they will make garbage decisions....Marvin Lewis will be the one that pays but the GM is the one drafting the player with character red flags in the early rounds every year.
  21. I do agree agree with this. Short has really masked the team's avg production from the ends. His push up the middle has caused many a poor throws and yet another guy a team has to game plan for. As Gettles once said: he values guys more that play closer to the line as they impact more plays per game. IMO extending Short is a more important signing than Josh Norman....but let us hope we have both for a while.
  22. I long for the days where the whole defense is pointing at each other in confusion..ahem CHARLES GODFREY!!
  23. Lukes like I have been following for a while bc @Carona Huddle is the Panther fan must follow. Luke Kuchley was a great pick I loved from the beginning...he has quickly made me forget one of my all time faves in Jon Beason. @tantricninja
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